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Why Are There No Popular Ultima Online-Like MMOs?

Crasty Equillibrium (480 comments)

This whole discussion, topic, and argument remind me of Equillibrium. UO was fantastic because it offered (aside from bugs) a read world experience in a fantasy world. There were very high highs, and very low lows. WoW has eliminated that. You win in BG, you get points, you lose in BG, you get less points. In UO, you had times that you were a champion that defeated the evil players, everyone standing around cheering because you were still alive to do so, AND you had their gear in your bags. Then you got the hell out of there before they massed a larger group and returned. Because otherwise you met with those low times, standing around dead, lamenting that you would never get back any of the things you watched the ravenous PK's pull off of your body.

So yeah, I loved UO. Because I got real emotion from playing it. WoW is so stripped of highs and lows, that it really doesn't matter.. like in Equillibrium. You can't take away the extreme sadness without removing the potential for great joy. And stomping a pk or two that made your life miserable early on was truly rewarding.

more than 4 years ago

Black Screen of Death Not Microsoft's Fault

Crasty It's all just posturing. (583 comments)

Fact of the matter is, OS's should be Malware free. But also, copy protected software shouldn't be crackable. Encoded movies shouldn't be copyable. Married women shouldn't be ****able. Banks shouldn't be robbable.

Anytime somebody wants bad enough to accomplish something, they will. The real thing protecting Apple and Linux... lack of market share. The pros don't target bums for the big heist. If you you are going to put effort into something, you do it for the returns, and writing a devastating linux/mac malware (when linux varieties are far less standardized than MS OS's, and mac has 80%+ less market share) just isn't going to get you the attention/money etc. that tampering with the market share leader will accomplish.

more than 5 years ago

Sony Displays New PSP, Polished Games At E3

Crasty Really real-time? (236 comments)

I hope it's running in real real-time and not just real time like the previous trailer at last year's E3. Because as real as time was at the time, the demo wasn't very real, just based on what they believed would be real.. at the time.

more than 7 years ago


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