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Why Hollywood's Best Robot Stories Are About Slavery

Cow007 Again? (150 comments)

Slavery still happens! White PPL...

about 4 months ago

Interview: Ask Alan Adler About Flying Toys and the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Cow007 Re:Pre-Roasted Coffee (76 comments)

Means that changes are occurring. The roasting process creates unstable compounds that change over time. The chemistry of coffee is extremely complex, I don't pretend to understand it all...

about 9 months ago

Interview: Ask Alan Adler About Flying Toys and the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Cow007 Re:Pre-Roasted Coffee (76 comments)

Invalid argument. The coffee is chemically active so the flavor CHANGES after a short amount of time. If you have not had coffee just roasted and tried it over a period of days you would not know the difference. The easiest way to describe is that it gets mellower and less sweet. As to weather it really makes a difference that is subjective. If trying to brew the PERFECT cup of coffee however then it definitely makes a difference. Coffee being discovered in Ethiopia tends to give enormous credibility to the practices and methodology of Ethiopians regarding coffee. The initial period of 12-24 hours for degassing, standard practice among europeans is ignored since all the coffee is used right away. This mostly applies to bubbles that foam up during brewing but coffee that has not degassed has a wilder flavor also. In practice at home I usually use it within 2-4 days but after 5-7 days it is not the same. as before of directly after the 12-24 hour period; first getting mellower and then towards bitter.

about 9 months ago

Interview: Ask Alan Adler About Flying Toys and the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Cow007 Pre-Roasted Coffee (76 comments)

What are your thoughts regarding pre roasted coffee versus roasting at home? (I personally roast at home with a popcorn popper and find that it produces better results at a lower price. The founding belief being that coffee being a chemically active substance after it is roasted makes it theoretically impossible to store roasted coffee and retain the original flavor since it can't be stored at absolute zero.)

about 9 months ago

Mobile Devices Banned From UK Cabinet Meetings Over Surveillance Fears

Cow007 Lead? (116 comments)

Maybe it was an illustrative device but you would not need to use lead. The standard practice is to use a Faraday bag or case which could be made of lots of different materials including lead as long as it is electrically connected to the closure. Lead is used for radiation shielding but for electro magnetic shielding a Faraday bag or cage is used...

about a year ago

Arizona Commissioner Probes Utility's Secret Funding of Anti-Solar Campaign

Cow007 Net Metering (207 comments)

My comment is regarding net metering in general not specifically as it applies to solar. This is a bigger issue; it's not just with solar that net metering comes into play. I know someone who has a factory and a hydroelectric plant. He sells the energy to the electric company and buys it back at a very small markup. "If you make extra power the electric company is bound by law to buy it." I see no reason to change this; its simply common sense and it applies to more than just solar. These rules have been around for longer than solar was a thing for private citizens and everyone wins. Use of smart meters is especially helpful in these scenarios since the grid is aware when extra power is being generated as well as when it's needed.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Is iOS 7 Slow?

Cow007 Re:Yep (488 comments)

Camera much more responsive on my iPhone 4; no picture scaling and iris animation makes less delay between taking pictures and ability to take picture quickly after camera is started. I like it.

about a year ago

Space Food From Space Farms

Cow007 SALAD! (168 comments)

Eating salad in space; sounds like the next viral video sensation... Could get pretty messy!

1 year,10 days

Carbyne: a Form of Carbon Even Stronger Than Graphene

Cow007 Methylene (82 comments)

Methylene! If they can get their hands on it that is I guess they will probably be stuck a 30 gallon drum or stopping a train, killing anyone who happens by Sorry I just couldn't resist #breakingbad

about a year ago

Hackers Spawn Web Supercomputer On Way To Chess World Record

Cow007 Re:Yay (130 comments)

A fail with a mobile device- the extra power requirements eating up the battery.

about a year ago

Hackers Spawn Web Supercomputer On Way To Chess World Record

Cow007 Re:Cheap (130 comments)

Better than looking at ads.

