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Samsung Acknowledges and Fixes Bug On 840 EVO SSDs

CaptainStumpy What about the Dell knockoffs? (99 comments)

So are they going to fix the Samsung SM841 SSD or are we just screwed because we bought Dell?


Extracting Audio From Visual Information

CaptainStumpy tl;dr: (142 comments)

Yelling MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB, ITS FLEECE WAS WHITE AS SNOW at a houseplant, bag of chips, and glass of water is now research.

about 3 months ago

Are the Glory Days of Analog Engineering Over?

CaptainStumpy First, "Glory Days" definition needed. (236 comments)

Welcome to the future! If you mean what I think you mean, then I agree. The "glory days" are gone. There are less analog designs being done, and they are replaced with more complex digital systems. Some of these are better, but none are as elegant as pure analog. I also think the "glory days" of the WWW are also gone. There are simply less (none) HTML only sites being created, and they are getting replaced with..well everything they can cram into your face. Welcome to the future!

about 4 months ago

How MIT and Caltech's Coding Breakthrough Could Accelerate Mobile Network Speeds

CaptainStumpy sounds like an ad for the future fast lane (129 comments)

Xfinity video in your face 4650% faster! Xfinity introduces the RLNC fast lane data transmission! Its like an over caffeinated jaguar solving linear matrices while orbiting the earth in the space shuttle and doing coke. RAAAWRR! Don't like the jaguar? Tough floating jaguar shit, you don't have a choice! We own teh tubes! ©omcastic!

about 5 months ago

Most Expensive Aviation Search: $53 Million To Find Flight MH370

CaptainStumpy Re:100 foam plastic balls of orange color (233 comments)

Why about 100 foam plastic balls of orange color with a plastic orange flag and LED light (blinking for 3-4 months after contact with water) cannot be placed inside the fuselage on an aircraft which costs hundreds of millions? The size could be of a tennis ball, an additional weight and cost almost zero.

This is a great thought. If something like this works it would save tens of millions.

about 7 months ago

Mystery MLB Team Moves To Supercomputing For Their Moneyball Analysis

CaptainStumpy Re:Yankees or Red Sox Mystery (56 comments)

How have the sox been buying wins since 1994?

about 7 months ago

The Connected Home's Battle of the Bulbs

CaptainStumpy The Connected Browser's Battle of the Mute Button (176 comments)

Now do they really think "They're lazy! Instead of not reading the article, they will just sit back and listen. No-more bad comments, problem solved" They underestimate our power. Begin the rants!

about 7 months ago

IEEE Predicts 85% of Daily Tasks Will Be Games By 2020

CaptainStumpy Put games into Windows bootup (146 comments)

I want to have simple games inside of windows boot. At least a snake knockoff. Maybe people will actually want to reboot every patch Tues.

about 8 months ago

NASA Pondering Two Public Contests To Build Small Space Exploration Satellites

CaptainStumpy Re:destroy beta. (127 comments)

Way to go, capt'n. Everybody complains about how beta has lots of empty spaces and you send a link for a page on mobile wikipedia with... you guessed right, lotsa empty spaces when opened on non-mobile computer.

similia similibus curantur

about 9 months ago



Shutting off the problem of fraud

CaptainStumpy CaptainStumpy writes  |  more than 6 years ago

CaptainStumpy writes "To serve and protect. That is all I ask of my police and government. But after getting 3 phone calls, exactly 1 hour apart, from an obvious text to speech program (which by the was not even close to correctly prounouncing my city of Leominster) telling me that my accound has been suspended and asking me to call and re-enable my bank account. After filing reports to my local PD and the Internet Crime Complaint Center, I ask slashdot why there can't be some monkey trained to simply shut off these fraudlent numbers, as soon as they are reported and verified fraudulent. The solution seems so simple, but nobody is doing it. I ask why.

Meanwhile, the scammer's line remains active and is phishing unknown number of people and getting just what it is asking. Have some fun and call 704-935-4534 and enter some random numbers. I was surprised it didn't even check for validity."


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