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Results of Another Web Publishing Experiment

Commienst It is the writing (117 comments)

"Episode Four
Songs of the Moon and Stars

Young Flint doesn't seem very taken with the turnip porridge, even though it is sweetened with honey. Well, Chert thinks, perhaps it's a mistake to expect one of the big folk to be feel the same way about root vegetables as we do. Since Opal has gone off to the vent of warm subterranean air behind Old Quarry Square to air the clothes she has washed, he takes pity on the lad and removes the bowl.

"You don't need to finish," he says. "We're going out, you and I."

The boy looks at him, neither interested nor disinterested. "Where?"

"The castle -- the inner keep."

Something moves across the child's face but he only rises easily from the low stool and trots out the door before Chert has gathered up his own things. Although he has only come down Wedge Road for the first time the night before, the boy turns unhesitatingly to the left. Chert is impressed with his memory. "You'd be right if we were going up, lad, but we're not. We're taking Funderling roads." The boy looks at him questioningly. "Going through the tunnels. It's faster for the way we're going. Besides, last night I wanted to show you a bit of what was aboveground -- now you get to see a bit more of what's down here."

They stroll down to the bottom of Wedge Road then along Beetle Way to Ore Street, which is wide and busy, full of carts and teams of diggers and cutters on their way to various tasks, peddlers bringing produce down from the markets in the castle above, honers and polishers crying their trades, and tribes of children on their way to guild schools. The day-lanterns are lit everywhere, and in a few places raw autumn sunlight streams down through holes in the great roof, turning the streets golden."

Enough said.

more than 12 years ago


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