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Netflix Gets What It Pays For: Comcast Streaming Speeds Skyrocket

Connie_Lingus huh? (324 comments)

it seems like it's really good news for the people who stream Netflix on Comcast.

5 days ago

Guardian and WaPo Receive Pulitzers For Snowden Coverage

Connie_Lingus it still amazes and saddens me... (78 comments)

...that almost everyone I speak to in real life thinks Snowden is a criminal.

he embodies everything people "say" they value in a democracy, yet they want to put him in jail and throw away the key because, basically, he embarrassed some allegedly criminal senior government officials.


5 days ago

Mathematicians Use Mossberg 500 Pump-Action Shotgun To Calculate Pi

Connie_Lingus those damn sand-eating zombies! (307 comments)

Dumoulin and Thouin’s idea is to use the distribution of shotgun pellets rather than sand or rice (which would presumably be in short supply in the post-apocalyptic world).

really...sand in short supply?

and shotgun shells aren't?

about a week ago

Can the ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Be Believed?

Connie_Lingus i pledge to you... (722 comments)

...if you like your 7.1 million sign-ups, you can keep your 7.1 million sign-ups.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Start With Linux In the Workplace?

Connie_Lingus easy.,, (451 comments)

just tell him this is the year of desktop linux.

about two weeks ago

Hewlett-Packard Admits To International Bribery and Money Laundering Schemes

Connie_Lingus Re:this shit is infuriating (139 comments)

Which is it? Felon or minor drug offense, because it can't be both. Possession is a misdemeanor. Intent to sell is a felony. I seriously doubt your sob story.

seriously doubt this then buddy...

Cnt Record No. Charge Dt Statute Charge Disp Dt Final Disp Citation No.
2 1 03/19/2008 893.13.1.F-T POSSESSION OF HEROIN 04/17/2013 GUILTY 20116366GLK
5 1 03/19/2008 893.13.6.A-AQ POSS OF MORE THAN 20 GRAMS OF CANNABIS 04/17/2013 GUILTY 20116369GLK
6 1 03/19/2008 893.147.1-B USE OR POSSESSION OF DRUG PARAPHERNALIA 04/17/2013 GUILTY
7 1 03/19/2008 316.193.1 DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE 04/17/2013 GUILTY 20118737XEC
8 1 03/19/2008 322.34.1 DRIVING W LIC SUSP REV CANC W O KNOWLEDGE 04/17/2013 GUILTY 20116364GLK
9 1 03/19/2008 316.217 DRIVING WITHOUT HEADLIGHTS 01/18/2013 PAID FINE OR CIVIL PENALTY 20116363GLK

the H, and the 20+ grams of weed are all FELONIES...no "sales" .

thank god i kicked the whole mess, but this is basically a life sentence career wise.

about two weeks ago

Cuba: US Using New Weapon Against Us -- Spam

Connie_Lingus kinda weird... (139 comments)

my dad was Cuban...came over in '59 when Castro came to power, and made a really good life for himself.

funny thing is...he loved spam...said it was really popular over there.

go figure.

about two weeks ago

Hewlett-Packard Admits To International Bribery and Money Laundering Schemes

Connie_Lingus this shit is infuriating (139 comments)

to someone who lives, on a a daily basis, with the discrimination and stigma of being a convicted felon for minor drug offenses, these kind of articles piss me off to no end.

these corporate douchebags can blatantly break federal, state, and international laws and not even lose their jobs, where people like me who got caught with some recreational substance see their entire careers and life go into the toilet.

fuck those HP crooks, AND the DOJ they rode in on.

about two weeks ago

Smart Car Tipping Trending In San Francisco

Connie_Lingus double take.. (371 comments)

reading the headline, i thought the story was going to be about people dropping change and dollar bills on smart cars as a way to, i dunno, show their support for eco-friendliness?


about two weeks ago

Should Microsoft Give Kids Programmable Versions of Office?

Connie_Lingus i dont understand this (226 comments)

...why do people have the ridiculous assumptions that..

1. coding is "fun" and it's something kids/adults would just love spending time doing "if we just exposed them to it"


2, that kids/adults want to spend their lives in semi-constant frustration of having to get these damn computers working and to learn and relearn skills every 4 years?

my 12yo daughter encapsulated it perfectly a few months ago..

"dad...you seem really smart...why in the world did you decide to be a programmer and sit behind a computer 10 hours a day instead of doing something cool?"

about two weeks ago

Why No Executive Order To Stop NSA Metadata Collection?

