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An Interview with a Cheater

CottonEyedJoe Re:Twink (371 comments)

As someone who pvps in the "twink" brackets and has some high lvl enchants I personally think that blizzard could fix the problem simply by capping enchants. No enchants above 150 skill on items below lvl 20 req and no enchants above lvl 225 on items below lvl 30 req. That would solve the "Twink" problem. No +100 chest, no crusader, no +15 agi no fiery. the difference between a shadowfang and a cruel barb is not that great, its the +15 agi, crusader, fiery, lifestealing etc that make "twinks" so much more powerful.

As for skill, most people would call my 10-19 a "twink" (many blues +100 HP chest, +7 sta bracers n boots) that toon is revered and i have other exalted toons. I pvp alot, I know what I'm doing and I know how to win. As a horde, we're outgreared and outleveled in probably 60% of games, but for some reason I seem to win about 80% of the time. Before I get accused of being the 1000g rogue, I'm the 50g priest, healing the crap out of the untwinked war kicking your butt.

As the guy above said... if you guys think facing 10-19 twinks is bad, wait till you get to 60 in blues n greens and face off against guys n gals in tier 2.

more than 8 years ago


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More Beer

CottonEyedJoe CottonEyedJoe writes  |  more than 9 years ago

The Upland Saison in the growler turned out to be their Octoberfest. I recall asking my waittress for a growler of "this" pointing to my glass and I guess she had forgotten what I'd ordered. The Octoberfest was good but I already had a sixpack of it in the beer fridge.

This past weekend I swung by the liquor store on a trip to the big city. I picked up the last 3 pack of Urthel Tripel, a Rogue Seahorse APA and a 750 crock of Rogue Mori Moto Impy Pils. The Seahorse is a pretty tasty APA and the Urthel is delicious if just a bit sweet (for a tripel) for my tastes. Saving the crock for a special occasion.


Beer Blog

CottonEyedJoe CottonEyedJoe writes  |  more than 9 years ago

Up tonight is Upland Brewery's Saison which has been camping out in my fridge in a growler I picked up last saturday. I've been saving it for a night my wife and I could enjoy it together cause I dont think I can knock the whole thing out myself. This post is a test to see what the hell the journal thing is all about.

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