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A DC-10 Passenger Plane Is Perfect At Fighting Wildfires

Chirs they carry concentrate (110 comments)

Typically the scoopers carry a tank of fire retardant concentrate that gets injected into the scooped water.

3 days ago

A DC-10 Passenger Plane Is Perfect At Fighting Wildfires

Chirs Re:strongly doubting it (110 comments)

...and the DC-10 can deliver as much water as five of the largest water scoopers.

I question that. The Martin Mars scooper holds 7200 US gallons.

3 days ago

Book Review: Architecting the Cloud

Chirs "the cloud" is not a free service (75 comments)

Most providers of "cloud" services are *not* free. You pay for time, workload, network, storage, etc.

In IaaS (infrastructure as a service) you're basically just renting time/space/bandwidth on someone else's equipment.

about two weeks ago

U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

Chirs stream the video remotely (643 comments)

To an independent body that doesn't report to the police.

about three weeks ago

U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

Chirs so adjust the rules (643 comments)

If someone complains about an interaction with an officer where the officer's camera has no record of the interaction, the officer is assumed to be guilty.

That should give officers incentive to ensure their cameras are in working order.

about three weeks ago

How Red Hat Can Recapture Developer Interest

Chirs last phrase is reversed (232 comments)

That last sentence should have been, "....remain relevant for the next two years, much less the next 20."

about three weeks ago

HP Recalls 6 Million Power Cables Over Fire Hazard

Chirs not all bad... (137 comments)

They make some decent stainless steel woodworking rasps and other woodworking tools that require some hand-work.

about three weeks ago

The Grumpy Programmer has Advice for Young Computer Workers (Video)

Chirs Don't over-generalize (120 comments)

I did linux kernel development and low-level posix stuff for over a decade, and there's still plenty of work there. I've now moved on to cloud computing, but on the backend infrastructure side. Lots of stuff happening there too...

about three weeks ago

Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide

Chirs I think you'd be wrong (826 comments)

I'm pretty sure that most of the main guys working on Wayland are guys that have been involved with X for a long time.

about three weeks ago

New EU Rules Will Limit Vacuum Cleaners To 1600W

Chirs more like 400W (338 comments)

I live in the Canadian prairies. Our block heater is 400W. When it's -40, you need the heat.

about a month ago

Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

Chirs and how would you discover this? (727 comments)

If you didn't already know about this, and didn't have a network connection, how would you discover this?

(And yes, the same complaint holds true for linux as well....)

about a month ago

Operating Systems Still Matter In a Containerized World

Chirs what are you smoking? (129 comments)

Anything performance-sensitive isn't going to use emulation but rather paravirtualization or passthrough of physical devices. Current x86 virtualization is getting pretty good, with minimal hit to CPU-intensive code. As for I/O, you can pass through PCI devices in to the guest for pretty-much native networking performance.

Disk I/O still isn't as good as native, but it's good enough, and most enterprise systems are using ISCSI anyway to allow for efficient live migration.

about 1 month ago

Ask Slashdot: "Real" Computer Scientists vs. Modern Curriculum?

Chirs limited resources are often an issue, even now (637 comments)

There are plenty of places where you can't just add more memory...embedded devices in particular. Your phone is limited to 2GB of RAM, and you really don't want any one app chewing it all up. Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BeagleBone, etc. are all relatively limited in terms of resources and to use them efficiently you need to be careful.

Even on really beefy virtualization hosts with a couple hundred GB of RAM, you want to be able to dedicate as much of the resources as possible to the guests, not the host management software--so you need to be able to put strict limits on how much memory the host itself will use under any circumstances.

about a month and a half ago

"Secret Serum" Used To Treat Americans With Ebola

Chirs heard about vaccine on the radio (390 comments)

Apparently there are a number of vaccines being developed. None of them have reached the human trials phase, but several of them have been given to people under in emergency circumstances. The problem is that it requires an official request from the person's government as well as informed consent from the patient. According to the researcher it's hard to get either of these in the area of the current outbreak.

about a month and a half ago

How long ago did you last assemble a computer?

Chirs not mutually exclusive (391 comments)

A laptop is useful for lots of things, but when I really want to get some work done, I need screen real estate and a full keyboard and mouse.

My main compute is a laptop with a docking station. It has external keyboard, mouse, dual monitors (can connect via hdmi, displayport, vga, or dvi), audio, networking, etc.

The only downside to my laptop is that it maxes out at 16GB of RAM and the CPU is more limited than what you could put in a power-hungry desktop. But the peripherals are all supported.

about 1 month ago

How long ago did you last assemble a computer?

Chirs hard to do real multithreading with python (391 comments)

but python is single threaded

Only if you use it that way.

CPython (the most common python interpreter) has the "global interpreter lock" which means that even if you have multiple threads only one of them can be executing python bytecode at a time.

about 1 month ago

35% of American Adults Have Debt 'In Collections'

Chirs rent not cheaper around here (570 comments)

I'm fairly sure that my current house could *not* be rented for cheaper than my mortgage payments, and I'm making bigger payments than strictly necessary because I want to pay it down fast and minimize interest costs.

Also, around here (Canadian prairies) housing prices were pretty stable for decades. Recently they took a jump due to more demand in the market, but that's because people want to move here.

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Is Running Mission-Critical Servers Without a Firewall Common?

Chirs performance (348 comments)

f it does no harm in day to day operations and offers protection when your assumptions fail, why *not* run a software firewall?

Connection tracking can be expensive. If you need that, it's going to cut into the performance of your server, so it can be beneficial to do that on a separate box.

about 2 months ago

Linus Torvalds: "GCC 4.9.0 Seems To Be Terminally Broken"

Chirs it's your choice, but you might reconsider (739 comments)

I did mostly linux kernel stuff for over a decade. The vast majority of developers are quite helpful to people with little history in the community. As others have pointed out, generally this sort of stuff is aimed at people/projects that have a history of good work and then fall short of expectations.

If you submit a patch (formatted as per instructions) to the list, generally it will either get ignored (in which case you might want to contact the maintainer for that area) or else you will get some comments. Note that not eveyone's comments count equally--ultimately the subsystem maintainer is the one that will apply the change.

about 2 months ago

Google Offers a Million Bucks For a Better Inverter

Chirs 240V is fairly common (260 comments)

240V would be used for kitchen stove/range, clothes drier, electrical heat (air and water). Some commercial cappucino machines use 240V.

A home shop could very well use 240V for a welder and any number of power tools...lathe, jointer, planer, tablesaw, mortiser, wide belt sander, dust collector, shaper, etc.

about 2 months ago



skydiver to attemp record jump from 131,000 feet

Chirs Chirs writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Chirs (87576) writes "Former 64-yr old french paratrooper Michel Fournier is attempting to break multiple world records by jumping out of a helium balloon at 40 kilometers (131,000 feet) altitude. They anticipate that he will break the sound barrier on the way down, taking 15 minutes to fall and reaching speed of over 1500km/hr.

The big concern at the moment is the wind. Anything over 10km/hr will cause problems getting the massive balloon inflated. The previous attempt failed when the baloon was destroyed by wind while still on the ground.

Some links: CNN Canadian Press"


Chirs has no journal entries.

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