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EFF Joins Fight Against Apple Lawsuit

Cool Hand Luke Only on Slashdot... (662 comments)

...would an argument fly that journalists protecting employees violating their NDAs and journalists protecting whistleblowers are equivalent behaviors.

An employee violating their NDA is potentially disseminating trade secrets, and is potentially harming the company. A whistleblower is disseminating illegal actions performed by a company. Can illegal actions also be trade secrets (i.e. can a whistleblower be an employee violating their NDA)? Of course! IANAL, but I believe one can not, legally, profit from illegal actions.

As far as I know,

  • launching a sub-$500 computer isn't a crime,
  • Apple could have been injured by dissemination of their business plans,
  • Think Secret profited by publishing these rumors before the launch of the Mini.

Information wanting to be free seems to be a mantra around here, but how can anyone advocate that

  • a publication (The Washington Post) protecting a whistleblower (Deep Throat) exposing illegal activities by our government (Watergate)
    is equivalent to
  • one company (Think Secret) making a profit from criminal activity (the employee disclosing trade secrets) against another company (Apple)?

more than 9 years ago


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