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US Gov't Pays IT Contractors Twice As Much As Its Own IT Workers

Cherita Chen Re:It's Called "Blame Pay" (382 comments)

No, Federal Employees certaintly don't have a "Guaranteed Pension Rate",unless you consider $250 a month a solid pension with which to live on. Federal Employees have a 401K setup similar to the private sector (Thrift Savings Plan) - which comprises the bulk of thier retirement. Yes there is a pension, but it's typically under $1K per month, not to mention SS is factored in there - which most Feds will never see.

more than 3 years ago

Keys Leaking Through the Air At RSA

Cherita Chen HBGary Presentation? (85 comments)

Wondering how Arron Barr's presentation on Social Network went... Though I might post as "Anonymous Coward", but don't feel like having my door kicked in by the Fed's today.

more than 3 years ago

Red Hat Releases RHEL 6

Cherita Chen Re:erode Windows server how? (228 comments)

Actually, it's still 7 years - with an additional 3 years of "extended support" if you pay extra for it.

more than 4 years ago

Northrop Grumman To Develop Brain-Wave Binoculars

Cherita Chen My tin-foil hat buisness... (149 comments)

Sweet! This may help me in soliciting investment capital for my tin-foil hat business.

more than 6 years ago



Cherita Chen Cherita Chen writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Cherita Chen writes "In June of 2000, Malin Space Science Systems released images taken from the Mars Orbital Camera (MOC) aboard the Mars Global Surveyor (now missing in action) showing "youthful-appearing" gullies on slopes at middle and high latitudes on Mars. A subsequent story was published in Science Magazine suggesting the presence of liquid water on Mars.

During the years since the original June 2000 report, the MGS MOC was used to test the hypothesis that the gullies may be so young that some of them could still be active today. The way the test was conducted was very simple: re-image gullies previously seen by MOC and see if anything changed.

The contrast between the images taken in 2000, with the images released today are quite compelling..."

Cherita Chen Cherita Chen writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Cherita Chen writes "Yesterday, NASA, Cornell University, and the USGS, celebrated the Mars Exploration Rovers' 1000th Sol on the Red Planet . The first rover to land, Spirit, reached the 1000 Sol mark a few weeks ago while the planet was in Solar conjunction.

"Opportunity", Spirit' twin, and the second lander to make the bounce to Mars, celebrated the milestone yesterday while sitting atop Victoria Crater on the other side of Mars. Both Rovers are still operational (though Spirit is limping), and are sending back valuable data.

Not bad for what was slated to be a "90 Sol" mission."

Cherita Chen Cherita Chen writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Cherita Chen writes "This should be fun... Frank J. Ohlhorst, Director of CRN Labs has once again loosed his lips to fan the flames of the FOSS vs. MS debate.

From the Article

"I have some additional criticisms about Linux. Right off the bat, if Linux wants to be taken seriously by the business desktop market, it has to first take itself more seriously. What do I mean by that? Basically, kill the penguin and all of the marketing cuteness!""


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