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Best munchies for coding?

Conch None (585 comments)

When I get to the point of actually coding I usually get so focused that I forget to eat.

But before or after coffee is all the nourishment I need.

more than 7 years ago



Global mobile penetration hits 50%

Conch Conch writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Conch (52381) writes "Figures released by industry analyst Informa Telecoms & Media reveal that worldwide mobile penetration will hit 50 per cent — or around 3.3 billion subscriptions — on Thursday, just over 26 years since the first cellular network was launched.
Here's a look back over the past 26 years of mobile telephony:
The evolution of the mobile handset
Mobile penetration through history
Global mobile coverage"

Apple iPhone Dissected

Conch Conch writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Conch (52381) writes "Only hours after the launch, the Apple iPhone has been dissected. The good folks at AnandTech violated one of the first iPhones to still our curiosity about whats inside the aluminum shell.
"We have only had the phone for a few hours but we needed to get inside its casing, what follows is our dissection of the Apple iPhone. Please note that we're doing this so you are not tempted to on your recent $500/$600 expenditure, while it is quite possible to take apart using easy to find tools we'd recommend against it as it will undoubtedly void your warranty and will most likely mar up the beautiful gadget's exterior. Do whatever you wish to your iPhone, but do so at your own risk :)" "


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