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PC Gaming Alive and Dominant

CmdrEdem Re:Anyone else notice (245 comments)

It is a platform by itself, sure. There are games only available on Steam. But there is no marketing effort there. I cannot say for ads on the Internet overall because I use AdBlock, but I don't see Steam trying to grab attention of gaming media. I don't live in the US but I'm could guess that Steam does not use TV ads just as MS and Sony does. Their public is on another place already. Sure they get a lot of attention on the Internet because they matter a LOT, but nowadays they don't need to try to get attention. A simple Gabe's sneeze sends ripples through the entire PC gaming community right away. I think the difference between Steam and hardware platforms is that a console adds an entirely new capability to a television. Steam depends on an already present computer, and for some reason people likes to play in front of a television, that is usually far away from computers. To make Steam more like a console they made the Steam Machines. That is the entire point of the Machine, even if they seem quite lost about it.

about a week ago

PC Gaming Alive and Dominant

CmdrEdem Consoles get the spotlight due to... (245 comments)

big, coordinated marketing efforts. PC has no such coordination. Steam could try to do that, and I think that will still be the biggest contribution of the Steam Machines. Quite ironic if you think, as I do, that the Steam Machine effort seems quite uncoordinated nowadays.

about a week ago

PC Gaming Alive and Dominant

CmdrEdem Re:There is no time for gaming (245 comments)

Dear Anon, by your logic, since I play RTSs and TBSs, will you be a grunt in my army?

No? Oh sh*t. I knew I should have trained a little diplomacy playing some Neverwinter Nights 2.

about a week ago

Nat Geo Writer: Science Is Running Out of "Great" Things To Discover

CmdrEdem I can see many other ways (292 comments)

Instead of saying that science is running out of interesting stuff to find out I could say that scientists are simply too concerned in publishing meaningless articles to stride forward and find the "great" stuff.

Or that we hit a point in our natural science studies that does not offer that many opportunities for major applications.

Other way to look at this is that with so much information available scientists can exchange more information and many people works in smaller fractions of the same problem and help each other in a more predictable way. There is no huge, instantaneous development, or said development takes time to become really meaningful on that area.

But in the end here is my opinion: Here in /. I find, every week, things that are truly amazing scientific developments. Maybe the writer is just numb due to so many incredible discoveries.

about two weeks ago

Men And Women Think Women Are Bad At Basic Math

CmdrEdem In my experience (384 comments)

Women and men are equally bad at math. Specially at teaching math. It's not an easy subject and it's not a natural way to think about anything.

about a month ago

Why Robots Will Not Be Smarter Than Humans By 2029

CmdrEdem That is hard to predict (294 comments)

If smart is the capability of intellectually adapting to accomplish tasks then computers are in trouble for now. If academia overall stops chasing it's own tail worried about publishing papers in great volume of questionable relevance and resumes the publishing of meaningful developments then maybe we can get a good breakthrough in ten years. And that is a big maybe.

I am not particularly thrilled to create an AI good enough to be like us. /. is nice enough but humans overall are dicks. Anything we create will follow this tendency. We are not good enough to avoid that.

about a month and a half ago

Killing Net Neutrality Could Be Good For You

CmdrEdem This is so wrong. (361 comments)

Sure, the Internet was not designed to stream HD videos, but neither it was designed to play games, or make telephone calls. The only thing they designed it for in the beginning was simple http. But all those things work now. The Internet is flexible. The companies want to kill net neutrality because the Internet is a strong competitor in many services they have a stake in too. Examples: Skype can replace telephones. Netflix can replace cable. And the Internet allows for people to create new, better solutions at any time and over the already established infrastructure. Having a tenth of my download rate as my upload is already a spit on my face, and now they want to control what services I can properly use or not? That's not acceptable.

Besides, if they charge more to not limit Netflix bandwidth, most people will likely pay for it and keep using the same amount of bandwidth, only now the ISPs are getting some money for that. This is only about profit, that they have more than enough.

about 2 months ago

How the Black Hole Firewall Paradox Was Resolved

CmdrEdem There is another possible black hole's firewall (118 comments)

Im not a physicist, but hear this. Imagine for a second that most of the photons that gets trapped on a black hole will certainly head towards the singularity. Now, there is a certain distance where the orbital speed is the same as the light's speed, and that is not at the core, presuming that at the core the gravity must be strong enough to stop light from going out even at the perfect escape vector. Therefore it is possible, but very unlikely, that this orbiting light around the black hole is enough to melt or crisp any objects that care about being burned.

Please correct me if I'm in any way wrong.

about 3 months ago

First Cases of Flesh-Eating Drug Emerge In the United States

CmdrEdem I wonder... (618 comments)

... if /. will be the first site to have flesh-eating posts.

about 7 months ago

Survey: Most IT Staff Don't Communicate Security Risks

CmdrEdem What management says is: (227 comments)

"Don't worry about it, it's not that serious."

Well, you are wrong, your head is up your ass, and this kind of stuff is why guys like you hire guys like me, even if you don't know that. So, let the IT dept. do it's job, dammit!

about 7 months ago

Will Robots Replace Rent-a-Cops?

CmdrEdem Re:"abnormalities in human behavior"? (157 comments)

Let's just say I'm not including only direct physical harm in my definition of violence. We may not hit ourselves in each other faces all day long, but:

1- Our culture, more and more, represents violence. All kinds of media. Every time. All around.

