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Laser Eye Surgery, Revisited 10 Years Later

Coppit Reboot (550 comments)

My first Lasik was done back when the procedure was considered "experimental". Then later I had it done again on the same eye. Before I laid down on the table, they were testing the laser on something like a block of wood with copper mesh. Sparks were flying, IIRC.

Having studied the Therac 25, I asked them if they ever had to reboot the machine. "All the time" they said. Yikes.

about 4 months ago

Texas Drivers Stopped At Roadblock, Asked For Saliva, Blood

Coppit Re:Booze Bus (783 comments)

I got curious about this, and found a handy chart on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_traffic-related_death_rate

According to the fatality data, the US is worse than Australia, Germany, France. But it's also worse than Italy, which when I was there seemed pretty bad in terms of the things you mentioned. But in my experience it all pales to India, which, sure enough is much worse than all of those countries. :)

1 year,5 days

Desert Farming Experiment Yields Good Initial Results

Coppit Re:I've been toying with Solar desal for awhile. (178 comments)

I had some kids in a class I was teaching invent an umbrella that used a closed system of two connected canisters, one on each end. The liquid inside (I forget which) was chosen so that when heated it became *more* dense, causing the sun-ward side to be heavier, turning the umbrella toward the sun. It seems that sort of passive system is possible, if you wanted to go down the invention road. :)

1 year,13 days

Where Does America's Fear Come From?

Coppit Puritans (926 comments)

From what I can tell, nakedness drives American fear.

1 year,15 days

Why Project Flare Might Just End the Console War

Coppit Re:Obvious: latency (166 comments)

Full disclosure: I work for NVIDIA on cloud gaming.

I was as skeptical as you about the latency. In this interview. Phil Eisler talks about 200ms of XBox + TV latency that people live with every day. (See page 2) If that's our target, then that's pretty doable, since with strategically located data centers you can get the network latency down to 20-30 ms.

In the work we're doing, we're actually focusing more on hitching in the game than latency, since the latency isn't as big a deal if you're say in the Bay Area where one of our test clouds is. Heck, I played Trine2 from the east coast and it was very playable. I wouldn't play BF4 across the country, of course. :)

There are plenty of other risks with the idea, but I wouldn't put latency at the top of the list.

1 year,15 days

Scientists Say Climate Change Is Damaging Iowa Agriculture

Coppit Re:Hold On For Just One Minute Bubba... (444 comments)

I smell a conspiracy to pollute our precious bodily fluids. Or communists. Or something.

Hugh Pickens is Slim Pickens' son.

about a year ago

GNU Make 4.0 Released

Coppit First they took away SQL... (179 comments)

SQL is being replaced with NoSQL DBs + imperative code. Want a join? Code up a couple of loops.

How long before makefiles get replaced with something imperative? Is there anything else widely used that's declarative?

about a year ago

Valve Announces Linux-Based SteamOS

Coppit Re:poetry (510 comments)

Come to think of it, if I remember correctly, "iterate in the living room" is something my wife and I used to do before our daughter was born.

And now you're lucky if you "iterate" in the bedroom, with the lights off, on your birthday.

about a year ago

Why PBS Won't Do Android

Coppit Re:The perfect is the enemy of the good. (331 comments)

So what's your answer? They shouldn't have any app at all? If they added an Android kickstarter campaign to their next funding drive, would *you* contribute?

about a year ago

US Academy President Caught Embellishing Resume, Will Resign

Coppit Re:Internal politicing (124 comments)

Interesting idea, but it sounds a lot like affirmative action, with the same problems.

about a year ago

Mount Everest Gets 4G Connectivity

Coppit It's for... (125 comments)

Frostbite porn?

about a year ago

Flaws In ZRTPCPP Library, Used In Secure Phone Apps

Coppit Great (42 comments)

First he shoots a poor kid during his neighborhood watch, then writes a library with security vulnerabilities? Sheesh.

about a year ago

Yahoo Puts AltaVista To Death

Coppit Ah the memories (176 comments)

I remember back in the day AltaVista was the only search engine which allowed you to use + and - to fine-tune the results. Before Google's pagerank that was the best you could hope for.

about a year ago

EPA Makes a Rad Decision

Coppit Re:How do you know that? (167 comments)

And here's what matters to you: that radiation you expose yourself to by being made of carbon has no measurable affect on your lifespan, or anyone else's.

We'd all live to be 200 years old if not for that nefarious C-14!

about a year and a half ago

NIMH Distances Itself From DSM Categories, Shifts Funding To New Approaches

Coppit NIMH (185 comments)

I hear the problem with the research is that the rats gain intelligence and escape the laboratory at NIMH. It's a secret, so you may not have heard about it.

about a year and a half ago


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