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The Speculative Pre-History of the iPhone

CoderDevo Re:How does Apple use rumors? (195 comments)

Dont assume the screensize is 320x240.

Yes that would be a bad assumption since the iPhone screensize has always been 320x480.

It doesn't take tablet to change that either. I expect future iPhone displays to increase the resolution even if the physical phone does not get bigger. Competitor phones are already at 360x640 and 480x854.

A smaller pixel size can be a competitive selling feature by providing a better user experience, especially as these devices are increasingly used for viewing detailed images such as maps or even rendering realistic 3D.

more than 4 years ago

Senators Ask EC To Let Oracle-Sun Deal Go Through

CoderDevo Re:Hold on (183 comments)

I think the U.S. Senators dismissed the idea that citizens would be be harmed by the Oracle & Sun merger. Neither company makes consumer products.

more than 5 years ago

Senators Ask EC To Let Oracle-Sun Deal Go Through

CoderDevo Re:Glad I am not the only one believing that... (183 comments)

Based on that logic, the DoJ cleared the merger simply because neither Oracle nor Sun sells "consumer" products. Generally, consumers are considered to be real people that purchase goods or services for personal consumption. It would be hard to show harm to consumers since the impact on them by this merger would be so indirect.

When is the last time little Suzie wanted better support for her Sun laptop? When has your spouse ever called out "Honey! The Oracle man is here to setup our media center!"

The EU looking at how competition is affected expands the scope to include B2B trade as well as B2C. I'd say this is worthwhile, since improved competition for B2B trade has an indirect benefit to consumers.

more than 5 years ago

Big, Beautiful Boxes From Computer History

CoderDevo Re:This stuff is so cool (238 comments)

That is a mess of wires obscuring the Cray 3 CPUs to which they are connected. It cost $300 million to develop the first functional system for NCAR before Cray Computer Corp, Seymore Cray's last start-up company, folded. (Not to be confused with Cray Inc. which is still producing new systems.)

This machine required 90,000 watts of power and gave off 310,000 British thermal units of heat per hour â" enough to warm six 2,000-square-foot homes. Getting the heat out of the data center would have been a serious problem. I'm sure the whole NCAR building was designed to do just that.

DigiBarn has more pictures of the Cray 3 CPUs.

more than 4 years ago

Cray's CX1 Desktop Supercomputer, Now For Sale

CoderDevo Re:Desktop? Where's the notebook? (294 comments)

Well... My netbook has 2 GB of memory, 160 GB of storage, gigabit networking and thinks it has two 32 bit cores. It's a veritable late 80's, early 90's supercomputer that fits in my backpack.

Even in the mid 90's, GHz processors, and gigs of RAM/hard disk were still largely uncommon. I think you're talking late 90's before that started to become relatively common.

He did say supercomputer. I was once sysop for a 1993 vintage Cray T3D that had 896 * 150 MHz Dec Alpha CPUs configured in parallel, hooked up to a HIPPI (0.8 GB/s) network interface with over a terabyte of available disk. His laptop is less powerful than that, so I'm sure it matches the performance of a state-of-the-art supercomputer from some year before 1993.

more than 6 years ago


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