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Bill Gates Patents Detecting, Responding To "Glassholes"

Ceriel Nosforit Re:The difference... (140 comments)

An alternative is to make CCTV into a public utility.

about a week ago

Obama Says He May Or May Not Let the NSA Exploit the Next Heartbleed

Ceriel Nosforit Re:Well, yeah (134 comments)

Your former allies question your sanity.

about two weeks ago

Crowd Wisdom Better At Predictions Than Top CIA Analysts

Ceriel Nosforit Re:Well yeah (136 comments)

Not TEDx. Nice.

about two weeks ago

Double Take: Condoleezza Rice As Dropbox's Newest Board Member

Ceriel Nosforit Re:Force her out! (313 comments)

Your mind can be shredded in a day. It wouldn't even be 'you' walking away.

What a foolish comment you've made.

about two weeks ago

Double Take: Condoleezza Rice As Dropbox's Newest Board Member

Ceriel Nosforit Re:Good choice (313 comments)

She's a horrible cunt who lied...

That may not be truthful. There's a consensus building that she and her allies genuinely believed in their policy. That doesn't speak well for her competence but at least her integrity isn't under as great a scrutiny.

So, it's an old familiar foe called Ignorance that we keep on fighting, instead of some malevolent conspiracy.

about two weeks ago

A 2560x1440 VR Headset That's Mobile

Ceriel Nosforit Re:Transparent OLED (135 comments)

I was about to say "Use the Force Luke," and hope GP remembered the blast visor.

about two weeks ago

Five-Year-Old Uncovers Xbox One Login Flaw

Ceriel Nosforit Re:$300? (196 comments)

Sure he can. Lock him up before he hacks the planet!

about three weeks ago

Classified X-37B Space Plane Breaks Space Longevity Record

Ceriel Nosforit Secret? I love secrets! (123 comments)

It's parking right next to com sats (It loves those Middle-Eastern ones.) and listens in on leaking RF.

Gallium nitride is a beautiful thing! =)

about a month ago

Wildstar To Launch On June 3

Ceriel Nosforit Re:To summarize (64 comments)

It does look cool, though.

Really? At a glance I thought it looked simplistic and trite.

about a month and a half ago

In an Age of Cyber War, Where Are the Cyber Weapons?

Ceriel Nosforit Re:Well that's obvious... (94 comments)

Not between everybody's ears... Polymorphic shell code was spreading in the 90s and since then the researcher has moved far beyond. Most recently a single binary blob which hooks into wildly different embedded operating systems and even architectures was presented openly to the public. The most frightening thing about this current situation is that the NSA turned out to be an industrial-scale bottom-feeder instead of at the forefront in the field. Their lack of sophistication must be why they have resorted to attacking instead of defending.

Attack is much easier than defence. The industry though the NSA was engaged in defence as per their charter as written in US law. There is a huge deficit of security compared to traditional business estimates, as is evident by the norm of routine dismissal of alarming information as the delusions of paranoid conspiracy theorists, who have since been vindicated by Mr. Snowden.

Security has palpable economic value. Deficit in security is a deficit in economic potential. Because of this it appears as if the NSA has been engaged in economic warfare against the entire global economy. Huge engineering projects should be put on hold while the SCADA industry rectifies a culture of negligence, but they are forced to endanger eg. people living near hydroelectric dams since they are unable to suddenly provision the budget needed for security. - The NSA and its ilk took this, the tax-payers' money earmarked for defence, and used it for their... what should one call it, evil?

All because they failed to recognize and recruit talent, idiotically opting for buzz-cuts over sandals. - They persist at trying to use primate social instincts to validate fields of expertise far outside their own. We are fortunate that Stuxnet and its predecessor were the best this culture could achieve.

about 3 months ago

European Research Network GÉANT Turns Spacecraft Data Into Music

Ceriel Nosforit Musical critique (33 comments)

No orchestra would ever play this.

When I close my eyes while listening to classical music, I see the story that the music tells. This tells me nothing.

All the notes are the same length.

I want my 4 minutes and 55 seconds back.

about 3 months ago

Stop Trying To 'Innovate' Keyboards, You're Just Making Them Worse

Ceriel Nosforit Re: eh, it's not that bad (459 comments)

We have  where ~ should be. That's a big clue right there who's responsible for this shit.

about 3 months ago

Stop Trying To 'Innovate' Keyboards, You're Just Making Them Worse

Ceriel Nosforit Re:Don't stop innovating keyboards yet, please (459 comments)

The keyboard is a tool for the job... You seem to indicate that you know that by identifying as a touch-typist, but you also seem to be giving general advice as if this was a board for typists.

Slashdot is frequented by programmers, researchers, analysts, hardware hackers, web designers, students, PC gamers, and and all manner of geeks. Personally I have 4 different keyboards and I'm looking for more.

about 3 months ago

Google Releases Dart 1.1

Ceriel Nosforit Re:If MS wrote dart for IE instead (161 comments)

How so? Are you familiar with the language at all?

