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Breakthroughs In HTML Audio Via Manipulation With JavaScript

Compenguin Re:Firefox, eh? (141 comments)

> However, mp3 is not free...yet. Some of these patents are set to expire on their 20 year time frame in a couple of years it would seem.

Yes, the next MP3 patent expires this Sunday. The longest patent seems to expire in 2018 but that appears to be MPEG-2 LSF and only required for low sample rate MP3s. So the next furthest date looks like April 2017 but it may be worth double checking the dates on those around 2014/2015.


more than 4 years ago

New Firefox Vulnerability Revealed

Compenguin Re:Defective by design (250 comments)

As far as the Vista stories go, the network/copying/audio issues had to (or were believed to at the time) do with the DRM laden audio chain.

more than 5 years ago

Google Chrome's Inclusion of FFMpeg Vs. the LGPL

Compenguin Re:Seems to be some confusion here (245 comments)

> Oddly, I have Chrome, but no FFMPEG license in sight.

That's because <video> support was added in Chrome 3.x

more than 5 years ago

Ogg Theora In Firefox, With Wikimedia Support

Compenguin Re:Yet another video format , just what we need (339 comments)

Really , what is the point? Its not like every other video format on the planet is closed source with a fee required. MPEG2 and MPEG3 are the ISO standard and the de facto free standard for most high bandwidth video apps these days and MPEG 4 for low bandwidth, deal with it and stop re-inventing the fscking wheel just to play OSS one upmanship.

There is no such thing as MPEG3

more than 6 years ago



VP8 library not GPLv2 compatible

Compenguin Compenguin writes  |  more than 4 years ago

An anonymous reader writes "It turns out that libvpx, Google's VP8 library, isn't compatible with the GPLv2. Google is apparently aware of the problem and working on a solution."
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