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CERN Tests First Artificial Retina Capable of Looking For High Energy Particles

Ceriel Nosforit Artificial eyes (60 comments)

Does anybody know how the bionic eyes which have been tested do this? Do they attempt to send their entire data stream, or do they know to do this part in silica?

4 days ago

Carmack On Mobile VR Development

Ceriel Nosforit Re:Couldn't you just stream video to the phone? (60 comments)

There's work being done to put compute in 3/4G base stations, since PC sales have been declining.

There might be a market for a console-like solution that works on the same 'carrier' as those base station things.

Seems like cognitive radio & 60GHz tech tier though. Right now that means waiting for multiple IP mongers to compete with 60GHz SiO so the prices come down from la-la land.

about two weeks ago

FBI Investigates 'Sophisticated' Cyber Attack On JP Morgan, 4 More US Banks

Ceriel Nosforit Re:Sophisticated my ass (98 comments)

Weird assumption that you could ditch the air gap, AC... This firewall is for the data that must inevitably bridge the gap. You only allow a few protocols through it and you know how those protocols behave. The list of secrets isn't one of eternal taboos, but one which is used to keep track of when to allow through what. - It's not like the grand gate FW at your network perimeter.

To get data through it you should need to know what the FW expects to see. Assuming an attacker somehow gets arbitrary execution on the dry net they either need a truly sophisticated way of disguising the data or a willing insider. You raise the bar, which is all you can ever do.

about three weeks ago

Underground Experiment Confirms Fusion Powers the Sun

Ceriel Nosforit Re:That's not how science works (141 comments) invites you all to seek enlightenment through its teachingsâZ.

Things can be proven. - You just have to accept that all provable things exist within a minute fantasy world which affirms itself. The study of these fantasy worlds is called axiomatic set theory.

GÃdel further proved that proof itself becomes a fantasy when your fantasy becomes elaborate enough. He labeled this rather odd artifact 'Incompleteness'.

Consequently many teeth were gnashed among the faithless dogmatists. At least DnD fanatics get updated rulebooks once in a while.

This is no cause for a scientist to have an existential crisis. We have a rulebook which appears not to be an artifact and we have a track-record of taking things from fantasy and making them real, e.g. artificial satellites. This is a strange situation to be in.

about three weeks ago

FBI Investigates 'Sophisticated' Cyber Attack On JP Morgan, 4 More US Banks

Ceriel Nosforit Sophisticated my ass (98 comments)

I'll bet all my credit balance that they probably learned to use a malware generator right to just PDFed the clicktomaniac back-office, and that even if the paydata was air-gapped they're leaking USB drives all over the place.

A firewall which is more than just an occasional inconvenience has to stop any data which it can't compare to its list of secrets which may not be leaked. - That is at least what one of the firewall's tasks used to be, but none which did this were sold, apparently because they were just too secure and therefore too inconvenient.

If you're in the security business and didn't know firewalls used to do this, I'd love to know.

about three weeks ago

Scientists Record Quantum Behavior of Electrons Via Laser Lights

Ceriel Nosforit Re:On the matter of electrons (33 comments)

Writing in mild anger, I did not expect a reply, so thanks!

I should have specified 'magnetism in permanent magnet'.

Stimulated emission is the interaction of an incoming photon with the electron before and during transition, not with the soon to be emitted photon.

I read a claim on a .edu that an incident photon can stimulate emission even before it passes an electron. Then when I parroted this information, someone said this was false. - As a student I did not anticipate controversy.

Magnetic fields will contribute to local energy density and bend space gravitationally as a result as would anything else that contributes to mass-energy density.

I'm referring to the much stronger force which you can vividly feel when you hold one magnet in each of your hands and move them close to each other. - I intended to make an extraordinary claim by saying that this is bending space the same way as gravity bends space. I really had forgotten about Kaluza-Klein, but now I might have have developed the intuition to understand it better. - You're saying the LHC doesn't say booh or baah about KK? I find that extraordinary, too.

I intended to write popular science to an audience of laymen, so I skipped some facts. I think it is important for laymen to know that photons are bosons and so are Higgs particles.

All the best to you!

about a month ago

Scientists Record Quantum Behavior of Electrons Via Laser Lights

Ceriel Nosforit On the matter of electrons (33 comments)

Electrons have 'spin'. Electrons also have an electric field. Do electrons have a magnetic field? - Yes they do. An electron's magnetic field is its 'spin'.

Why even call it 'spin'? Back in the day the function of magnetism was explained with the 'turtles all the way down' analogy of 'elementary magnets' meaning they didn't have a clue and possibly did not want to admit ignorance.

Today we know that this elementary magnet is the property of an electron spinning on an axis just like a planet does. It can not spin faster or slower, but it can turn to any alignment. When a bunch of electrons line up their axis of spin in this way (and maintain their position), what we get is of course a proper magnet. - Magnetism is therefore a quantum effect on a macroscopic scale.

Magnets interact with bosons, which in lasers do their thing by depleting entropy so that space is bent, aligning the emission of photonic bosons. Emission of photons from electrons is usually in a random direction, but lasers do things differently. - Magnets attract or repulse by bending space because their homogeneous ferromagnetic material locally depletes entropy. The Higgs particle, a boson famous for is ability to cause gravity, bends space too.

