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Google Wants You To Be Its Unpaid Muse

Communomancer Re:OR (227 comments)

Brilliant! Oh, except for the part where you don't actually patent ideas, but inventions. Big difference.

Man, people on /. used to know those kinds of things. Now we mod up those who don't.

about 6 years ago

Court Allows Arkansas To Hide Wikipedia Edits

Communomancer Re:Depends on whose ox is gored... (145 comments)

Actually, I'll bet if the Huckabee staffers were accused of d/l'ing copyrighted music on BitTorrent, and the people suing were the RIAA instead of some journalists, the judges ruling would have been different!

more than 6 years ago

Interviewing Experienced IT People?

Communomancer Re:What they bring (835 comments)

'IT is seen as a young man's game.

Not to mention the extra whammy for the sexism. Here's hoping he doesn't ask this question of a 43-year old woman.

more than 6 years ago


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