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Peter Molyneux: Working For Microsoft Is Like Taking Antidepressants

Coeurderoy Such a disapointment.. (164 comments)

I must confess I was hoping to learn something along the lines of "microsoft beats small children and eat their puppies" ...
But what he really writes is that startups are more fun than large companies ...

wich is "mostly" true... except when you just have trouble paying the bills because the funding dried up and the business is not quite there...

And what he writes about M$ would be true in most large companies ... (they probably never trusted him enough to learn about the secret rooms where they really eat puppies while concocting new EULA and IP legislation...)

Well good luck to M. Molyneux anyway :)

about three weeks ago

Creationists Demand Equal Airtime With 'Cosmos'

Coeurderoy Re:What show did they watch? (667 comments)

The fun thing about "inteligent creation" is that the argument is "xyw is too complicated to evolve "naturally" it needs something even more complicated to "make it"...
Of course how the "more complicated stuff" was created does not need any explanation...

But a least it gives some arguments for a compationate God, since s/he does not smite them in anger for keeping on telling him, her, it how to do its job...

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Can an Old Programmer Learn New Tricks?

Coeurderoy yes (306 comments)

Although 18 years of programming is barelly adolescence ... (I started with fortran IV because fortran 77 was still being implemented ...
Now let's assume that you want to learn to write Fubarish code, you'll find out that there are at least five major languages/IDEs/Frameworks to Fubar...
Choose one, preferably one of the "bigger ones" and make sure it's activelly maintained...

And then take a deep breath, and know that IT WILL TAKE TIME .... the issue is not that you really need to "learn new paradigms" in most cases it's just rather minor variations of old ones (some time very neat variations, that is the fun part)... the issue is that you "almost understandn but yet it does not seem to make sense"...

The issue is similar to adult learning new languages vs children learning... adults do not really learn slower than children, but they want to express themselves correctly and speak about "interesting things"...
Kid's are happy to say "see spot run, give ball me !", adults feel frustrated by this and have trouble making the initial steps...

So be patient and for instance try something like meteor or angular and try to make an ugly "hello world" app... (or what ever is relevant to what you'd like to build ...)
then "hello world, AGAIN and I'm the best" app...
then "hello "
at some point after five time more time than you initially thought it will hit you ... "I did it !" ....

    Good luck youngster :)
      (and now get off my lawn ...)

about a month ago

How Do You Backup 20TB of Data?

Coeurderoy Connect a raspberry pi and (983 comments)

Connect a raspberry pi and configure it as a backup server and let it copy all to /dev/null...
Then put aside the money you would have invested in a "better" solution, put it in a safe bank (under your mattress)
and wait until you need to restore something..
Most probably you'll enjoy the money more ...

about a month ago

Interview: Ask Richard Stallman What You Will

Coeurderoy Re:Cell phones (480 comments)

He does not really trust them, and if you put him together with people like this http://www.grain.org/ or that http://www.semencespaysannes.o... (in French)
You'll find that they have lots in common...
Of course he (and other Free Software activists) also use things like planes for instance that are full of "non free" stuff, the position is to use
free software when ever it's possible (and not just "convenient").

Moreover your sentence

This is why the free software movement is garbage. It makes no sense outside the world of software.

makes no sense: many useful things are only useful in their specific fields it does not make them garbage...

And transparence, independence from vendor lock-in, freedom ... makes sense in many "worlds"

about 2 months ago

Does Relying On an IDE Make You a Bad Programmer?

Coeurderoy Not if the IDE is Emacs (627 comments)

Obviously, of course vi(m) is almost acceptable too ...
or teco, but only if you need to write assembly code (or lisp)

all other IDEs are of course for sisis....

about 2 months ago

German Chancellor Proposes European Communications Network

Coeurderoy Re:Merkel's virgin soil (197 comments)

It's not so much about the reality of "intrusion" but the "legality"...

Most European citizens do not really care if the NSA knows or not what they do, they DO care if some judge in South Texas can close down their operation because it happens to be "in the US" and thus stops them from serving their European customers.

