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Myst Was Supposed To Change the Face of Gaming. What Is Its Legacy?

Coren22 Re:The graphics were simply brilliant (374 comments)

I remember running Myst on a Pentium, there was one scene with animated water where the computer simply choked, never got past it...

It was amazing graphics for the time, and now you can get better graphics even rendering them on the fly.

about a year ago

Korean 'Armadillo' Electric Car Folds Up, Parks, Controlled By Your Smartphone

Coren22 Re:How safe is that car? (124 comments)

Take up half the end cap parking spot in a parking garage. I

1 year,27 days

Korean 'Armadillo' Electric Car Folds Up, Parks, Controlled By Your Smartphone

Coren22 Re:How safe is that car? (124 comments)

The problem with the SMART is, that even with it being that small, the MPG is still only OK. To compare:

SMART: 34/38 $12.4k
Corolla: 27/34 $16k
Civic: 28/39 $18k

So, you pay less for a micro car that gets good city MPG, but just OK highway, and has no space. I guess I would have to ask myself if the price difference is worth it. I am sure the Corolla and Civic have many features that the SMART lacks as well...such as crumple zones.

1 year,27 days

Aging Is a Disease; Treat It Like One

Coren22 Re:Ah excuse me?! (625 comments)

There can be only one that eventually dies...when there is one the natural aging takes effect...I would rather find a immortal woman I could live with and keep on going :)

about a year ago

New Company Set To Resurrect the Aptera

Coren22 Re:Dangerous impractical toys for rich assholes... (98 comments)

I don't consider myself wealthy by any means, but I buy new. As long as you intend to own it for a while, it is a good thing. My truck comes with a pretty long warranty, though I have not had anything break on a car in like 10 years. The worst repair is the tires, and those just wear out over time. The battery also tends to go in about 3 years. Maybe I am wasteful, but I bought the truck for Boy Scouts, and it has been invaluable for storage space and for towing the troop trailer, a used truck just wouldn't tow as well as the longer it is driven, the less towing capacity as the cylinders wear in.

I have tried towing with a 10 year old truck, and it wasn't anywhere near the same, backing the trailer in, the truck had to actually work to move everything. My truck towing the same trailer can practically idle pushing the trailer. I also tend to only lose 2 mpg to towing, where an older truck would lose much more just in age. I can deal with my 15.4 mpg normal and 14 mpg towing.

about a year ago

Facebook Suffers Actual Cloud In Oregon Datacenter

Coren22 Re:Obligitory (83 comments)

Some insurance company will pay for them I am sure...and some AC tech might lose his job...

about a year ago

Beer Fridge Caught Interfering With Cellular Network

Coren22 Re:Respect Your Elders, Telstra! (231 comments)

The company should have bought him a new fridge, but unfortunately that isn't how the world works.

about a year ago

OK City Data Center Built To Withstand Winds Up To 310 MPH, Says Contractor

Coren22 Re:Flying Cars (139 comments)

We're talking about OK is a southern state in the USA, it is hot on average.

about a year ago

Big Asteroid (With Its Own Moon) To Have Closest Approach With Earth Today

Coren22 Re:Intellible units... (87 comments)

I was expecting to find that the item orbiting the asteroid would be tree shaped perhaps. That would be a great find :)

I want my Archon :)

about a year ago

India's ICBM Will Carry Multiple Nuclear Warheads

Coren22 Re:So why can't Iran have Nukes? (351 comments)

Wow, you are funny.

Cuban Missile Crisis: Nuclear missiles being brought close to the US shore in the power of a third world government that hated the US.
Vietnam: The US backed a government in a civil war, China and the Soviet Union backed the other government.

If you consider that wackjob, than every country in the world is just as guilty, each country backs countries they are allied with.

about a year ago

Mayan Pyramid In Belize Leveled By Construction Crew

Coren22 Re:I've been to Belize (276 comments)

The main difference is in the industries they support. Democrats love the media industries, Republicans support most industries, but energy especially.

about a year ago

Astronauts Fix Phantom Space Station Ammonia Leak

Coren22 Re:Chris Cassidy is a fucking hero (54 comments)

I have more respect for him as a SEAL than the two Bronze Stars, those aren't all that hard to earn after all.

Cassidy is an honor graduate of Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training (BUD/S) Class 192. He was awarded the Bronze Star with "V" device and the Presidential Unit Citation for leading a 9-day operation at the Zhawar Kili cave complex – a national priority objective directly on the Afghan/Pakistan border during Operation Enduring Freedom. Cassidy was a guest speaker at the USNA Combat Leadership Seminar (2003 & 2004). He was awarded a second Bronze Star for combat leadership service in 2004 during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.[1]
Chris Cassidy is also the 500th person in space. He achieved this by being the designated crew member by the rest of his crew mates, during the STS-127 mission.[7] He is also the second SEAL to fly in space following William Shepherd, a veteran of four prior missions.

I suppose it depends on what that service was, but still, a pretty exemplary person.

about a year ago

Interview: John McAfee Answers Your Questions

Coren22 Re:Interesting (239 comments)

Well it depends on what continent you feel Central America fits under. It could go either way, but generally I would agree with you as most maps round out that corner of SA and attach Central to NA.

about a year ago

The Days of Cheap, Subsidized Phones May Be Numbered

Coren22 Re: an interesting perspective... (329 comments)

How many designer purses were sold in the same time period? Buying iPhones is about the look more than the actual purpose. I personally don't get it, I prefer function over form, but people pay enormous amounts of money for fashion.

about a year ago

The Days of Cheap, Subsidized Phones May Be Numbered

Coren22 Re:Different cities' maps (329 comments)

I don't have individual city maps, but I have found that the visitor centers off the major highways tend to have maps for free, I have almost the entire east coast that I keep in my truck's glove box just in case. I can't say I have used one in years however...the last time I used one was when I took an exit in CT that was supposed to be in Mass and needed to figure out where I went wrong. I however always use my smartphone now, set the navigation before starting and follow it the whole way, it even updates for traffic.

about a year ago

Hanford Nuclear Waste Vitrification Plant "Too Dangerous"

Coren22 Re:Greed (292 comments)

There was, but as Japan runs on both 50 cycles and 60 cycles power, the generator was the wrong type. As the entire area was damaged, they were unable to source the correct type of generator.

about a year ago


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WBC Strikes again

Coren22 Coren22 writes  |  more than 3 years ago
It looks like the Westboro Baptist Church is up to their usual antics. If they hate America so much, and think 9/11 was good, maybe they should go live somewhere else. Perhaps they could live in Antartica where they can't hurt anyone.

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