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Yahoo Censors Tumblr Porn

CrackedButter Re:Not really... (216 comments)

Porn doesn't matter? Heathen!

1 year,3 days

With Sales Down, Whale Meat Flogged As Source of Strength

CrackedButter Re: May Bel-Shamharoth eat their souls (311 comments)

John Belushi said the Germans bombed Pearl Harbour. I think you better get your facts straight.

about a year ago

Wirelessly Charged Buses Being Tested Next Year

CrackedButter Re:Americans would like public transit more (245 comments)

You have to walk an hour to catch a bus? That's fucked up. Looks like you need more bus routes. I can't say it's ever taken me more than 10 minutes to walk to my bus stop, that's in Europe and in Asia.

about a year and a half ago

French Police Unsure Which Twin To Charge In Sexual Assaults

CrackedButter Re:!(Prisoner's Dilemma) (626 comments)

Can you prove you need a second 'o' with your use of the word 'prove'.

about a year and a half ago

64GB MS Surface Pro Only Has 23GB of Free Space

CrackedButter Re: OK. Next? (588 comments)

A surgical mask won't do anything. I should know I live in Hong Kong. A surgical mask prevents the transfer of bacteria, not pollutants. A person would need a proper mask with a filtration system inside. Luckily I have one. :-)

about a year and a half ago

Housewives On Trial In China For Smuggling In iPhones

CrackedButter Re:Another Fluff Peice (150 comments)

A friend of mine in HK just bought a Samsung, one of those ones that are bigger than any asian's tiny hands, I asked her why she didn't buy the iPhone. Too expensive she said.

about a year and a half ago

Housewives On Trial In China For Smuggling In iPhones

CrackedButter Re:Another Fluff Peice (150 comments)

But yet, where I live, in Hong Kong, iphone accessories are on display at what seems a 21:1 ratio. Hell I live off temple street and there are small shops that try to look like mini Apple stores.

about a year and a half ago

Mac OS X Mountain Lion Gets Three Million Downloads In 4 Days

CrackedButter Re:Actual title should be (397 comments)

Dude, you just have to accept that this isn't going to happen. Just buy a Mac and get on with life. People have had this issue since licensing an OS was worth doing.

about 2 years ago

Why Is Wikipedia So Ugly?

CrackedButter Convoluted anyone? (370 comments)

I consider myself a geek, but I want to edit and contribute when the tools are at least as easy as a wordpress blog. I tried to amend something once and it was a waste of my time. It's not intuitive at all.

about 2 years ago

Why Ultra-Efficient 4,000 mph Vacuum-Tube Trains Aren't Being Built

CrackedButter Re:Simple (625 comments)

You're coming from a point of view that doesn't suggest the airlines are subsidised as well.

about 2 years ago

OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) Won't Support Some 64-bit Macs With Older GPUs

CrackedButter Re:Just buy new hardware! (NOT) (417 comments)

My university lecturer is still rocking a Titanium Powerbook. It's at most 12 years old.

'you're' btw motherfucker.

about 2 years ago

Space Worms Live Long and Prosper

CrackedButter Re:Interesting (78 comments)

Now my mind wanders to flying fish.

about 2 years ago

Space Worms Live Long and Prosper

CrackedButter Re:Interesting (78 comments)

What about hummingbirds, they are different somewhat right since they fly backwards and shit.

about 2 years ago

Does Grammar Matter Anymore?

CrackedButter Yup! (878 comments)

If Grammar mattered, MS Word wouldn't default to US English on UK installs! The Queen is most displeased!

about 2 years ago

Home Office To Ignore Wikipedia Founder's Petition Against O'Dwyer Extradition

CrackedButter Re:I admit, I was wrong ! (276 comments)

All those things were public services which would have increased the state (which is popular for conservatives to not do anyway), granted he got rid of them, but wasn't that because the state of the government's budget was the priority and they were not popular anyway (plus this was at the beginning of their government)? But this is different as it involves the Americans and that's probably enough since this government has always towed the line with regard to US interests.

Also our justice system didn't have a problem with O'Dwyer. I'm confused.

about 2 years ago

ACTA Rejected By European Parliament

CrackedButter Re:Thanks to the FFII, EDRI, la Quadrature (142 comments)

Yeah well done Britain. God my country sucks.

You know I went to Germany last year (I wasn't in the capital either, I was in Bremen, a small city in the North), I saw people wearing those Guy Fawkes masks meeting up in public peacefully protesting. They actually care. I've never seen it here, we simply worship consumerism.

Even Bulgaria got in on the action, we are at the bottom of the scale for engaging in political issues as important as this.

about 2 years ago


CrackedButter hasn't submitted any stories.



Found this insightful nugget today.

CrackedButter CrackedButter writes  |  more than 8 years ago

"If a lot of dogs are on the beach, the first thing they do is smell each other's ass. The information that's gotten somehow makes pacifists out of all of them. I've thought, 'If only we smelled each other's asses, there wouldn't be any war."

It was said by Dustin Hoffman and it appeals to me by the way of its simplicity (but funny nature) and because it is something so obvious but not something I think about.

Over the weekend I watched the Fritz Lang classic, Metropolis, I've wanted to see it for years but never took the actual time or money to get it. Anyway, a newspaper in the UK offered it for free with every purchase. Bargain I thought.
Personally I cannot believe what was accomplished in this film compared to some of the stuff we have today. The acting by Brigette Helm is really amazing to watch and its a pity she didn't carry her career on any further after 1935. She died in 1996 and after her last film she quit the industry and never spoke about it to anyone ever again. From a historians POV it would of been amazing to gain insight into her life back then and of course from the film itself. She played the famous metallic entity as well as her human form character and others.
Aside from the acting, the exaggerated pace of the movie kinda distracts but its something to do with the old film stock back in the day. Everything looks fast, people run, talk and fight with great speed. Some of the close up shots are amazing and in some parts you just don't believe it was filmed nearly 80 years ago.

How much is $2 million in todays money? It was made in 1927. I'd love to know taking into account inflation.

I also have a new name for my boss at work. Grot. From the film Metropolis, the downside to naming him this is nobody else knows what I'm fucking referring to. Maybe I shouldn't explain it?

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