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Ask Slashdot: Hungry Students, How Common?

Chrisq Re:Cars are a luxury (76 comments)

I remember choosing between eating, living in bad neighborhoods, putting gas in the car, etc.

A starving student with a car?! I think we've isolated the problem.

I thought the same thing. I could never have afforded a car as a student.

1 hour ago

The Dismal State of SATCOM Security

Chrisq They will take it seriously (52 comments)

They will take it seriously when someone pwns a communications satellite.

2 days ago

Switching From Sitting To Standing At Your Desk

Chrisq I'd love to give it a go (308 comments)

I'd love to give it a go ... but I think in trainers rather than work shoes!

2 days ago

GoPro Project Claims Technology Is Making People Lose Empathy For Homeless

Chrisq Re:Helping the poor (318 comments)

How does the second part of that sentence not make you reconsider your assertion in the first?

I think you are right that might possibly be a very small fraction who actually do prefer the "vagabond" lifestyle, despite the obvious and many hardships. But to make a blanket statement that *all* homeless are in that situation as a matter of choice seems wildly inaccurate to me.

When I was young before the welfare state was dismantled and anyone in need had to be homed by law I remember seeing a couple of homeless. They lived outside in makeshift tents in the woods on the edge of town. I remember they seemed happy. Now I see hundreds of homeless people, mainly in cities and looking unhappy. I would guess based on this that maybe 1% choose to live homeless, and much fewer than this do in cities

2 days ago

How 'DevOps' Is Killing the Developer

Chrisq Re:whine (225 comments)

100% inclined to agree. DevOps is not really about your best and brightest pure programmers, but taking all of your jack-of-all-trades guys who specialize in "making shit work" and allowing them to keep things working.

There is a conflict in the role of a DevOp though that you need to understand. In the Dev role you will be working on a project and to a deadline, and will just want to make "ad hoc" changes as needed for your application to work. As an Op role you have to say "hold on, lets make sure all those system tweeks have no other impact, apply them via reproducible deployment scripts, and maybe go back and take another look at your hooks into the alerting/monitoring system". As long as you and your boss understand that everything is fine - if not more and more of your time will end up firefighting in the "ops" role.

3 days ago

Mathematicians Use Mossberg 500 Pump-Action Shotgun To Calculate Pi

Chrisq Anyone know random the spread of the Mossberg is (307 comments)

The above would only work if the spread were random. I would expect it to cluster with a greater density of pellets in the middle. Does anyone know how random the spread is?

5 days ago

Akamai Reissues All SSL Certificates After Admitting Heartbleed Patch Was Faulty

Chrisq Re:They deserve congratulations ... (56 comments)

for having the integrity to admit that they screwed up the first time.

Absolutely. So many companies would have tried to say that protection was "good enough" or "unlikely to be exploitable in real situations".

5 days ago

44% of Twitter Users Have Never Tweeted

Chrisq Probably typical (121 comments)

Most will have signed up, thought it crap, and never returned. Most people don't delete dead accounts and counting them as "users" is as false as counting someone as driving a Toyota if they once took a test drive.

5 days ago

NYC Considers Google Glass For Restaurant Inspections

Chrisq Re:Added benefit (104 comments)

Dunno how often this needs to be told to you yankees, but Europe is not a country.

Though Germany did its best to fix that ..

about a week ago

NYC Considers Google Glass For Restaurant Inspections

Chrisq Added benefit (104 comments)

Wear google glass and get excellent service ....

about a week ago

Canada Introduces Privacy Reforms That Encourage Warrantless Disclosure of Info

Chrisq Re:Eh? (99 comments)

You get what you vote for,

If you call a choice of 2 with the same policies a choice ... and if you live somewhere your vote will make a difference (i.e. the result isn't a foregone conclusion)

about a week ago

Google: Teach Girls Coding, Get $2,500; Teach Boys, Get $0

Chrisq Re:Why would they do anything else? (673 comments)

No, seriously, why would anyone do anything else if the goal is gender parity in the industry?

Let's take gender out of the equation. Say you have a jar full of ten million marbles. 95% are green, 5% are yellow. 10000 marbles are added to the jar every year. Your goal is to make the jar 50% green, 50% yellow, and you can't take any marbles out of the jar. Changing the distribution of marbles added each year to 50/50 will never make the entire jar 50/50. The only way to solve the problem without removing existing marbles from the jar is to raise the distribution of marbles added to more than 50% yellow. Clearly the most effective solution problem is to only add yellow marbles to the jar at all.

Back in the real world: you either need to fire men who don't deserve it, hire equal numbers of men and women and wait a generation or two for enough people to retire, or try to hire more women than men. Because math.