The US separated the CIA from the FBI (or at least tried) so that the "extraordinary" powers of the CIA to help the US Governement "outside" of the US do not give too much police powers "inside" of the US.
But if through "the internet" a massive ammount of people and commercial interests that are "free to look at" "outside" of the us ends up "inside" and therefore liable to police actions "inside" then there is no balance of power left...

about 2 months ago

German Chancellor Proposes European Communications Network

Coeurderoy Re:Just a Band-aid (197 comments)

Not really, although some argue that a 2 party systems "converge" toward an optimum (there is an MIT paper on the subject from one of the well known MIT-AI hackers but I can't find it right now), personally I believe it just make rigging the
race easier...

But it is the US citizen's problem to fix...

Angela Merkel is addressing the EU citizens issues...

about 2 months ago

German Chancellor Proposes European Communications Network

Coeurderoy Re:Pfft (197 comments)

Well in the "best" of cases it would be a "Censitary" Suffrage where only people with enough money would be able to
vote and foreing "voters" need to pay more once to "buy" the vote and another time to "clean it up" and make it look
And this kind of "democracies" do not end up very well...

about 2 months ago

German Chancellor Proposes European Communications Network

Coeurderoy Re:Someone forgot how the Internet works (197 comments)

Of course it will be "interconnected" the issue is "where will it be possible to host at a reasonable price services to european citizens" and therefore "what law does apply" ...

about 2 months ago

German Chancellor Proposes European Communications Network

Coeurderoy Re:Pfft (197 comments)

Nice try ...

So because the European governments are just as bad as the NSA we should not change anything and let the NSA go on spying on us ...

So how about we get the right to elect your representatives, senators and presidents after all at the en of the day this activity is costing us money (for instance whenever the US $ gets overprinted and becomes cheaper in practice it has the same effect as a tax on out exportations...

And what did those people say ? no taxation without representation ...

Now pleaqe get off my lawn ...

about 2 months ago

German Chancellor Proposes European Communications Network

Coeurderoy Re:bunch of tax wasting bullshit. (197 comments)

It is not so much an issue specifically related to privacy, but globally the "Internet" is the "infrastructure" of everything we do... without a powerfull network "in the countries or meta-countries (EU)" over time "everything" migrates to a "cloud" that ends up being where the "biggest, cheapest" infrastructure is i.e. progressivelly the US, and therefore "everything" comes under the reach of the US laws, wich means in effect that for instance "I" end up delegating to US citizens my right to vote, and frankly ... I'd rather not ...

about 2 months ago

German Chancellor Proposes European Communications Network

Coeurderoy Re:Just a Band-aid (197 comments)

Then at least there is an option to protest against the local "legally bad guy", the US is destroying democracy because in practice voting anywhere outside of the US is useless.
Either you live in a dictatorship (Like for instance Equatorial Guinéa wich is protected by the US petrol industry and whose "president" gets elected with 95+ % whenever he feels bored) and then voting is just a "show", or you live in a democracy, and then it does not matter who you are voting for because the US economy is basically bullying whom ever was elected into working in the way most profitable for the US, and the only choice is to be hurt "right now" by sanctions (and loose the next election) or being hurt by bad policies in a couple of year (and hopefully it will be the oposition's mess to handle)...

So unless the European Union starts to fess up and do exactly the kind of things Angela Merkel is proposing the world would be split between a disfunctional democracy (the US) and non democratic countries, where the most powerful is the one run by the Chinese "communist" party, not the most desirable outcome...
Including not very desirable for 99% of the US citizens, since it would end up with a small "elite" protected by an overreaching army and the rest of the citizens not really "needed" by the elite (with the exception of a minority of plumber, waitresses, hookers and other "personal service providers" ...)

about 2 months ago

German Chancellor Proposes European Communications Network

Coeurderoy Re:Right. France. Trust Germany. This TIme! (197 comments)

Well last time "France" "trusted" "Gernany" (without being invaded first) was at the time of Emperor Charlemagne (Karl der Grosse, Karolus Magnus, ...)
that didn't work so bad (untill he died and handed over to his incapable sons who splitted the whole shebang ...)

about 2 months ago

A Strategy For Attaining Cuban Internet Connectivity

Coeurderoy Re:The Cuban Landline (119 comments)

And they could share the cost of satelite communication with the Bolivian government which just launched it's own satelite.

