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Behind the MOOC Harassment Charges That Stunned MIT

Cito Re:Popcorn time! (376 comments)

He didn't harass that girl, Lewin is and always greatest lecturer ever

The girl is a liar and tried to bribe and trap him into day grades

I was attending his lectures during exact period this supposedly occurred.

The bitch needs to stop being white knighted by online sjw political correctness wannabe retards.

Throw that bitch across the border into mexico, let Los Zetas show her real sexual harassment, then we can point and laugh once its posted to http://ogrishforum.com/

Zoe Quinn needs to be abducted and turned over to Zetas also

Will solve a lot of problems

about a week ago

Disney Turned Down George Lucas's Star Wars Scripts

Cito Star Wars Episode 9 final scene (420 comments)

As the final ship fades out, Jack Shepard wakes up in the lamp post station. Confused, was it all a dream or did the island locator give him a vision of a time long ago in a place far away.

After realizing it was all purgatory and all but a couple were heading into paradise he explains to Hurley who stays behind that just in case the visions were real, beware of the Jar Jar!

about a week ago

Is 'SimCity' Homelessness a Bug Or a Feature?

Cito Re:SimCity 2000 available for free (393 comments)

That's why any games on origin only I pirate.

On kickass torrents you can get origin free DRM free games like new dragon age zero DRM

Quite nice, until DRM is unused torrent is the way

about two weeks ago

Is 'SimCity' Homelessness a Bug Or a Feature?

Cito Re:Who cares? (393 comments)

APK, can I solve homelessness in my PC games with a good hosts file??? :-P

about two weeks ago

'Silk Road Reloaded' Launches On a Network More Secret Than Tor

Cito Re:can sombody say.... (155 comments)

If so, they deliver.

To test it out ordered little pot and a single dose of DMT

Items received

about two weeks ago

Chilling Effects DMCA Archive Censors Itself

Cito chilling effect website great pirate site! (88 comments)

When I wanted a eBook and couldn't find a copy on torrent I'd notice at bottom of Google "listing removed via DMCA .... Notice on chilling effect site"

So I'd pull up chilling effect and search for book, find the DMCA takedown request. Since they couldn't take down the file as its hosted overseas, the URL is requested be removed from google.

So copy and paste the URL in the DMCA notice and thanks to the broken moronic DMCA system I can download all pirated material I want, since DMCA takedowns are public just browse the takedowns, copy & paste the URLs they list for removal and download your warez.

You can still search chilling effect DMCA requests then copy URL of pirated content to download.

Chilling Effect's website is my third most used pirate site next to torrents. As all the URLs are listed in all DMCA notices. Just copy and paste link and download all ya want

about three weeks ago

Tor Network May Be Attacked, Says Project Leader

Cito Re:Tor directory servers (86 comments)

Without Tor however will we add to our R@ygold collections? :-P

about a month ago

Reaction To the Sony Hack Is 'Beyond the Realm of Stupid'

Cito Re:Land of the free (580 comments)

They killed North Korea in a previous movie

Team America: World Police

They impaled Kim Jong Il

And revealed it was a cockroach inside his head

And that Kim Jong Il hired the Muslims to do 9/11. And Kim got false info to Hans Blix to lie to UN that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Yet no backlash

This isn't North Korea hacks at all. Arin.net last info was NK has 32 non firewalled IPS in NK.

On torchat, tor hacked forums, its old antisec/remnants of lulsec anons having fun. Some of the same that dropped PlayStation network for almost a month and got everyone's user/pass and name/dox. They left backdoors and such.

Plus one way in was an unlatched older version of sshd. Even a script kiddy can get root on old sshd.

Its trolling. Even encyclopediadramatica article and forums are laughing at anonymous got Sony to stop a movie premiere.

BTW the entire script along with 15 other movies in future were copied and on torrent now. Plus 3 movies and screeners.

They also have the move the interview screener, they are releasing on Christmas.

about a month and a half ago

James Watson's Nobel Prize Medal Will Be Returned To Him

Cito Re:One good turn... (235 comments)

I live on disability $9855 per year

Sucks I can't help anyone

about a month and a half ago

Comcast Sued For Turning Home Wi-Fi Routers Into Public Hotspots

Cito How to get a Comcast hotspot in trouble (291 comments)

Connect to hotspot

Use tor or old gnutella client. Search and download
R@ygold, hussyfan, babyshivid, pthc content.

