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How Does a 9/80 Work Schedule Work Out?

CheapScott Re:TP Positioning and Cats... (1055 comments)

The engineer in me says "over" for the oh-so-obvious reasons.

The cat owner in me says "under", else the cats quickly find the "over" roll and unroll it all straight onto the floor!

about 6 years ago

Robotic Presence For a Telecommuter

CheapScott Like a Cylon... (186 comments)

This reminds me of the Cylons from the new Battlestar Gallactica. Imagine that there are many of these IvanAnywheres in an office, just waiting for people to connect-into from home. You wheel yourself into a co-worker's office and piss him off. He "kills" you, completely dismantling your "body" into its component LCD, speakers, wheels, motors, pulling the wires from the housing....meanwhile, you've uploaded yourself into a new "body" and have wheeled up behind him so you can continue your "conversation"...weird.

more than 7 years ago


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