You could paint the green marbles yellow - oh wait keep those scissors away from me!

about two weeks ago

Google: Teach Girls Coding, Get $2,500; Teach Boys, Get $0

Chrisq Re:Discrimination of girls is bad and unethical (673 comments)

Some people think this is OK. Sort of like "you got yours, now I get mine". However, sexism is still sexism. Any group that isn't fighting ALL sexism are hypocrites.

Also it ends up being counterproductive. If there are enough programs like this then schools will push girls that don't have the same ability or interest through them just to get the money. Then people will notice that "women coming into IT don't do so well" (unofficially of course) and that will end up being the initial assumption even for women who were interested, able, and would have taken that career without any cajoling.

about two weeks ago

Scientists/Actress Say They Were 'Tricked' Into Geocentric Universe Movie

Chrisq Re:Mirror image (640 comments)

The only thing I can conclude from your Islamophobia is that you don't actually, personally, KNOW a single Muslim. Not really *know*.

How wrong you are - where I live Muslims are the majority

about two weeks ago

Scientists/Actress Say They Were 'Tricked' Into Geocentric Universe Movie

Chrisq Re:Mirror image (640 comments)

Funny how you ignored the Anders Breivik example

he never claimed that Christianity had anything to do with his attacks. If even if he did there would not have been thousands of Christians celebrating and saying what a good thing it was and christian priests encouraging others to do the same.

about two weeks ago

Scientists/Actress Say They Were 'Tricked' Into Geocentric Universe Movie

Chrisq Re:Mirror image (640 comments)

Christians are still doing that today as well. Ask the non-Christians in Nigeria, Sudan and Algiers a little about the religion of universal-brotherly-love.

Uhm you might want to look at the causes of these incidents. Typical Muslim reaction - try to eradicate non muslims then complain that they fight back!

about two weeks ago

Scientists/Actress Say They Were 'Tricked' Into Geocentric Universe Movie

Chrisq Re:Mirror image (640 comments)

>but the pedophilia, brutal killings, etc. are all spot on.

Perhaps - but hardly unique - exactly the same things were happening as standard fair in Europe among Christians at the same time. Hell Christianity would keep it up for at least the next 400 years - average marriage age for women didn't go past 16 until the early 20th century and age-of-consent laws weren't passed anywhere until well after that.

So whether it's true or not- it says absolutely NOTHING about Islam. There is nothing in there about Muhammed that wasn't also true of Richard the Lionhearted.

The obvious problem (unless you are one of those Muslims who think that anything that has ever been done by a non-Muslim at any time in history should be permitted for Muslims today) is that Muslims are still carrying out brutal attacks, raping women, etc today. Just ask the Hindus in Pakistan about the 'religion of peace'.

about two weeks ago

Scientists/Actress Say They Were 'Tricked' Into Geocentric Universe Movie

Chrisq Re:Mirror image (640 comments)

Ah, yes, our own islamophobe-in-chief strikes again.

I don't claim to know whether IoM is truthful or not. I think it's unlikely to be 100% true or false. As any contemporary account of centuries-old events must be. I do know that its makers are not historians, or theologists, which kind of makes me think more false than true.

I'm not claiming that its 100% accurate, but the gist of it (violent religion based on teachings of a nasty sex-mad warlord) are true. Personally I have never heard any evidence that Muhammad and Umar had a gay relationship ... but the pedophilia, brutal killings, etc. are all spot on.

about two weeks ago

Navy Debuts New Railgun That Launches Shells at Mach 7

Chrisq Re:IANA Physicist, So... (630 comments)

But it's a function of time. Since the projectile traverses the distance in, e.g., 1/5 the time, the gravitational drop (I forget the real term) will only be 1/5 as much.

Maybe not at those speeds, you are approaching orbital velocity at sea level. With no atmosphere gravity would just about keep it level with the ground, curving it around the earth.

about two weeks ago

Navy Debuts New Railgun That Launches Shells at Mach 7

Chrisq Re:IANA Physicist, So... (630 comments)

"he's not famous, he's in famous."

He's also a becile (as opposed to am imbecile).

about two weeks ago



How do you assess the status of an open source project?

Chrisq Chrisq writes  |  about a year ago

Chrisq (894406) writes "Our software landscape includes a number of open source components, and we currently assume that these components will follow the same life-cycle as commercial products, they will have a beta or test phase, a supported phase, and finally reach the end of life. In fact a clear statement that support is ended is unusual. The statement by Apache that Struts 1 has reached end of life is almost unique. What we usually find is:
  • Projects that appear are obviously inactive, having had no updates for years
  • Projects that obviously not going to be used in any new deployments because the standard language, library, or platform now has the capability built in
  • Projects that are rapidly losing developers to some more-trendy alternative project
  • Projects who's status is unclear, with some releases and statements in the forums that they are "definitely alive", but which seem to have lost direction or momentum.
  • Projects that have had no updates but are highly stable and do what is necessary, but are risky because they may not interoperate with future upgrades to other components.