See if folders are shared online, store goods there blatantly, otherwise email your newly gotten files to Comcast, whitehouse, NSA, FBI along with posting shooting threat on 4chan.

Disconnect from random hotspot and drive away...

This is why public open hotspots are a bad idea...easy to screw owners over

about 1 month ago

Supreme Court To Decide Whether Rap Lyric Threats Are Free Speech

Cito Re:Rap isn't free speech. (436 comments)

Tupac -

"We bringing drama
fuck you and your mother fucking mama.
We're gonna kill all you mother fuckers.

All of y'all mother fuckers,
fuck you, die slow motherfucker.
My four four (.44 magnum) make sure all your kids don't grow.
You motherfuckers can't be us or see us.
We mother fuckin' Thug Life riders.
West Side till' we die.
Out here in California, nigga
We warned ya'
We'll bomb on you mother fuckers.
We do our job.
You think you the mob, nigga, we the motherfuckin' mob
Ain't nothing but killers
And the real niggas, all you motherfuckers feel us.
Our shit goes triple and four quadruple
You niggas laugh 'cause our staff got guns under they motherfuckin' belts"

Arrest me for quoting rap lyrics...

about 2 months ago

DOOM 3DO Source Released On Github

Cito Re:Can't blame him/her (323 comments)

3DO programming causes loss of testosterone, any resemblance of manliness and a compulsion to cut your dick off.

He probably went "nuts" at 3DO, Doom was the final straw

He'd never realize he dun goofed, consequences will never be same.

about 2 months ago

First Star War Episode 7 Trailer Released

Cito Re:Summary of Trailer (390 comments)

The biggest surprise?

Is when it was leaked Jar Jar Binks is now the galactic president after the empire dissolved.

Luke and Leigh's kids are out to stop a lone with who is putting together a guerilla force to form a coup to reinstate the empire with the with as the new emperor.

about 2 months ago

The Schizophrenic Programmer Who Built an OS To Talk To God

Cito interesting listening to him code (452 comments)

Knowing he's schizophrenic , its interesting listening to him code and try to explain. You can definitely tell and hear the interruptions he has possibly as he may be hearing internal voices or whatnot.

He pushes through the mental interruptions as he tries to explain his code and write code

TempleOS: 5-Minute Random Code Walk-Thru #83: http://youtu.be/mILn4H-UehQ

His channel has over 80 5 minute coding sessions, and its wild hearing him speak as his brain internal voice constantly interrupts him.

about 2 months ago

Another Hint For Kryptos

Cito Re: Did you say cock? (50 comments)

Girls don't exist online either!

G.I.R.L. = Guy In Real Life

about 2 months ago

A Worm's Mind In a Lego Body

Cito Re:Of course it scales (200 comments)

Our luck science will eventually decompile the "software" that runs our brain and find that humans were written in Java :-P

about 2 months ago

A Worm's Mind In a Lego Body

Cito Re:Put the glasses on, stupid. (200 comments)

Scaled up we'd then have Johnny Depp try to take over the world and "upgrade humans"...

Har :-P

about 2 months ago

Buying Goods To Make Nuclear Weapons On eBay, Alibaba, and Other Platforms

Cito Re:Centrifuge parts (260 comments)

If you read the wiki or watch the defcon video it did get hot

His property was designated superfund cleanup site, all taken to Utah nuclear waste disposal. 5 block radius was evacuated.

He had over safe limits of radioactivity readings 5 blocks away. Geiger counters were saturated off charts on the property.

The breeder was left running for days and the levels were insane

Updated story from UK

On June 26 1996 Davidâ(TM)s boyish experiment shut down a neighborhood of 40,000 residents.


Photos of the hazmat suits and barrels of radioactive material

How he got thorium

He bought $1,000 worth of lithium batteries, sawed them down, extracted the element, put it with thorium dioxide in a tin foil ball, cooked it over his Bunsen burner and the result was purified thorium, to 170 times the amount that needs NCR licensing.