You're on to something, it seems like the usefulness and positive benefits to customers, science etc. Is being all but ignored.

about a year ago

Australian Intelligence HQ Blueprints Hacked

Cow007 Re:But they found out about it (180 comments)

The other thing that happens when an espionage operation is discovered is it gives the target of the operation information about the adversary's intelligence gathering capabilities and methodology, and leads to international backlash. So all to often it ends up a pyrrhic victory.

about a year ago

Australian Intelligence HQ Blueprints Hacked

Cow007 But they found out about it (180 comments)

The makings for a successful attack of this nature include the intrusion not being detected. If they know that the plans were stolen then measures can be taken to mitigate the situation. The most successful cyber espionage or any other kind of espionage operation is a clandestine one; if everyone knows that you know what they know there is significantly less advantage there.

about a year ago

Closing the Gap To Improve the Capacity of Existing Fiber Optic Networks

Cow007 Yeah (53 comments)

That's what she said

about a year and a half ago

Google Search Down @ 2:39 Pacific

Cow007 Crap (1 comments)

Looks like I am totally a fool. When I connected w/o Squid it was fine. Dunno why it wasn't displayed as a Squid error in my browser with the small picture of a squid, that is what led me to believe it was real. MY BAD! -Cow

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft Seeks Do-Let-The-Bed-Bugs-Bite Patent

Cow007 Sounds dangerous. (176 comments)

This is not the type of thing to be fooling with at this stage in technology. Until we understand things better it wont be safe to do this. Nature has a way of surviving in unusual and surprising ways. Besides Microsoft, seriously even if you arent a mac user you would not put something in your body from this company with a history of poor quality and security problems in its software not to mention an emphasis on making money rather than making a quality product that makes money because it is good they make a mediocre one and people use it because they don't know any better or think they have no choice. Frankly even if Apple were to do this type of thing (which they wont) i would not mess with it anyway because they are a computer and software company. IBM Nanomachines? There is something dangerous from a company that actually specializes in such things is on the cutting edge of development and knows what the hell they are doing.

more than 3 years ago

U.S. Government Intervenes in EFF vs. AT&T

Cow007 High Crimes and Misdemeanors (463 comments)

Is't illegal wiretapping and collecting data in violation of the law a felony? If it could be proven that bush was directly responisble for the recent illegal survailance then he could be impeached. I think that there is no way that the techniques the president/NSA are using are not in direct violation of constitutional, statutory, and precidential law. If only somebody would hold the president legally accountable for his actions...

more than 8 years ago



The Debt Crisis From the Founders' Perspective

Cow007 Cow007 writes  |  about a year ago

Cow007 (735705) writes ""The U.S. Debt Crisis from the Founders Perspective is republished with permission of Stratfor."
A worthwhile read for a little perspective.
"...I think the founders would have questioned the prudence of our current debt. They would ask if it were necessary to incur, and how and whether it would be paid back. They would also question whether economic growth driven by debt actually strengthens the nation. In any case, I think there is little doubt they would be appalled by our debt levels, not necessarily because of what it might do to the economy, but because of what it does to the national character. However, because they were moderate men they would not demand an immediate solution. Nor would they ask for a solution that undermines national power.

As for federally mandated health care, I think they would be wary of entrusting such an important service to an entity they feared viscerally. But they wouldn't have been fanatical in their resistance to it. As much as federally mandated health care would frighten them, I believe fanaticism would have frightened them even more.

"The U.S. Debt Crisis from the Founders Perspective is republished with permission of Stratfor.""

Do the NSA and others really NEED to do what they have been doing?

Cow007 Cow007 writes  |  about a year ago

Cow007 (735705) writes "Here's the question nobody seems to be talking about in earnest: do they really NEED to do this. All of the powers been developed for gathering information are they able to accomplish their stated goal without it. isn't it really a matter of analyzing intelligence they have that is the issue? I tend to lean in some ways towards a yes answer for that question. However intelligence analysis is not something to be under estimated. When looking back over the events of 9/11 it became clear that the government had the information necessary to be able to prevent the attack or know about it in advance.

Does the cost-benefit ratio of this surveillance to infringement on freedom truly pan out when were talking about terrorism? The founding fathers would probably say no, however in situations where there's a possibility of terrorists acquiring acquiring CBRN weapons this is a difficult question.

