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Why Some Devs Can't Wait For NoSQL To Die

CoffeeDregs Totally confusing... (444 comments)

The article was stripped of all nuance and then injected with confusing bits. e.g.

>NoSQL will never die, but it will eventually get marginalized, like how Rails was marginalized by NoSQL

What? How was Rails marginalized by NoSQL?

Also, it's nice to see the whole BerkeleyDB-ish/key-value sector of the data storage world suddenly exploding with innovation. There's a lot of dogma on both sides of the NoSQL argument (and the name "NoSQL" doesn't help), but some of the many NoSQL tools look as though they'll be pretty useful. Cassandra and MongoDB especially. And big companies getting behind the growth of new tools is never a bad thing.

more than 4 years ago

AIDS Virus Can Hide In Bone Marrow

CoffeeDregs HIV is smart! (118 comments)

I guess that I'm a little bugged by the summary's wording since it makes HIV seem like an intelligent system that chooses to hide itself. Is that the case or has the latent HIV virus been found in bone marrow?

From the article, it seems as though HIV is able to infect cells in more areas of the body than previously thought, not that the virus has any particular strategy... But I suppose a headline that screams "The AIDS is coming! The AIDS is coming!" probably gets more reads...

more than 4 years ago

Intel Details Upcoming Gulftown Six-Core Processor

CoffeeDregs Codenamed codename? (219 comments)

>Westmere 6C (codename Gulftown)

    Really? I fricking hate codenamed codenames...

more than 4 years ago

Data Mining Competition To Improve Drug Safety

CoffeeDregs How much for improving movie ratings? (36 comments)

I could focus on reducing mortality due to prescription drug side-effects and maybe get $5k? That's awesome, I can totally help out my fellow ... what's that? I get $1M if I rock NetFlix's movie rating DB? Movie ratings here I come!

about 5 years ago

Games To Outsell Music, Video In UK

CoffeeDregs [Music, Video] = non-interactive Games? (47 comments)

Actually, I guess music is a bit different since it has significant replay value, but... The best possible movies are ones in which I feel interested and involved. I feel interested/involved in many games I play, so perhaps games can be viewed as non-interactive games (WTF is that). Should we be surprised the "interactive movies" [games] outsell "non-interactive movies" [movies]?

more than 6 years ago


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