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When Did Star Wars Jump the Shark?

CleverNickedName Technique (640 comments)

Jar-Jar and Midi-chorlians are no worse than Ewoks and handmade lightsabers.

The series jumped the shark when the actors were forced to stand in green rooms for short takes. Emote, damn you! EMOTE!

more than 7 years ago


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CleverNickedName CleverNickedName writes  |  more than 10 years ago

I am bored.

Post-teen angst alert: My life to date has been like some perversely nutritious, flavourless goop and I'm dying for some grit. So, I'm packing in me mind-numbing, well-paying job as a necessary step in leaving this grave of a town.

I've dreamed long and hard about where in the world I would like to be and, after some misgivings, I have opted to head to the one city I briefly visited and fell in love with. I'm sure the grass looks greener there.

Losing a job in order to relocate problems could indeed be a bad move, but staying here is definitely a terrible move.

I can't wait.

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