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Canadians Organizing a Rally For Net Neutrality

CrazyLegs Re:yay (125 comments)

Ummm.... I live in Southwestern Ontario, I hate Toronto, and I'm still Canadian. I don't watch the newscasts that flow from south of the 49th - nor does anyone I know. I tend to wath CTV for national news and my local station for the - ummm- local stuff. Are people in my environs shaped by geography? Sure they are. And I've lived in or at least visited every province and territory and I can tell you that uniqueness abounds everywhere you go. But I've always felt Canadian no matter where I am in this country or any other. And, yes, I know where Ottawa *is* (been there, too). I'm not sure *you are*, but you've obviously got a chip on your shoulder about Toronto. Welcome to the funnest pasttime in CanadaLand, dude. As for the original post - I'm a little bewildered about the Harper/Bush/Israel comments. Maybe I'm just not paying attention, but I cannot recall Harper making comments about Israel - at least not on a weekly basis. Nor have I ever seen any evidence that he's a Bush lapdog. Methinks Cutman has an agenda.

more than 6 years ago


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