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Google Suggest Disabled In China Due To Porn

CharityA Re:Am I the only one who read that wrong? (106 comments)

I do not see poor wording of a title making you click on the story to read it as being offtopic, but to each his own.

more than 5 years ago

Google Suggest Disabled In China Due To Porn

CharityA Am I the only one who read that wrong? (106 comments)

Google suggests that the disabled are in China due to porn... Seriously, that is the way I read it. Brain fart.

more than 5 years ago

The Fall and Rise of Motion Control For Games

CharityA Re:Daw... (131 comments)

The wii controller does not really require you to make exactly the same motion as hitting a bat with a ball or throwing a punch. It's a hybrid. You only need to flick your wrist. This does involve reflexes. It does not involve strength and to a lesser extent, stamina. It is still a lot of coordination. I think the old fighting games where you had to punch in a 10 button combination and get "nintendo thumb" is almost the same thing. The range of motion required for the wii mote is only slightly more than the old games. Sure, you can put more into it than that, but that is up to the user. If you do, you will become more fit and I think that was a little of the design behind the system. Plus you can get into it more. Have you ever seen someone playing an old nintendo game and lean back and forth with the controller as if it helped? With the wii, it does!

more than 5 years ago


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