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Google Plugs Hole That Lets You Remove Any Website

CrackerJack9 Re:Interesting applications possible... (116 comments)

Or were you confused why things with "Google" in their titles are at the top of the list when you search for "Google"?

more than 3 years ago

Winklevoss Twins Finally Give Up Fighting Facebook

CrackerJack9 Re:In other words... (160 comments)

It was Stock and cash, valued at $65 million...not just cash.

more than 3 years ago

Japan Widens Evacuation Zone Around Fukushima

CrackerJack9 Re:Nuke power (483 comments)

Again: your whole argument of counting mining death (workers working in the mine) and comparing them with civilian deaths (people living nearby a plant) makes no sense.

So, you assign value to some human life, and not to others?

You compare 3rd world mines with first world power plants. Why don't you google for the last mine accident in germany and how many died there (and how long that was ago)?

People die in mining accidents in the USA too, a First world country. And you are using Chernobyl, a Second world power plant as your only example.

Why don't you dare that conclusion but proclaim nuclear is "save" when we clearly see: it is not?

Where is it clear that nuclear power is dangerous? It has risk, yes. But they can be contained by proper engineering and staff (TMI). If the USSR built a skyscraper, put 250k people in it and dynamited the bottom of the structure - would you conclude that all skyscapers are unsafe and should be banned? (I'm not suggesting that Chernobyl was intentionally sabotaged, but it was the faults of its engineers and staff that led to the catastrophe.)

more than 3 years ago

Japan Widens Evacuation Zone Around Fukushima

CrackerJack9 Re:Nuke power (483 comments)

Easy to say, but unless you don't want electricity - what alternative do you propose? Until a viable large-scale renewable energy source evolves, it really comes down to choosing the best of the bad options. And before you jump to solar, for example, don't forget to include the waste produced by mining for minerals and producing the solar panels in your analysis.

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft Has No Plans To Patch New Flaw

CrackerJack9 Symantec is on it! (217 comments)

they have definitions for the malware - so I guess Microsoft doesn't have to patch the hole if it can be detected ?!

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Confirms Excel Zero-Day Attack

CrackerJack9 Re:It's part of Microsoft's plan (199 comments)

But why would you think they want you to upgrade, when even the most 'advanced' version is vulnerable?

more than 8 years ago


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CrackerJack9 CrackerJack9 writes  |  more than 9 years ago Okay, so he isn't the first nut job I've heard from on Slashdot, but he certainly takes the cake. I guess I made his friend angry when I noticed a difference in the hexadecimal values of a post and couldn't see what was supposed to originally be a apostrophe. At which point winner number 1 chose ignorance over intelligence and chimed in a few times as a coward (conjecture) about me being a chimpanzee, but clearly I had no right to respond, let alone try to explain my way to those masters of ignorance. Enter winner number 2 and his tirade about my (quite inflated) responses to being jumped on, then trying to explain myself...but I guess it wouldnt' be any fun if there weren't clueless morons like this one to chime in when no one cares what their IQ of 45 has to say...have a nice life :)

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