And if they start with providing enough connectivity for a couple of business hubs (wich means a couple of ethernet cables and wifi) they could try to use it to boost their economy, and if it works it will pay for itself.
If it does not work, then they will feel that they do not really need it (and since easy access to youtube and facebook will not really help the common cuban citizen anyway, it will be somewhat true).

Hopefully they'll find some way out of the current conumdrum withouth going back to batista times...

about 2 months ago

Australia's Bureau of Meteorology Dumps Water Data Project

Coeurderoy Diff between Using and Being FLOSS (112 comments)

This waste of public money illustrate the fact that companies might be "Pushing Open Source" but not wanting to be "Open Source"...

Using "free" software is not really relevant if the company does not integrate a policy of putting software back into to "free" pool...
If they would use best practice, the level of contribution (+ probabley higher reuse) would make sure that they are not the "only player avaiable"...

And of course going over 80% increase of the initial deal should get you axed anyway, how the hell did it grow to 38 in 18 month ?

    Somebody willing to "show" his/her code would probably not end up in this situation, additionally even if the deal would be "more expensive than initially planned"
    at least the Australian government would have something they could promote, share, sell to other countries....
    That way they just have a big hole in the public account (and probably some people who have got a very nice and totally undeserved bonus of some form or another...)

about 2 months ago

Edward Snowden and the Death of Nuance

Coeurderoy Re:Really? (388 comments)

Did you try to discuss the point with "people", the situation reminds me an old caricature about the "Dreyfus Scandal" end of the 19th century.
(caption reads: A family Diner: "First of all let's not speak about the affair!" / "They did speak about it !" ...)

about 3 months ago

Edward Snowden and the Death of Nuance

Coeurderoy Re:False choice society (388 comments)

Just to make sure, you're joking right ? the GP did make a rather correct point ..

about 3 months ago

Edward Snowden and the Death of Nuance

Coeurderoy Re:hero (388 comments)

Not true, and not really relevant...

Any traitor is seen from the point of view of the "victim" if the "victim" ends up winning....

A "traitor" is somebody who breaks the trust of whomever has trusted him(or her) in order to give power to "another" entity...

But s/he can do this for gain (bad traitor) or "the greater good as s/he sees it" (good traitor, if his part wins ...)

And a "good traitor" might "go public" or not depending on the situation...

I doubt very much that ES wanted to help any of the "currently declared enemies of the US"....
So if General Alexanders would accuse him of being a "misguided useful idiot" he might have a point, accusing him of being a "traitor" is just a way of labeling him and doing character assassination ... probably because he absolutely knows that ES is not a traitor...

This still does not necessarily makes him an hero, .... or not ...

about 3 months ago

Edward Snowden and the Death of Nuance

Coeurderoy US Politics (388 comments)

I suppose that the lack of "nuanced" approach to "the right attitude re: Snowden" is really a symptom of the "discoursive radicalisation" of US politics...
The more the Right and the Extreme Right parties in the US monopolize the political discourse, and are really very very close in anything that really matters, the more the supporters of each part of the political theater demonize the other part.

So telling that Edward Snowden was not a traitor in act or intention since his actions really didn't put the US in jeopardy, and he didn't want to, but wanted the US to change it's policies is not compatible with being conservative, nor even with being "responsible" in the current administration, since it would be a critic of the current president, and critics are not acceptable ever...
Or alternatively telling that just maybe the process ES used was not the right one will put you "in bed with koukou warmongers"....
In practice "not hurting anybody sentiments" makes it impossible to have any sane political discussion in the US except with a very small set of open minded persons who are able to disagree with you without thinking that this makes you a bad person, and are even able to believe that you or they might, just might change their mind if we go on discussing...

I just hope that at some point enough people in the US will agree to vote for anybody except somebody who was already elected, and then maybe they will talk together about "what should we do next ...."
but not holding my breath, for the time being it's just "YACOMTIE" (Yet another country only managed through its economy"

about 3 months ago



Yahoo "improvement" fail

Coeurderoy Coeurderoy writes  |  about a year and a half ago

Coeurderoy (717228) writes "Yahoo did some "improvement" to their web mail application.
Two problems:
1) it tries to force you to agree to the new rules, basically keeping your data hostages.
2) if fails, you cannot "agree" or "disagree" it bumps back to the pop up fail screen.
Additionally if you try to read the "new conditions" it does not find the page, so you cannot even know what you are agreeing to.

