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Fedora 11 To Default To the Ext4 File System

Convergence Re:FS choices in the Datacenter (161 comments)

I've been using a trick since the ext2 days to reduce fsck times by a lot.. Reduce the inode count. I seem to recall EXT3 allocates 1 inode for every 16kb of diskspace by default. This means 20 million inodes on a 300gb partitian. 2.5gb scanned, on every fsck! A lot of the time, this is overkill. I generally run my parititians with 1/5 to 1/20 this number of inodes. I don't have any partitians formatted under the defaults to compare this to, but a mostly full 300gb partitian, with 1M inodes and 50k files, fsck's in under 10 minutes.

One reason Ext4 has faster fsck times because it tracks which inode groups are totally unused, and it avoids scanning them.

about 6 years ago

PlayStation 2 Game ICO Violates the GPL

Convergence Hasn't sony done the infringement already (369 comments)

If they did not license a copy of libarc from the author, Sony committed copyright infringement and might be subject to statuatory damages of up to 150k per copy of the game sold. Can you register for copyright after an infringement occurs to sue for damages? Or maybe $1000, if we go by the Sony/RIAA 'pricing' for music sharing and minimum statuatory damages.

Sony can not retroactively satisfy the terms of the GPL. Releasing the source code (or a written offer for the source code) would only avoid compounding the infringement on future copies Sony distributes. Past copies they distributed were not conforming to the GPL, therefore unlicensed, therefore committing copyright infringement. They can't say 'oops' just because it took 6 years for their 'THEFT' to be noticed. This is no different than someone sued by the Sony/RIAA for music sharing. As it took so long for the infringement to be noticed, there's not much point in libarc's author going for an injunction to prevent future damages/infringement by stopping the sale of the game and/or destruction of unsold copies.

Now of course, the author of libarc might relent and compromise on your choices #1 or #2. Get a payoff and agree to forgo pursuing copyright infringement damages, or forgive it upon release of the source code.

I am not a lawyer, but this is how I think copyright and GPL applies to a hypothetical situation of Sony distributing a game containing an unlicensed copy of libarc. Any connection to the real world is accidental.

more than 7 years ago


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Convergence Convergence writes  |  more than 10 years ago

Ta da.. If you want to reach me on slashdot, give me a yell in this journal.

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