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Times Are Tough For Nigerian Scammers

Cartack Re:Too bad, niggers (232 comments)

Most internet fraud happens in the US and the Eastern European countries. Nigerian Scammers account for such a small percentage of overall web fraud.

more than 5 years ago

EGM Magazine Shutting Down

Cartack Why shutdown? (70 comments)

They still have thousands of subscribers, and many have left because of the internet. Why not convert EGM to an online only magazine?

more than 5 years ago

Homeland Security Department Testing "Pre-Crime" Detector

Cartack Re:sensors... (580 comments)

what about people with anxiety disorders, and other psychological problems that affect how nervous they appear. all of you geeks with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), (SAD) Social anxiety DIsorder, Aspergers etc.. beware at security check points.

more than 6 years ago



Million dollar domain LH.com stolen by Lufthansa

Cartack Cartack writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Cartack (628620) writes "Domain names are valuable property. The recent sale of pizza.com for 2+ million is evidence of that. Short domains expecially 2 character domains, are also extremely valuable, and command prices of several hundred thousand to several million dollars.

Lufthansa tried to buy LH.com for $1,000,000 and was unsuccessful. Now they have acquired the domain in an underhanded manner by arguing that they own the rights to "LH", and that lh.com is infringing on thier trademark.

If thats the case, then several thousand other businesses and individuals have the same rights to "Lh". This decision is precedent setting, and i suspect we will see many big pocketed businesses going after individuals who own valuable generic domains.

http://okok.com/?p=30 "A scandalous decision has once again been reached by the so called wipo arbitration panel. The disputed name is LH.com The name is currently still owned by 'elequa'. Well known in the domain industry and owns a vast portfolio of short acronym domains. Including 'i.net' ! A gem dating back to 1995. It is Lufthansa who have effectively hijacked this name now. Reverse hijacking (or daylight robbery) is on the increase as firms desperate to own a unique short web address try and take via court action from legitimate owners. Let's make no mistake, cyber-squatting is when people register something like BurgerKing.com and feed off someone's trademark. Or register typos. A pure generic acronym like LH is common to many firms across the world. There have been rumours circulating that wipo are not entirely 'clean' themselves and we have read many rumours recently of shenanigans going on with biased panels. I think we can clearly see this again with this ruling . Simply beyond belief and i for one believe the panelists have been influenced. Thank God these idiots, named and shamed below, are only taking decisions based on property, imagine if there were fools like this deciding on peoples freedom? Unfortunately there are.""

Network Solutions sued for domain front running.

Cartack Cartack writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Cartack (628620) writes "from circle id. "A Los Angeles firm today announced a federal class action lawsuit against Network Solutions (NSI) and ICANN over the NSI's practice of locking up domain names as soon as they are searched for on its website, which means the party searching can buy the name only from Network Solutions. The practice has been highly controversial and now lawyers at Kabateck Brown Kellner are tossing around words such as "defraud" and "scheme." They're also suing ICANN for failing to stop what is known in the industry as "front running." ""
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