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More On Tragedy

Chris-en-topper Re:What can be done? Nothing. (2087 comments)

"The answer to terrorism- find out who did it and who harbored them, and then destroy both. Not a missle into a factory, carpet bomb the whole area. "

A scorched Earth policy obviously doesn't work in this situation, you might as well hand out box knives to every child in the Middle East. Assuming this is bin Laden, you deliver an ultimatum and deadline for turning him over. Give them a few weeks to comply while we mobilize and prepare. If they hand him over, we do the same thing with Osama that we did with McVeigh: try him, convict him, and execute him like a common criminal, NOT A *MILITARY* TARGET! That would be more unbearable to him than any physical torture you can possibly think of.

If they don't hand him over, that's when we start invading people....and remember you *ALWAYS* treat your enemy the way we treated Japan after WWII: you help them rebuild so that they don't grow up wanting to kill you.

more than 13 years ago


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