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For Microsoft, $93B Abroad Means Avoiding $30B Tax Hit

ChemGeek4501 The more you tax something... (316 comments)

The less you get of it. One of those damn Econ 101 rules.

about 5 months ago

Mobile Virtual Networks Are Booming Again

ChemGeek4501 Service issues? (79 comments)

I live in a predominantly ATT area and a couple of years ago tried one of the ATT MVNOs for a month. What I found was worse coverage, a lot of dropped calls, (more) unreliabe data and generally sucky service. I reinstalled the ATT SIM and reset the phone in less than a week. About 2 weeks later I came across an article (I think here on /.) that pretty much said that MVNOs were treated as "2nd class citizens" on the respective network so it pretty much made sense. I haven't seen anything to support the notion that has changed in the last 2 years since the test.

about a year ago

US Government May Not Be Able To Fix Cell Phone Unlocking Problem

ChemGeek4501 Re:Sold out by corrupt politicians. (203 comments)

I would not go has far as to say "corrupt" in this case. Ignorant of the unintended consequences of the law, perhaps. But I don't see this (yet) as a example of abject corruption. More time/data needed for the corrpution charge.

about 2 years ago

The Data That Drove Yahoo's Telecommuting Ban

ChemGeek4501 Re:I can slack off anywhere (529 comments)

If everyone is at the office, peer pressure can help stir the shit off of the bottom.

The thing about stirring the excrement is that it's still excrement. Sounds like Yahoo! took the first step of installing a *filter* to clean the system.

about 2 years ago

Researchers Put Numbers On China's Microblog Censorship

ChemGeek4501 4200 Censors (58 comments)

Seems like a small number of new party employees when you have a population of 1.3 billion.

about 2 years ago

Scientists Move Closer To a Universal Flu Vaccine

ChemGeek4501 Re:How many ways can you (205 comments)

Correlation does not imply causation. Your co-worker's paralysis could could have been caused by a number of factors and probably was not thoroughly explored. The curezone article that was shown is a mis-mash of peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed "articles" from main-stream, generally chemophobic press and even some of the books.

Even the recent thermisol flap was debunked by three research agencies in the US: CDC, FDA with the results being reviewed by three independent agencies (NAS-Institute of Medicine, Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Still after this tremendous amount of research, we still have TV stars warning us about the evil of vaccines and those containing thermisol in particular. As people hear the tripe without investigating, the begin to believe then they stop immunizing their children, and as such we have seen a resurgance of childhood diseases such as whooping cough.

Generally speaking, flu vaccines won't "prevent' the flu as much as it helps reduce duration and severity of the sympotons, as the virus mutates pretty rapidly. One has to look at the risk/benefit of vaccination, not only for themselves but for society as a whole.

more than 2 years ago

Faculty To Grad Students: Go Work 80-Hour Weeks!

ChemGeek4501 Grad School = Indentured Servitude (454 comments)

I suspect that the system hasn't changed too much since the early 1800s.

80 hr weeks at (Ph.D.-level) grad school seemed to be the norm in the late 80s when I was playing the game. Some research advisors were up front stating that anything less than 75 hours/week was considered a bad work ethic. They considered it "paying one's dues" I suspect. Grad students have been, continue to be and probably will be for the forseeable future - indentured servents. The system has no reason to change: There is no shortage of cheap labor (Ph.D.-seeking graduate students willing to sell a portion of their lives for the degree).

There was an obvious discontinuity however: These same advisors, the tenured ones at least, who also taught both undergrad and graduate classes were frequently out of the office, missing office hours, cancelling appointments for "business" and taking lengthy sabbitacals to exoitic places, so I found the lectures about "work ethic" to ring hollow. The untenured faculty were still putting in 80 hour weeks, just like their grad students.

more than 2 years ago

Chinese Students Say They Are Being Forced To Build Your Next iPhone

ChemGeek4501 The lack of gratitude of some people (481 comments)

I am apalled that all of the /. ers here have not said a simple "Thanks!"

more than 2 years ago

External Thunderbolt Graphics Card On Its Way

ChemGeek4501 can vs. should (207 comments)

It sounds to me as though this is a case of "Just because something CAN be done, doesn't mean it SHOULD be done"

more than 3 years ago

As smart-phones go, my phone is ...

ChemGeek4501 possible option? (519 comments)

"Smarter than the guy/gal running it" ??

more than 4 years ago

UK Police Promise Not To Retain DNA Data, But Do Anyway

ChemGeek4501 Thank Goodness for the 5th Amendment in the US (372 comments)

Professor James Duane at Regents Law School has a very interesting video regarding the U.S. 5th Amendment and the right not to incriminate oneself. It's on Google Video, "Don't Talk to Police" by James Duane. The URL is pretty lengthy to cut/paste here - but I recommend it highly.

more than 4 years ago

AT&T Sues Verizon Over "Map For That" Ads

ChemGeek4501 All about play on words (249 comments)

I don't see it as all as a lawsuit over the data visualization - but as a play on the iPhone's "There's an Ap for that" phrase. The first time I HEARD the commerical, I was sure they were saying "Ap" as opposed to "Map" - but it became clear once I SAW the commerical.

more than 5 years ago

Schooling, Homeschooling, and Now, "Unschooling"

ChemGeek4501 Not a new concept here (1345 comments)

We homeschooled both of our daughters (23 and 16) quite successfully. The 23 year old is out on her own and graduated magna cum laude from her university and was the principle oboist for the university orchestra for her final two years. The 16 year old is looking at pharma or medicine (God help us - there goes any hope of retirement for me!)

The concept of "unschooling" has been around for a long time in the homeschooling community. While we don't specifically "unschool" our curriculum is quite eclectic and includes critical thinking and logic - something that is not commonly found in the secondary schools of today. We also include argumentation and rhetoric as well.

We started homeschooling when we decided the public schools sucked and there was no hope of a turn around. We faced a lot of challenges in the process, but it has made us a stronger family and the kids can enjoy a lot more of their lives as well. It's easy to take a field trip to Washington DC any time during the year when I have business meeting there!

If any /. ers want to talk more about homeschooling, feel free to contact me.


more than 5 years ago

iPhone Straining AT&T Network

ChemGeek4501 Re:And I thought... (551 comments)

Indeed! God forbid AT&T actually have to upgrade their network. What has this world come to?!

I'm just happy that AT&T is going to drop some cash and do something about it. Out here in the sticks, I have nearly zero coverage with AT&T but Virgin Mobile seems to get a great signal. Sticking with AT&T because I generally need more coverage than the other companies give, but still - at home it sucks. AT&T - More bars - except where you're at right now. Chemgeek

more than 5 years ago

Student Sues University Because She's Unemployable

ChemGeek4501 Re:Depressing, but not uncommon (1251 comments)

I am here in Switzerland and our cleaning lady makes 39 CHF (about 35 USD) per hour! We can't find anything less.

You could clean your house yourself?

more than 5 years ago

Should Job Seekers Tell Employers To Quit Snooping?

ChemGeek4501 Re:No, they don't (681 comments)

Legal proceedings in court are public information - and the results of those proceedings are also public information. Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding - the results of which are in the public domain. Publishing those results on a website simply make it easier for anyone/everyone to find that information - saves a lot of FOI requests.

more than 5 years ago



Late night snacks will be costing more...

ChemGeek4501 ChemGeek4501 writes  |  more than 2 years ago

ChemGeek4501 writes "It looks like late nite snacks are going to be costing more soon, if this franchise owner passes along the cost of implementing the Affordable Care Act in the US. Unfortunately, it will not only cost the consumer more per meal, but will cost many of his employees their full-time jobs in the franchises"
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