Additionally the imap server refuses to serve the content probably since it "knows" that I have not agreed to sacrifice my firstborn or something like that...

It is probably a transient fail... but it is certainly a cautionary story against "the cloud".
"Shit happens" but when it is on you own infrastructure you try to find an engineer who fix it for you and a couple of hours, maybe even days, when it is "a large cloud providers" you need a lawyer and a couple of years of patience."

Link to Original Source

yahoo mail server upgrade sucks

Coeurderoy Coeurderoy writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Coeurderoy (717228) writes "Okay I confess, one of my mail addresses is provided by yahoo.
now from time to time there are issues, and it asks to retry a little bit later or contact customer support...
But it usually falls in place rapidly.

But this time it not only fails to show my emails, but first it tells me:
> You've stumbled upon an ___unexpected___, temporary problem. Performing your action again in a __few moments__ will likely resolve the problem completely. If not, we
> suggest you try re-launching Yahoo! Mail.

> If the problem persists, feel free to contact Customer Care about Error Code 1.

when I try to contact customer support it bluntly tells me:

> Attention:

> We are in the process of upgrading all of our Yahoo! Mail servers as part of our ongoing efforts to give you the best Mail service possible. There is no need to
> complete this form because we already know that you've received this error. It is temporary and should clear up within a couple of hours. If it persists, please do
> come back and let us know. Thanks!

So the issue is not unexpected : they are upgrading, it will not go away in a "few moments" I'm supposed to wait for hours..

And what I find suspicious is that if it is really a planned upgrade, with expected service disruption, how about warning the users ?

So I guess I'll be redirecting some domains, a pity I can't redirect yahoo.com :-)"

Link to Original Source

Coeurderoy Coeurderoy writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Coeurderoy (717228) writes "andriva signs the AFUL petition "Non aux racketiciels" http://www.racketiciel.info/ against tied sales
Mandriva gives its support to AFUL's action against sales of bundled software.

http://www.aful.org/presse/mandriva-against-racket ware
When you buy a new computer, you get a set of "freebees", the OS, Antivirus, CD burning, etc...
In practice it is almost impossible for consumers to know the selling price, contracts and conditions of use of these applications and, if they wish to,
The only thing you can be sure is that it is not really free, and you cannot refuse to purchase them.

On average, the price of this software constitutes between 10% and 25% of the purchase price of the computer — that is to say from 100 to 300 Euros. Although the French Consumer Code forbids the sale of tied goods (the computer hardware) and services (software licenses), the situation continues and deprives consumers of real freedom of choice. It artificially prevents the spread of free software to the general public.

The AFUL working group against tied sales launched the petition Non aux racketiciel (No to racketware) in order to challenge the French authorities on this intolerable practice. Since 1999, this working group has accompanied and advised people who wish to claim refunds for the software licenses that they were forced to buy against their will with the computer (racketware). Launched in April 2006, the petition has more than 21,000 signatories and requests only the application of the law: everyone in France should have the choice not to buy what he or she does not want to use.

As UFC Que Choisir (French Union of Consumers) is suing hardware manufacturers and software retailers, Mandriva the largest European GNU/Linux Distribution editor
signed the petition "Non aux racketiciels", along with the principal free software associations and other companies. François Bancilhon, CEO of Mandriva explains :

It is a commitment in accordance with our values, our idea of free software and our mission of promoting Linux. We are in tune with the open source community which supports this action and has asked us to engage ourselves.

Mandriva offers choice to consumers. Today, in countries like Brazil, Argentina or Poland where users have the ability to choose the operating system installed with their computer, PC manufacturers sell tens of thousands of units every month with Mandriva Linux pre-installed.
Pre-installed software can be useful for some customers, but if the competition would really believe that their software could compete in a free market, they would not go through such length to force HW makers and public authorities to accept this practice.

François Bancilhon CEO of Mandriva asks : Why can the French market not also profit from the end of the Microsoft monopoly? Why do the French state and the DGCCRF (French authority for competition, consumer issues and fraud prevention) do not do their jobs?"

Link to Original Source


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