Connie_Lingus pete t. said it all 40 years ago (312 comments)

"i tip my hat to the new constitution
take a bow for the new revolution
smile and grin at the change all around me...
pick up my guitar and play
just like yesterday
when i get on my knees and pray...
we won't get fooled again"

"meet the new boss, same as the old boss"

about two weeks ago

Why Are We Made of Matter?

Connie_Lingus Re:easy! (393 comments)

Yeah we might be in a simulation (that's in another simulation and so on) but why do we experience this consciousness thing? Not talking about free will, but the experience of awareness itself.

Are the rules of this universe such that no matter what as long as you have certain processes, consciousness will arise as an emergent phenomenon? And what would those certain processes be?

yeah...wouldn't that be the point of the simulation? i often wonder...do the Sims in the game think they are alive and making "free-will" type decisions? i think they do actually...altho we can never really find out.

Could it be extinguished and yet the person still continues on "living" and moving as before? For example say a person went to sleep, and woke up the next day but never had the consciousness thing anymore - but just walked and talked etc like before as if he/she still had it.

that's a pretty good question...humans seem to be the only creatures (that we know of of course) in this simulation that have achieved the level of consciousness of which you speak, and it's highly probable that through the evolutionary path of Man, at some point our ancestors did *not* have this "consciousness thing" of which you speak, so my guess would be yes.

about two weeks ago

Why Are We Made of Matter?

Connie_Lingus easy! (393 comments)

because we are almost surely living in simulation. and in that simulation, things just have to be so for us to be simulated.

about two weeks ago

NYU Group Says Its Scheme Makes Cracking Individual Passwords Impossible

Connie_Lingus Re:WTF? (277 comments)

they already have...an infinite numbers of times.

about two weeks ago

Smartphone Kill-Switch Could Save Consumers $2.6 Billion

Connie_Lingus consumers benefits? LOL! (218 comments)

since when do our corporate overlords ever do anything that really saves the consumer money?

a study needs to come out how such a technology will save the corporations billions...then perhaps a change will be made.

about three weeks ago

Continued Rise In Autism Diagnoses Puzzles Researchers, Galvanizes Advocates

Connie_Lingus Re:economic incentives rule... (558 comments)

Why autism? There are any number of conditions that would then apply? If what you are suggesting were true, then we would see a rise in all of these. More likely, the rise is not from doctors or SSI benefits, but because the DSM has been updated which broadly expanded those things that are now considered autism.

sure...that sounds reasonable too.

it's not hard to imagine that there are several forces at work here to explain the sharply rising incident of Autism prognosis.

about three weeks ago

Continued Rise In Autism Diagnoses Puzzles Researchers, Galvanizes Advocates

Connie_Lingus Re:economic incentives rule... (558 comments)

no...i am simply making the economic point that once a diagnosis of Autism had embedded into it a financial windfall in the form of generous SSI benefits, that it makes rational sense that parents would work much harder at finding doctors willing to make that diagnosis.

it would hardly require that the "entire medical profession" be in on the "scam".

about three weeks ago

Continued Rise In Autism Diagnoses Puzzles Researchers, Galvanizes Advocates

Connie_Lingus economic incentives rule... (558 comments)

well, considering that the rise of these diagnosis seems to be highly correlated with the ability to get SSI benefits in the US, how could anyone really be surprise that, with an economic perk this big, there wouldn't be a shift in behavior among parents?

about three weeks ago

Software Upgrade At 655 Million Kilometers

Connie_Lingus the first thing to do... (57 comments)

is to load TWRP so the can finally root the damn thing.

about three weeks ago

Toward Better Programming

Connie_Lingus Re:pft. (391 comments)

amazing insights...i shot milk thru my nose AND pondered deeply.


about three weeks ago



Tired Of Traffic? Jetpacks Make A Comeback.

Connie_Lingus Connie_Lingus writes  |  about 8 months ago

Connie_Lingus (317691) writes "Even though there seems to be several reasons why we don't have jetpacks ala the Jetson's yet, despite Wendell Moore's heroic efforts with the Bell Jet Flying Belt back in the 60's, it seems that a team in New Zealand has been successfully working on the problem and could have one ready by next year for sale.

With a seemingly renewed interested in these flying deathtraps, and even the obligatory Kickstarter project, is the world finally ready for these gizmos?"

Link to Original Source


Connie_Lingus has no journal entries.

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