The old vestiges of ignorance persist however, among popular press and celebrity scientists who have followers not because of their theories but because of their charisma. It's eppur si muove all over again, though he Vatican did admit they made a mistake after 350 years...

about a month ago

Scientists Record Quantum Behavior of Electrons Via Laser Lights

Ceriel Nosforit Re:"Laser Light"? (33 comments)

They do it in order to address an audience with a varying background. For this purpose it is actually an excellent literary technique since most readers who are familiar with the subject will just gloss it over while the laymen are still able to get the gist of things.

about 1 month ago

NASA Tests Microwave Space Drive

Ceriel Nosforit Re:Sensationalism at its worst (201 comments)

How do you explain the discrepancy between the two tests?

about a month and a half ago

Journalist Sues NSA For Keeping Keith Alexander's Financial History Secret

Ceriel Nosforit Re:If true. If. (200 comments)

Open up a history book once in a while. Look up 'monarchy'.

about a month and a half ago

Nokia Buys a Chunk of Panasonic

Ceriel Nosforit Re:Nokia still has products? (54 comments)

They started out in 1904 making rubber. Today they provide large part of Finland's export, so around here they are considered 'too big to fail'.

Importing a CEO from abroad was seen with great suspicion, which is why Elon made such a grand and public gesture of assimilating Finnish culture for a few months. - A venture about as daft as scheduling Tibet for two years to get enlightened.

about a month and a half ago

The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist

Ceriel Nosforit Peasants revolt (242 comments)

Thoughts of a free man:

"Execuitive branch"?

State, Treasury, Justice, Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, Labor, Defense, Health and Human Services,
Housing and Urban Development,
Transportation, Energy, Education, Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security ...Agricultural terrorist? Actually that makes sense with all the amfo they have. They probably have more of it than some states have in TNT equivalent nuclear arms.

On a completely unrelated note, farmers need drones, don't they? Big ones, for dusting crops, herding cattle and what not.

about 2 months ago

Can the Multiverse Be Tested Scientifically?

Ceriel Nosforit Re:My favorite test (147 comments)

That's objective and not the subjective outcome though. In each of our worlds one would be rich and the other would be dead.

about 2 months ago

Can the Multiverse Be Tested Scientifically?

Ceriel Nosforit Re:My favorite test (147 comments)

If I built a similar chamber and got a different lottery number, would I be guilty of causing your 'death'?

about 2 months ago

Drone Search and Rescue Operation Wins Fight Against FAA

Ceriel Nosforit Grave misconception (77 comments)

...clearly operating to the benefit of society (as opposed to purely commercial drone use)...

Is this some kind of anglo-american thing? Over here the reason commercial entities get tax breaks is because they should be operating to the benefit of society. Economic speculation and other short-sighted ventures are tolerated as the exception and not the norm of society.

about 2 months ago

New Mayhem Malware Targets Linux and UNIX-Like Servers

Ceriel Nosforit Re:Too many colors in syntax highlighting (168 comments)

Constant distractions on the internet have made it hard to concentrate for me too. Learning to multitask helped a bit though.

about a month ago

Pushdo Trojan Infects 11,000 Systems In 24 Hours

Ceriel Nosforit 11k...? (32 comments)

I just don't understand how this is worth a headline on Slashdot. The targeted population centers alone are so vast and connected that 11k is a pittance. The common flu probably has a greater influence there.

about 2 months ago

Marvel's New Thor Will Be a Woman

Ceriel Nosforit Re:Ridiculous! (590 comments)

I was going to mod the lot of you ignorant mouth-breathers as flamebait but instead I have decided to educate you.

[Thrymskvida] is one of the best known poems from the Poetic Edda

Thor is primarily an asar deity and he'll be a she if it damn well pleases him. Marvel representing Thor as a female in other adventures than the one in the Edda is far, far from being unprecedented.

about 2 months ago

Rightscorp Pushing ISPs To Disconnect Repeat Infringers

Ceriel Nosforit Re:You can tell they are extremists (92 comments)

Or they might suddenly start advocating huge increases in bandwidth in the US, so that when you drop from 100/50 Mbps to 256/256 Kbps it really stings.

about 2 months ago



Nokia & HTC slay troll, troll regenerates

Ceriel Nosforit Ceriel Nosforit writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Ceriel Nosforit (682174) writes "“This is a great victory for us,” HTC’s German lawyer, Martin Chakraborty, said after the ruling. “The part that’s left for IPCom now won’t help them much in the case pending in civil court against us.” *** After IPCom lawyers narrowed the range of technology they said was protected by the patent, the court backed those claims. “It’s a very positive ruling for IPCom because the patent is now valid,” IPCom Managing Director Christoph Schoeller said in an e-mailed statement. “We hope the civil litigation based on that patent will now come to a conclusion we’ve been fighting for years. Nokia and HTC haven’t paid a cent for using the patents for years.”"
Link to Original Source

Apple astroturfing or editor corruption?

Ceriel Nosforit Ceriel Nosforit writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Ceriel Nosforit writes "Why are we seeing so many lame articles mentioning Apple products when they're barely related to the contents of the article? What will it take to make this crap go away?"

A rare insight into the working of the brain

Ceriel Nosforit Ceriel Nosforit writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Ceriel Nosforit writes "The left hemisphere of neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor's brain stopped working correctly as she had a stroke, and she took this as an opportunity to study how the brain worked from the inside. In the YouTube video of her dramatic, informative and entertaining presentation of her experience, which utilizes a real human brain as prop, she gives us valuable insight about ourselves and how we experience reality."

Ceriel Nosforit Ceriel Nosforit writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Ceriel Nosforit writes "
The Swedish government has proposed a law which would allow the National Defence Radio Establishment to intercept all electronic communications passing the national border. To meet customers' demand for integrity, TeliaSonera has decided to move the production of e-mail services for Finnish customers to Finland.

TeliaSonera's move is however not completely benevolent, but a necessity for compliance with Finnish privacy laws, as they state in their press release. This is interesting because even in the liberal paradise of Northern Europe Finnish and Swedish law and practice can be in such contradiction. Compare with Echelon & local variants and the rest of the world."


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