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Monsanto's 'Terminator' Seeds Set To Make a Comeback

CrackP0t Tinfoil hat (284 comments)

Ok, I admit this qualifies as a little bit paranoid. Why do I want to have, in the wild, the ability of a species to self-terminate: a purposeful genetic dead end. Our understanding of the genome is so complete and its interactions with other species that we have zero risk of this showing up elsewhere and rendering the entire ecosystem null and void? Call me paranoid, but I can't see how the benefits out weight the risks.

about 2 years ago

Microsoft Patents Whacking Your Phone To Silence It

CrackP0t Patent the Obvious (214 comments)

It is a good thing we have a provision in our patent law to not allow for the patenting of the obvious. Who would ever have thought of hitting something to make it quiet!!! DOH!

more than 2 years ago

Good Disk Library Solutions?

CrackP0t Mymovies (371 comments)

http://mymovies.dk/ installed on a windows home server serving up entire collection to any windows media center client http://slysoft.com/ AnyDVD HD for aiding the ripping You can skip the windows home server and put it on any old machine, but if you are going to use windows at home, it is the best backup/restore/server solution

more than 3 years ago


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