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Woman Tells State Judiciary Committee, "DoD Implanted A Microchip Inside Me"

CogDissident Re:A Misdemeanor? Seriously? (222 comments)

You could shoot someone in the street and it would be less of a crime, actually. Manslaughter carries a very low penalty comparatively.

more than 4 years ago

House of Commons Finds No Evidence of Tampering In Climate E-mails

CogDissident Re:Show me the data (650 comments)

Actually the data from weather research posts is freely available to the public. All you have to do is find the relevant website (I don't have it on hand at the moment). One of the weather-scientist associations provides access to it I believe. As part of a final project for my weather science class in college, we actually had to analyze data from four different stations around the world and correlate our findings with local geographical data. Almost every student in the class found evidence of the global temperatures rising over the last 80 year period.

more than 3 years ago

Lenovo Removes Linux Option For Home Buyers

CogDissident Re:Maybe they shouldn't have used Suse (380 comments)

And that is why Linux is a bad idea for them. Every linux nerd that wants a pre install, wants their favorite "flavor" of pre install. And gets pissy when their favorite brand name isn't in first place. And half the time people buy linux machines for their computer-illiterate relatives, making them take up huge amounts of phone-support time.

Easier to pitch it and say "eh, we have windows. Enjoy."

more than 6 years ago

Online Storage With a Twist

CogDissident Re:No thanks... (268 comments)

Yeah, I can see the government not being particularly forgiving if that chunk of data on your harddrive happens to have childporn or something on it.

"No, really your honor, it wasn't my data. I was just sharing storage space with people online." Is not going to fly in court.

more than 6 years ago

30 Years of the Lego Minifig

CogDissident Re:so what we're really celebrating (167 comments)

I still remember being like 6 years old, and looking all over for a 6inch by 6inch (rather big, for legos) space ship i built out of legos. I looked for like 2 hours, until I had an idea. I asked my friend's (exceedingly obese) mother to stand up, and she stalwartly refused and told me to go run along and play. So I sulked for an hour, and eventually found a way to make her get up (don't remember, it was a LONG time ago).

Turns out, she just thought our couch was really uncomfortable. And, gave me a good reason to watch my weight all these years. Because, really, who wants to loose an entire spaceship in your gigantic ass?

more than 6 years ago

User Charged With Felony For Using Fake Name On MySpace

CogDissident Re:What the.... (931 comments)

You will also have to give out all of your personal information to every 2 bit site on the internet to spam you with. Also, god help you if you visit microsoft's website with firefox, violating their terms of use and getting 5 years of prison time for that.

Because, you know, signing up to a website under a fake name is entirely justified with 15 years of prison time. Maybe you'd like the death penalty to anyone who steals a snickers bar or crank calls you as "I P Freely".

more than 6 years ago

EFF Wins Promo CD Resale Case

CogDissident Aww the EFF Won? (252 comments)

I'm actually a bit sad that the EFF won on this case. Because if it hadn't of been overturned, you could label "anything" as no-resale and send it to someone. Like, you know, that giant pile of bricks or the entire output of a nuclear reactor and mail it to the RIAA.

Because, with the policy they were trying to establish precedent for, you could do so, mark it as no-sale and no-disposal, and force them to build warehouses to store the random crap you send them.

more than 6 years ago

Hiding Packets in VoIP Chat

CogDissident Pay for 388 words? (90 comments)

To continue reading this article, subscribe to New Scientist. Get 4 issues of New Scientist magazine and instant access to all online content for only USD $5.95

Thanks Slashdot, because I really want to go to Slashdot to get links to a story that I have to pay to read.

more than 6 years ago

CogDissident Re:The path... ( comments)

Read the article. And don't mod people insightful before reading the article yourselves!

It specifically states, in no uncertain terms that they will only use USAF computers for this. And that it will be a way to use retired computers from other sections of the government that would normally be slated for destruction.

more than 6 years ago


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