In calculating this cost-benefit ratio one would have to take into account the possibility of this actually happening. However the most concerning situation would one where terrorists used biological weapons. Such attacks would be much more cost-effective than building a crude nuclear device or using chemical weapons since it's fissile materials are hard to come by and prohibitively expensive as are radiological materials suitable for building a dirty bomb. It is also notable that chemical weapons are difficult to disperse effectively and require a larger amount of material. By far the smallest amount material needed for an attack would be biological in nature.

If someone were to distribute a lethal, transmittable and weaponized virus we would be talking about fucking Moonraker level damage to human life.

I don't know if you remember but it was talked about in the media that the NSA was going to do "a mop up operation" after 9/11. The goal of this procedure was to go back through their databases and whatever stored information they had in the files to extract information such as phone calls regarding this event. They were in fact able to extract phone calls probably talking about the operation on 9/11. For example a phone call using code words such as the wedding is a go etc. I developed the opinion that it would have been possible for the intelligence community, properly coordinated could have analyzed the intelligence they already and been able to prevent the attacks or at least have some information about them being a possibility.

A big problem with having more intelligence means that you have more intelligence to sort through. This is reflected by the NSA's efforts to be able to analyze large amounts of information. Nevertheless this is a trade-off.

What do you think? Did the NSA and other government agencies really need all the tools that they been developing to be a will to adequately execute their mission?

In regards to encryption it is definitely a system of very low cost method to be a will to make it very difficult for others to be able to decipher information. Should the NSA undermine encryption standards be provided with keys for them or two at the old-fashioned way- hard way?

I have been thinking for a long time that for the NSA to properly do their job they would have to be able to decrypt communications. So much so in fact that the NSA would seem like a nearly irrelevant body without this capability. I think that they must be using quantum computers or heavily developing them to be able to do this. Evidence of seems to suggest that they have not fully achieved this capability as of yet as evidenced by the continued need to undermine encryption standards or circumvent them.

The problem with using quantum computers to pick up messages within data that is theoretically impossible to distinguish from random data and streams of random data due to encryption circuits that are continuously loaded.

I joke that if one is using quantum computers to find messages in data that may contain random data or actual encryption then decrypt they will always find exactly the messages they are looking for :P"

Wireless USB

Cow007 Cow007 writes  |  1 year,10 days

Cow007 (735705) writes "With all the talk of lack of infrastructure for wireless charging a standards based solution is indicated. Perhaps Wireless USB; works with the same protocol layer and gives the device within range a USB connection and power. Older devices having adapters. Useable for devices that would use USB but not for cars, etc. It seems a perfect idea for phones, imput devices and all thoes other USB powered/ connected devices. Read IEEE..."
Link to Original Source




Cow007 Cow007 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

There has been a few stories in the media lately linking biodesel production to the hike in grocery food prices and a grim prediction of a worldwide food shortage as greater amounts of corn and other agricultural products are used to produce the fuel. The best alternative is is to use hemp to produce it. By some estimates 1 acre of hemp which grows really fast will produce about 300 gallons of biodesel from hemp oil. Seems that hemp is the most productive biomass energy source in existence and developing this resource is a matter of national security, lets get talking about this and make it happen. Everyone will benefit.


Power over ethernet wifi antennas.

Cow007 Cow007 writes  |  more than 8 years ago When I used to stay in hotel rooms in Portland I ended up doing some pretty creative things in order to maintain an internet conection. I am a smoker you see and the WIFI signal on the higher up smoking floor was no good. So i ended up suspending 15 stories above the ground: 1 802.11b to Ethernet adaptor with power cord, 1 Airport express wireless base station with power cord and 1 6 inch ethernet patch cable. This arrangment offered the benifit of a wifi antenna that could bounce the signal to where it was needed as well as provide firewall and lan. The connection was secured with WPA Personal. This arrangement worked well in many situations and I ended up taping the rig together for quick deployment and soon started using it in coffee shops to have a secure lan layerd under the existing one. This offered the benifit of being able to wirelessly communicate with other clients without putting a load on the main network as well as maintain a high level of security by layering additional protocols. The point of this is that I would like to put the idea out there to have a small 802.11 to rj45 adaptor that is basicially an antenna on one end and an ethernet plug on the other. The device would draw its power from the ethernet jack thus eliminating any unneccicary cables. There may already be a product like this and if so let me know. But if not this seems like a really good idea, feel free to use it. -Cow

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