2- Look at the Internet. Look at comment sections (/. excluded, and that's why I still read comments here). That should be the new definition of verbal violence.

3- Any way we deprive someone from their basic means of survival can be considered violence IMHO. All societies I can think of had, to their core, a way from taking something from most people to concentrate in the hands of fewer. The difference now is that with better transportation, entire countries can be screwed in favor of other countries. That is true for socialism and communism too. That is human nature, and that's my point.

about 8 months ago

Will Robots Replace Rent-a-Cops?

CmdrEdem "abnormalities in human behavior"? (157 comments)

Since the human nature is a violent one, I don't think violent behavior is abnormal, only not accepted in most circumstances by our social standards. The robot will detect behavior disapproved by the government that bought it.

about 8 months ago

Why Computers Still Don't Understand People

CmdrEdem Computers understands humans (277 comments)

Through a thing called programming language. The same way we all need to learn how to speak with one another, we need to learn how to properly communicate with a computer.

Not saying we should not teach machines how to understand "natural" language, text interpretation and so on, but that headline is horrible.

about 8 months ago

Kremlin Security Agency To Buy Typewriters To Avoid Leaks

CmdrEdem It`s not effective (49 comments)

When you write the message on a typewriter then scan it to be transmitted through a well-known IM system.

about 9 months ago

The Dangers of Beating Your Kickstarter Goal

CmdrEdem Re:That is where publishers are useful (168 comments)

I agree that if you want to make a game you must understand that you don`t have the resources to do everything. Being so, the secret here is what you do first and when to stop making new stuff to make the stuff you already have the best you can.

That said there is reason why publishers are hated. They are business only. They care little for creativity. They care only for profit. And you may say that for capitalism in general, but you can`t let that be the guiding line in a creative industry. A industry that relies on creativity to make a profit. That is the great contradiction that publishers face every day.

And what do they seek to solve this problem? QA, Focus group testing, yearly franchises and so on. This industry is inherently risky, and even the most profitable franchise will cease to be profitable on the long run. I don`t know how long it will take for that to happen with CoD but I hope it happens sooner rather than later. If you want to make sure money, go work in a bank or be a MD. This industry is where guys take huge risks, where you bet on competent people and new ideas.

about 9 months ago

The Dangers of Beating Your Kickstarter Goal

CmdrEdem Re:There are other dangers (168 comments)

Well... It is very common to go over-budget in most, if not all, games. And the costs of running a business are no secret. Any local, trustworthy accountant (yeah, pretty limited bunch but they exist) can tell exactly how much it will cost. But Kickstarter stretch goals are a completely new beast, and therefore hard to predict.

I don`t have business experience, but it`s pretty obvious to me that, as you make a bigger project, more and more money is spent in management. Management that can barely keep things on track. So, too much management is a money burner, and the reason why I think big corporations are such a waste.

about 9 months ago

The Dangers of Beating Your Kickstarter Goal

CmdrEdem Re:There are other dangers (168 comments)

Yes, Tim is pretty good at his job. Full Throttle would be at my Top5 game of all time if I ever bother to make such list. What I meant is all this discussion is blown out of proportion because of hype. If it was a non-kickstarted project it would be canceled and thrown into Limbo until someone really asked about it and the fate was revealed. They were open about what is happening and deserve some kudos for that. And while you can say they have the moral obligation to be open in this case, they could simply smooth talk us all the way into believing everything was fine.

It is a symbol that one of the most successful crowdfunded projects is in such trouble.

Also, I`m very curious to see how many people will get the game at Steam`s Early Access. I believe that crowdfunding completely changes how finished product sale forecasts works. I think veteran devs are expecting to finish the game and still sell as much as they are used to with a strong launch and longtail sales. Remains to be seen.

about 9 months ago

The Dangers of Beating Your Kickstarter Goal

CmdrEdem There are other dangers (168 comments)

Like not taking into account the Crowdfunding site share, Paypal transfer tax (depending on where you live and what site you did use), country, state and city taxes. If you are opening a business there are costs for that too. To properly employ someone is very expensive in some countries (guess what: taxes, social security and so on).

People will eventually learn how to calculate all this, but indies went too eager to the crowndfunding bubble and did not consult their accountants to see how much game development actually costs. Ow yes... accountants also cost money.

You could say that Tim was victim of his own success, but I say he was victim to his own creativity combined with over-excitement.

about 9 months ago

U.N. Realizes Internet Surveillance Chills Free Speech

CmdrEdem Re:Captain Obvious strikes again! Too bad... (90 comments)

By shiny I meant the fantasy trope where sentient beings are attracted to anything that shines, that grabs their attention for the face value. Yeah, I just said politics are simple-minded as the simplest humanoids.

about 10 months ago



Ask Slashdot: Implicitly trusting Internet opinions.

CmdrEdem CmdrEdem writes  |  about 10 months ago

CmdrEdem (2229572) writes "I struggle to accept current business models. With the Internet at our hands I truly believe the "vote with your wallets" idea can be taken up to eleven. But to do so a game developer must trust that users are willing to use their wallets to vote which game features the player want to have in the game sooner rather than later. What do Slashdotters think? Is the Internet ready for this power and the inherited responsibility?"


CmdrEdem has no journal entries.

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