By the treating Open Source in the same way as commercial software we only start registering risks when there is an official announcement. We have no metric we can use to accurately gauge the state of an Open Source component, but there are a number of components that we have a "bad feeling" about.

Are there any standard ways of assessing the status of an open source project? Do you use the same stages for Open source as commercial components? How do you incorporate these in a software landscape to indicate at-risk components and dependencies?"


A woman in France received a telephone bill of nearly 12 quadrillion Euros

Chrisq Chrisq writes  |  about a year and a half ago

Chrisq (894406) writes "

A woman in south-west France, who received a telephone bill of nearly 12 quadrillion euros, has had the real amount she owed waived — after the company admitted its mistake. Solenne San Jose, from Pessac outside Bordeaux, said she received a huge shock when she opened the bill for 11,721,000,000,000,000 euros (£9.4qn). This is nearly 6,000 times France's annual economic output.

If only she paid the bill Europe could have been out of recession and France the world's strongest economic power!"
Link to Original Source


Teenager's stomach removed after drinking cocktail

Chrisq Chrisq writes  |  about a year and a half ago

Chrisq (894406) writes "From the BBC:

A teenager has had emergency surgery to remove her stomach after drinking a cocktail containing liquid nitrogen. Lancashire Police say Gaby Scanlon was out with friends in Lancaster last Thursday (4 October) when it happened. The 18-year-old is reported to have become breathless and developed severe stomach pain before being taken to Lancaster Royal Infirmary. Officers say she would have died if doctors had not performed the operation. The woman, from Heysham in Lancashire, was taken to hospital at 11pm. She was diagnosed with a perforated, or pierced stomach, and is now in a serious but stable condition. 'Toxic chemical' Lancashire Police have not named the place where she bought the cocktail, but say it has stopped selling it.

Why the hell would anyone even consider this a good idea?"
Link to Original Source


Tom Daley Twitter abuse: Police arrest boy in Weymouth

Chrisq Chrisq writes  |  about a year and a half ago

Chrisq writes "The BBC reportsthat a teenager has been arrested by police investigating abuse of Team GB diver Tom Daley on Twitter. It goes on to say "A 17-year-old boy was arrested at a guest house in the Weymouth area on suspicion of malicious communications".

Evidently he twitted "You let your dad down i hope you know that".

If there ever was something that should have been left to censure by other fans and friends and not made a police matter then this is it. This sets an all-time low in the threshold of free speech in the UK. If it sets a precedent how many other comments and posts will result in charges? How much normal conversation would be illegal?

This is also likely to be ceased on by groups wanting to suppress criticism; with "unkind words" being reported to police."

Link to Original Source

Move from Windows Live Spaces to WordPress rough

Chrisq Chrisq writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Chrisq (894406) writes "The move of Windows Live Spaces users to the WordPress platform is having some problems. There are lots of queries on the WordPress forum about how to move back to live spaces, which is not possible.

Also, draft posts are not migrated, which is not obvious from the instructions, with instructions to publish drafts being burred in a forum thread. One user lost 30 or 40 drafts with help staff not certain whether the will .

The large number of users is straining Wordpress's support staff, and problem reports are taking over 24 hours to get a response. The migration process has a backlog, which has left some users in the worrying situation that their Live Spaces blog has gone but the posts don't appear in their wordpress blog for hours. There are some suggestions that it can take 24 hours for this situation to be resolved.

Was this sort of chaos predictable?"

Link to Original Source

Massive Orkut Hacking

Chrisq Chrisq writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Chrisq writes "It appears that many Orkut communities have been hacked. The "converts to Hinduism" forum was changed to "converts to fucking Hinduism", and contains many anti-hindu posts. A post http://www.orkut.com/CommMsgs.aspx?cmm=28092814&ti d=2540072012157365331 gives a list of hacked as

Massive hacking of Hindu communities
List of Hacked Hindu Communities —
D.A.V. ians
Bhumihar Samaj
Shweta Salve-The Dancing Queen
Maharani Gayatri Devi
Amar Chitra Katha
Rabindranath Tagore's works
Metro Railways, Calcutta
Bangla Bhasha
Monda Club (Bengali Sweets)
IACS, Calcutta
Nandan Chattar
Dwarka Rocks!!!!!!!!
Jai Shree Ram
Dhulashia School
Aishwarya rai




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