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Wolfenstein Gets Ray Traced

Carrion Creeper Re:Moore's Law is NOT a tool (184 comments)

My problem is more that the press release is putting Moore's Law, which is at best a product life cycle methodology, on the same level as the 22nm process, which is an actual technology for making better/faster/smaller chips.

They put it there so that people who know nothing else can see something familiar in the introductory paragraph. The problem being that they are making the misinformed even more misinformed by using Moore's Law in the wrong context and confusing the issue. Nobody who know better wants to have to explain misconceptions about Moore's Law just because Intel is putting out crappy press releases.

about 4 years ago

Wolfenstein Gets Ray Traced

Carrion Creeper Moore's Law is NOT a tool (184 comments)

In the Knight's Bridge link, Intel PR references Moore's Law as if it were some method for increasing processing power: "and use Moore's Law to scale to more than 50 Intel cores". Moore's Law is a prediction, not a design method. Sheesh.

Add that to the grammar mistake on the Aubrey Isle image, and you have some pretty bad PR for anyone paying attention.

about 4 years ago

Dell Defect Turning 2.2GHz CPU Into 100MHz CPU?

Carrion Creeper Similar symptoms with GPU heatsink failure (314 comments)

I have a Dell XPS M1210 on which the service technician didn't make the connection between the heatsink and the GPU when replacing the motherboard.

Once I found out that the overheating GPU was causing the CPU to throttle down, I added a giant blob of silver paste and everything has been happier.

This had especially been a problem when playing flash videos (of Bible stories of course), which quickly overheated the GPU and sent the whole system to 100 MHz. Without having RTFPDF, this sounds suspiciously familiar.

more than 4 years ago

Heart Monitors In Middle School Gym Class?

Carrion Creeper You'd rather know (950 comments)

You'd really rather know if your child had an arrhythmia. That way you can take preventive measures so they don't just up and die one day because of it.

about 5 years ago

Army Asks Its Personnel to Wikify Field Manuals

Carrion Creeper Re:This is a good idea (143 comments)

I actually found that new kitchen cling wrap stuff quite useful for keeping sand out of my grenade launcher. Perfect wiki material.

more than 5 years ago

Army Asks Its Personnel to Wikify Field Manuals

Carrion Creeper Re:This is a good idea (143 comments)

As a former soldier, the most successful part of this program will probably be getting new ideas into the hands of the people who write field manuals. Decisions about official policy still must be researched to find out if particular circumstances the soldiers mention are as frequent as they claim, and checked against reality, reason, and military law. Cleaning your weapon with moist towelettes may be great, but it may also corrode the weapon over time. On the other hand, it will help get a wider variety of information in the hands of someone who can put that out to everyone else, because maybe moist towelettes do a great job and nobody was willing to mention it in any official capacity.

The other great thing about this is that it will tell the policy makers all the brain dead stupid shit people are doing, so they can mention a few extra pertinent negatives in the next version of the manual.

more than 5 years ago

Optimizing Linux Systems For Solid State Disks

Carrion Creeper Re:Mere mortals need more toy budget (207 comments)

I for one hope he is successful so that when SSDs become more affordable, or even the default, Linux will be nicely optimized.

more than 5 years ago

Streaming the Inauguration In a School?

Carrion Creeper Re:TV (201 comments)

It'll be broadcast free over the air. Give each classroom a TV. Why deal with the internet?

A school I have something to do with has projectors in every room. (It is a public charter school)

They bought one ATSC (over the air) tuner for every room. There is no cable, and much less guesswork than relying on their 1.5 T1s or any restreaming. We considered VLC but you need very specific models of tuner cards as far as I can tell.

Even money is that the internet is going to break anyhow, and nobody wants hundreds of kids staring at them like they were idiots. It is worth buying the tuners even if there was a 10% chance streaming would fail, and internal streaming would be a hack.

more than 5 years ago

Why RAID 5 Stops Working In 2009

Carrion Creeper Re:Carefully protected? (803 comments)

I thought the article was all about how we need RAID arrays because just one isn't good enough? Did I miss something?

more than 5 years ago


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