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I Count In

CptnHarlock What about other languages? (599 comments)

I'm a Latino (from Chile), lived in a slavic country (Bulgaria) untill I was 13 and there I learned to count. Today I live in a country with a germanic language (Sweden) but still count through items, money, whatever in Bulgarian although I hardly use that language - maybe twice a year... *head explodes*

more than 5 years ago


top now only with Facbook and own login

CptnHarlock CptnHarlock writes  |  more than 2 years ago

CptnHarlock writes "Today the registered users of received an email from them informing them that the site has ended support for Yahoo, Twitter, Google, or LinkedIn as a way to sign into their site. Facebook is the sole external way to log in left. A local login and password were generated and sent by email and the old (non-facebook) logins deactivated. Score another one for in the login consolidation wars."
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France planing tax for Google, Yahoo and Facebook

CptnHarlock CptnHarlock writes  |  more than 4 years ago

CptnHarlock (136449) writes "The at times luddite French government is in the early stages of preparing a tax on ad revenues for big online firms according to the BBC. The incomes will be used to "fund legal alternatives for buying books, films and music on the internet". Disregarding that the wording implies that big online firms are involved in ilegal activities Google replies that this will "slow down innovation" and that it's better "to find new business models that help consumers find great content and rewards artists and publishers for their work""
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Googles free sat-nav

CptnHarlock CptnHarlock writes  |  about 5 years ago

CptnHarlock (136449) writes "CNBC and BBC report that as Google steps into yet another market shares in conventional GPS devices fell hard today after the search giant unveiled its free Google Maps Navigation sat-nav application for mobile devices on wednsday. Tom-tom fell 13% and Garmin 18%. When the Motorola Droid arrives and other "Swiss Army knife" smartphones follow — will conventional standalone GPS devices go away? Will they go without a fight or will they try to sue their way back into our hearts (or wallets)?"

Snakes on a Plane - IRL version

CptnHarlock CptnHarlock writes  |  more than 5 years ago

CptnHarlock writes "Among others TimesOnline, the Telegraph and the BBC are running a bizarre story which tells us that "An Australian airliner was grounded after four baby pythons escaped from their container in the aircraft's hold." Unfortunately Samuel L. Jackson was not on the flight from Alice Springs to Melbourne and the plane had to be landed before action could be taken on the ground to try and remove the MF snakes from the MF plane."
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Gmail and GoogleDocs are down

CptnHarlock CptnHarlock writes  |  more than 5 years ago

CptnHarlock (136449) writes "As notet on BBC and by many geeks and non-geeks worldwide Gmail and Google Docs have been having problems for about an hour now. The mail is accessible through IMAP clients and the chat is accessible through external applications. Twitter is ablaze and here's the BBC coverage."


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