Can't speak for him, but I do. Dart has for example a Future class which actually immediately tells you what is going on even when you have derived your own version of it, when Javascript has as many solutions to the concurrency problem as there are programmers. I often think of Javascript as a write-only language, while Dart code actually opens itself up rather well to studying.

I think that most importantly Dart seems to know what it is and what its purpose is. Javascript was excellent when the web was new since no one knew how to solve the repeating engineering problems, but since jQuery came around it appears more like a tool for inventing infinite ways to shoot yourself in the foot. Dart knows you'll probably want to do something MVC-like and eventually shoe-horn it into the dreaded DOM. They are paying lots of attention to the Canvas element though, and know that Pointer Events is the Way.

Juxtapose, the C/C++ I learned back in the day looks completely different from what it looks like now. I hardly knew what was going on when I did some network / sensor work with Nokia's Qt SDK, but cargo-culting saw me through. You could see the language's age, while Dart doesn't have that legacy cruft.

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Command Line Interfaces -- What Is Out There?

Ceriel Nosforit Re:Don't start bashing the curious (383 comments)

You said in your other post that you're functionally dumber for learning that Microsoft should be dead. This isn't true. You have built character that will convince an MBA that you speak the truth. Many others have done the same and because of this we see the industry actually taking action to the effect.

It is said that Aristotle knew everything there is to know. Still in thee 80s it was reportedly possible to do the same in the area of IT/CS, but now two decades later even knowing CLI is actually setting the bar very high. I recently met someone who was obviously from the next generation of internet users and he taught me about AutoHotkey, Bookmarklets and Google Chrome. In return I tried to each him about scripting the web with jQuery, using low-level tools like netcat, a bit of *nix, and digital signal processing. He knew audio engineering from the performance art perspective, and he had talent.

I'll cut to the chase. We can not afford to waste talent. Let me re-phrase that; because of the stupid cultural wars that the West has sponsored we do not have the economic margins to let any talent we can find to go untapped. The baby-boomers, who caused all of this shit though their egomania, are about to retire and they are prepared to sacrifice their young if it means a comfortable rotting-away for them. This guy, white rasta hippie who obviously had been fed too much HFCS without his informed consent, comes from an independent culture bred out of places like 4chan and Reddit. They are different from the previous generation just like you are different from the generation preceding your's. What you can do is support them by giving them your precious time and understanding, and not fucking sabotage what little confidence they have left in our species. - They are much better informed than you think.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Command Line Interfaces -- What Is Out There?

Ceriel Nosforit Re: systemd is there (383 comments)

You don't get a salary for educating the children. You get culture, pride, REAL security, population control, sustainable development... Just what am I listing here! You're a goddamaned idiot, aren't you? Admit it!

about 4 months ago



Nokia & HTC slay troll, troll regenerates

Ceriel Nosforit Ceriel Nosforit writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Ceriel Nosforit (682174) writes "“This is a great victory for us,” HTC’s German lawyer, Martin Chakraborty, said after the ruling. “The part that’s left for IPCom now won’t help them much in the case pending in civil court against us.” *** After IPCom lawyers narrowed the range of technology they said was protected by the patent, the court backed those claims. “It’s a very positive ruling for IPCom because the patent is now valid,” IPCom Managing Director Christoph Schoeller said in an e-mailed statement. “We hope the civil litigation based on that patent will now come to a conclusion we’ve been fighting for years. Nokia and HTC haven’t paid a cent for using the patents for years.”"
Link to Original Source

Apple astroturfing or editor corruption?

Ceriel Nosforit Ceriel Nosforit writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Ceriel Nosforit writes "Why are we seeing so many lame articles mentioning Apple products when they're barely related to the contents of the article? What will it take to make this crap go away?"

A rare insight into the working of the brain

Ceriel Nosforit Ceriel Nosforit writes  |  about 6 years ago

Ceriel Nosforit writes "The left hemisphere of neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor's brain stopped working correctly as she had a stroke, and she took this as an opportunity to study how the brain worked from the inside. In the YouTube video of her dramatic, informative and entertaining presentation of her experience, which utilizes a real human brain as prop, she gives us valuable insight about ourselves and how we experience reality."

Ceriel Nosforit Ceriel Nosforit writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Ceriel Nosforit writes "
The Swedish government has proposed a law which would allow the National Defence Radio Establishment to intercept all electronic communications passing the national border. To meet customers' demand for integrity, TeliaSonera has decided to move the production of e-mail services for Finnish customers to Finland.

TeliaSonera's move is however not completely benevolent, but a necessity for compliance with Finnish privacy laws, as they state in their press release. This is interesting because even in the liberal paradise of Northern Europe Finnish and Swedish law and practice can be in such contradiction. Compare with Echelon & local variants and the rest of the world."


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