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Why Apple Should Open-Source Swift -- But Won't

CountBrass Your post is a non-sequitur. (182 comments)

That Objective-C "came as a package" does not mean Apple "didn't adopt Objective-C".

Nor does your statement that "Objective-C is an attempt to graft SmallTalk style... blah blah blah"

5 days ago

Why Apple Should Open-Source Swift -- But Won't

CountBrass Article shows fundamental lack of understanding (182 comments)


And I think Swift is rather disappointing.

Given the opportunity to make a clean sweep and introduce a modern language for OSX and iOS Apple decided to make one that is so fatally flawed in so many ways.

Type-casting -oh my lord type casting- is so astoundingly bad in Swift it really beggars belief that in the 21st century anyone could design something that bad!

5 days ago

Link Between Salt and High Blood Pressure 'Overstated'

CountBrass Re:CDC guilty of correlation == causation (291 comments)

A few thousand years is no time at all in evolutionary terms.

So I assume you're arguing that bread is something we haven't yet evolved to safely digest?

I agree: I'd go as far as to say that gluten intolerance and diabetes could be considered part of the evolutionary process, weeding out those of us who lack the genes to safely digest high carb, cereal based, diets.

about a week ago

Stallman Does Slides -- and Brevity -- For TEDx

CountBrass Re:You're an idiot. (326 comments)

It is TEDx, shit for brains.

Try watching the video before you share your inane ramblings that would embarrass an amoeba: it's right on the splash screen at the start and the end.

Or perhaps you were too busy drooling to notice.

about two weeks ago

Stallman Does Slides -- and Brevity -- For TEDx

CountBrass Re:Practical problems with a hard line stance (326 comments)

Have you been asleep for the last 2 years?

Cell 'phones can be, and are, used to track your location all the time they are on whether making a call or not. And not just by the NSA et al but by your 'phone company.

about two weeks ago

Stallman Does Slides -- and Brevity -- For TEDx

CountBrass Re:Where to draw the line (326 comments)

What? Your post started off "okay but mistaken" and then just descended into self-conscious gibberish.

Stallman's principles and objectives have been consistent. Just because you don't agree with them is irrelevant, even if you try to discredit them attaching derogatory labels to them: if anything you're post was a prime example of being obtuse and you've clearly gone wrong.

about two weeks ago

Stallman Does Slides -- and Brevity -- For TEDx

CountBrass Re:Where to draw the line (326 comments)

You're wrong.

Stallman's objectives have been the same since he established the FSF and he enumerates them as his 4 Freedoms.

The problem is that people, including you, fail to pick up that Free software is primarily about morality and ethics, not coding or technology.

about two weeks ago

Stallman Does Slides -- and Brevity -- For TEDx

CountBrass Re:Where to draw the line (326 comments)

Stallman has always been very clear on these points.

The confusion rests solely in your head: *your* term "free open-source" is at the heart of it.

Watch his TEDx video, you know the thing your commenting on, and he explains it all very clearly.

about two weeks ago

Stallman Does Slides -- and Brevity -- For TEDx

CountBrass You're an idiot. (326 comments)

You're an idiot.

"...and wants all software to be open-source."

No, he absolutely does not want all software to be "open-source".

He espouses 4 freedoms which can only be achieved through "FREE/Libre software".

"Open-source" has different aims and he speaks against them.

The rest of your post is equally ill informed and utterly misses his points, which demonstrated either you didn't even bother watching the TEDx video before vomiting out your rather moronic post or you were incapable of understanding.

Free software is literally nothing to do with whether "it's harder to write and debug applications".

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Why Are Tech Job Requirements So Specific?

CountBrass Re: To hire specific people (465 comments)

I had that situation face-to-face.

Black guy whose only qualification was a piece of paper from Sun saying he could answer questions about Java. (Shouldn't have even been called for interview really: the company was desperate to diversify away from just VB development).

I simply could not understand a single word he said! I had to stop the interview after 10 minutes.

about 10 months ago

Disabled Woman Denied Entrance To US Due To Private Medical Records

CountBrass Re:very understandable (784 comments)

How is a posting that missed the humour completely 'insightful'?

about 10 months ago

Larry Ellison Believes Apple Is Doomed

CountBrass Re:He's right - Android is eating iOS's lunch (692 comments)

"How is their only option"?!?!

*You* said it was and I quote from your post just a few inches up:

"It's the only decent, free and customizable mobile OS with a decent app library."

Short term memory loss?

about a year ago

MI5 Hiring Industrial Espionage IT Support Staff

CountBrass Submission -1: Idiot Poster and Editor (38 comments)

Yet another argument for being able to moderate the posts themselves: and the editors who post them.

about a year ago

Kernel Dev Tells Linus Torvalds To Stop Using Abusive Language

CountBrass Re:Torvalds being foul-mouthed again? News at 11. (1501 comments)

Torvalds has always been a foul mouthed whiner and politely asking him to behave like a decent human being won't change him.

There, fixed that for you.

Torvalds has always been a self-important arsehole -and I mean that in a bad way- and he's too socially inept to even realise what a spoilt little brat he is.

about a year ago

Security Researchers Submit Brief For Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer

CountBrass Re:LOL (161 comments)

Sorry but your wrong.

For some, but by no means all, laws intent to break it is an important factor.

about a year ago

The Father of Civilization: Profile of Sid Meier

CountBrass Re:I memorized the algorith! (208 comments)

The fact you don't understand the difference says even more about you than calling someone 'douchey'.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: What To Do When Another Dev Steals Your Work and Adds Their Name?

CountBrass Re:Contact your former client. (480 comments)

Actually most copyright legislation includes the moral right to be identified as the author of your work (and to not be identified as the author of something you didn't produce).

This applies to books, but software is explicitly excluded- so your book analogy is invalid.

about a year ago


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