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Hurricane Isabel?

Crazy Diamond Re:I in the middle of the fscking Caribbean... (1107 comments)

I would tend to disagree that cyclones cause damage over a larger area than hurricanes. I thought hurricanes are typically many times larger than cyclones. According to the NOAA (the US government's weather experts), for Hurricane Isabel, hurricane force winds extend up to 100 miles from the center and tropical storm force winds extend up to 345 miles.

Since a hurricane spends most of its time in the oceans, it can't cause much damage until it gets close to land masses but when it does, not a pretty sight.

I would think cyclones are similar, starting over the oceans and affecting the coast lines the most. If they hug the coast and don't dissipate in energy like hurricanes often do, then cyclones definitely could cause damage on a much larger area.

I'm far from a hurricane or cyclone expert though... in fact, I'm from California. I prefer my natural disasters shaken, not stirred.

more than 11 years ago


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