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A Cashless, High-Value, Anonymous Currency: How?

Cirvam Re:I live in a cashless society. (400 comments)

Really? You can buy debit/prepaid cards at pretty much any major retailer in the United States. I'll submit that a lot of people outside the first world probably have limited access to bank accounts and credit cards.

more than 2 years ago

The Fallout From a Flickr DMCA Takedown

Cirvam Re:Actually (170 comments)

Yahoo doesn't pay dividends and has 14000 employees...they are't really a small startup, that's my only point about market cap. I would guess they have a legal department they could consult on this.

more than 2 years ago

The Fallout From a Flickr DMCA Takedown

Cirvam Re:Actually (170 comments)

I think having a market cap of 17.75B isn't really in the "small to medium-sized business" category. So Flickr/Yahoo could do it that way assuming their in-house counsel says that it abides by the law.

more than 2 years ago

Knuth Got It Wrong

Cirvam Re:Knuth didn't get anything wrong (298 comments)

Other then varnish and squid what caching reverse proxy software is there? It looks like Nginx added caching to their core recently, although I'm not exactly sure if its intended to act in the same capacity as squid and varnish or to be more like mod_cache for lighttpd. I guess you could use apache and mod_proxy but that's not exactly high performance. I know my employer looked at the various offerings and we ended up writing our own on top of a webserver called OKWS.

more than 4 years ago

China Debuts the World's Fastest Train

Cirvam Re:Nice (491 comments)

Actually one of the provisions of the federal government taking over passenger rail (aka Amtrak) was that they got priority over freight. This is slowly being enforced more and more so it wouldn't be a factor. One thing I wonder is why the government doesn't just take some of the right of way that they granted the railroads way back when. The Pennsylvania Railroad used to have 4 tracks going clear across the state from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. Since then they have ripped out 2 of them, why not have the government replace them with rail that's rated for high speed operation?

I think a large part of the problem is the regulations associated with running trains faster. I mean if I was a shareholder in the railroads and they could perform upgrades to get stuff across the country in 1 week instead of 2 and thereby beat the trucking industry it seems like it would be a worthwhile investment.

more than 4 years ago

Gates Foundation To Spend All Its Assets

Cirvam Re:Seems like a waste (319 comments)

The Hershey foundation runs the Milton Hershey school and owns something like 30% or so of the Hershey Company along with various entertainment properties. While they do have a lot of money, they also are expanding the school and the cost of schooling does go up as time goes on. So they could do something else with the money, but then their primary goal would probably suffer, more so since it was organized in 1915 and the organizational papers have been changed for the foundation several times to expand their mission. However since their mission is education of impoverished children, they seem content to use their money to grow in this aspect since I don't think anyone has solved all the issues in just the education field.

more than 7 years ago



Statistics find the best picture on dating sites

Cirvam Cirvam writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Cirvam writes "OkCupid shows what pictures get the best responses on their dating site. Using statistical analysis they show that MySpace angle shots actually result in the best response rate from people and as women get older they post more shots of themselves outdoors. Many well held beliefs about pictures on dating sites are disproved by their data."
Link to Original Source

Genetic Based Match Making

Cirvam Cirvam writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Cirvam writes "According to this article, the online dating site okCupid is now requiring users to submit a blood sample to be matched properly with their new matching system. Supposedly it will provide better compatibility and matching by analyzing your genetic predisposition to the other people on the site. While it is free, it is not an optional service so all new users and all existing users will be required to submit their blood sample. While I'm not sure that this will actually help people match up better it seems like this really forces and other dating sites to up their ante."
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