He made a list of sources of such materials: Americium-241 could be found in smoke detectors, radium 226 could be found in antique luminous clocks, uranium 238 and quantities of uranium 235 existed in black ore called pitchblende (he has a polaroid picture of glowing pitchblende stuck to his refrigerator today) and thorium 232 is in Coleman style gas lanterns.

about 3 months ago

Buying Goods To Make Nuclear Weapons On eBay, Alibaba, and Other Platforms

Cito Re:Centrifuge parts (260 comments)

He radiated 5 blocks the breeder got out of control.
He fucked himself up go see photo of his face now

He used radium from antique clocks found a vial of radium in a clock he also had a neutron gun from beryllium and he used to start the reactor, and over days it got hotter and before it got critical he dismantled and panicked.

The government labeled his house a Superfund cleanup site.

But it was enough to build dirty bomb. If he would have taken the radiated source and ground it down and sprayed over a salad bar , water supply, etc he could have caused a cancer increase as alpha and beta are only harmful if ingested or breathed in, the gammas can go right through.

See video link, Hahn could have killed a lot if he went the one evil step further.

But this was in mid 90s pre 9/11

He was arrested for attempting to recreate the reactor couple years ago

David's face: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix...

From his jail photo from 2nd attempt

He had nearly thousand fire alarms he got from landfills, calling stores tossing out trash or broken ones.

He had thorium from lanterns

about 3 months ago



Family Guy Online Open Beta Begins

Cito Cito writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Cito writes "The beta for the free-to-play browser game Family Guy Online is now open to everyone, and players can sign up on the game's website.
Players will get a chance to try out the fully 3D realized world of Family Guy. The game's script and voice acting was done from the same people working on the show.
“We worked very closely with the show writers so that Family Guy Online encapsulates the well-known Family Guy brand of humor with the best elements of online multiplayer games, which is why we see it as a MMLOL,” said Ian Verchere, chief creative officer for Roadhouse Interactive.

Video of gameplay at the link."

Link to Original Source

The Bright Moonlight That Inspired Mary Shelley to

Cito Cito writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Cito (1725214) writes ""Mary Shelley having writers block claims she was inspired by the moonlight to write Frankenstein.
Some have disputed her story about how she struggled for days to come with the story, saying that this was just a romanticized tale to hook her audience, but astronomers are now saying that she was probably not making it up.”

Astronomers from Texas State University conducted tests at the villa where she stayed that night: http://www.csmonitor.com/Science/2011/0928/Frankenstein-moon-Astronomers-vindicate-Mary-Shelley-s-account"

Link to Original Source

Howard Stern leaks Super 8 Screener

Cito Cito writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Cito (1725214) writes "At first it was speculation as all the sources for the release of the Super 8 screener had a paramount 2011 watermark at bottom and H. Stern in upper right.

JJ Abrams was on the Stern show and Howard of course badgered Abrams about getting a screener and moaned "How noone ever sends him screeners". So Abrams did and it seems that we know why no one sends Howie screeners.

screenshots from the Super 8 screener show the watermark

here is 3 untouched screenshots
screenshot 1: http://cito.allmysh-t.com/super8-1.png
screenshot 2: http://cito.allmysh-t.com/super8-2.png
screenshot 3: http://cito.allmysh-t.com/super8-3.png

Here is 1 screenshot brightened to make the watermark easily visible.

According to the source

"Studio insiders that Paramount indeed made a copy of Super 8 for the Stern show and that one was leaked. The studio has already conducted its own investigation. "

Will be interesting since Howard Stern show has been on vacation and only response from his camp is from his hair stylist Ralph on twitter claims he wasn't responsible."

Link to Original Source

Second Life Age Verification Bug

Cito Cito writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Cito (1725214) writes "Teens can easily verify their Second Life accounts as Adult Verified allowing them full access to Second Life's adult grid and adult areas. This bug has existed for years and Linden Labs has never fixed it. With the recent rumor of the Teen and Adult grids merging this could be a big problem. This site shows how teens can verify as adult. With Lindens recent talk of their filtering process being able to keep teens from entering adult oriented areas, this only proves that a long lasting bug that has been brought to Lindens time and time again and bug reports filed on and off for past 2 years has never been fixed and any teen can simply use this method mentioned here to bypass and easily verify their account as an adult."
Link to Original Source


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