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US Survey Shows Piracy Common and Accepted

Creepy Crawler Re:BUT YOU DON"T SHARE YOUR OWN AND ONLY _________ (528 comments)

Note that the ancient Greeks had a form of copyright(?) on recipes on food made for the public. Once a new food was made, the chef had a 1 year license to make that specific dish before others could copy him/her.

Unfortunately, the source for this is at IU Bloomington's Lilly library. I do not recall the book at this time.

more than 2 years ago

Firefox Too Big To Link On 32-bit Windows

Creepy Crawler Re:Fork it (753 comments)

I like that idea.

Lets call it Flaming Chicken.

bok bok BKOK!

about 3 years ago

Sony Bringing PSN Pass To All First-Party Games

Creepy Crawler Re:So what? (271 comments)

"Microsoft doesn't let you use product codes more than once because they'd lose money if you re-use their product."

That's why many of my cheaper clients use Linux for basic computing needs. And it is also the reason I am fluent in dealing with small end business needs in regards to Windows and Linux.

more than 3 years ago

Samba 3.6 Released With SMB2 Support

Creepy Crawler Re:Context for moderators (88 comments)

Go look up Doki Doki Panic for Famicom.

That's where US SMB2 came from. It was rebranded with "mario", and tougher. You had to beat the game with all characters, not just 1. And the waterfalls were headache-inducing.

more than 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Adventure Game To Start With?

Creepy Crawler Re:wizard101 (480 comments)

My sister, when she was 6 (read 6 YEARS OLD), had Duke Nukem 3d with the Plutonium Pack!

My dad installed it, having played it, thought it was appropriate for her. She liked the LARD pigs piling on the bottom of the screen. I think, after she told me to shut up at the dinner table, I responded "Make Me". Her comment was "Blow it out yer ass".

It was uninstalled after that.

And then she reinstalled it. She still plays it through WINE.

more than 3 years ago

GPL'd Driver and Linux Support For New H.264 Capture Card

Creepy Crawler Re:Software / Firmware (119 comments)

I used to think the same thing, that turning off features is an evil thing.

But now, I realise that is what allows us to get cheaply hacked hardware that's about 5-10% better than what we paid for. The richest subsidises the rest of us. If all they do is change firmware, instead of tracecutting or burning fuses, then we can have what they do.

So go ahead, it gives us cheaper, better hardware. Or buy open source hardware like in article.

more than 3 years ago

Book Review: CERT Resilience Management Model (RMM)

Creepy Crawler Re:Bargain? (44 comments)

Or you can "preview" it here for free.

Rrrrrrrr. it's the only letter I know.

more than 3 years ago

Another Windows 8 Pre-Beta Surfaces

Creepy Crawler Re:Come on fellas (534 comments)

Who cares?

I maintain servers in FreeBSD and Linux.
My desktop has been Ubuntu for the last 3 years.

The last time I dealt with Windows was for a client who bought a new desktop. And it had Windows 7 on it, so he wanted it as similar to WinXP. And it served his purpose.

more than 3 years ago

Is Science Just a Matter of Faith?

Creepy Crawler Re:Science is more believable than fables/mytholog (1486 comments)

Since this thread is nearly guaranteed to not being seen by the masses, let me propose a question to you.

You quote "Often individuals/communities that regurgitate dogma and never question reality are TFNuts and malevolent (burning witches..."

Lets say, that witches were capable of cursing, remote death, and other rather nasty things. Would their deaths be justified, knowing that they could do those things? Would their deaths be justified if they claimed to have done those things to certain, named, individuals?

more than 3 years ago

A New Class of Nuclear Reactors

Creepy Crawler Re:Dumb question... (560 comments)

Seems simple to me: Put some stirling engines with big heatsinks in and out of the reactor vessel to provide continual energy for cooling. With the reactors running at 7% load, you can still siphon lots of power.

more than 3 years ago

AT&T To Introduce Broadband Caps

Creepy Crawler Re:Not that bad (538 comments)

Fair enough. I understand charging for usage.

So why doesnt it work in reverse?

more than 3 years ago

Disarm Internet Trolls, Gently

Creepy Crawler Re:Trolls? (417 comments)


One of my best trolls was this post in regards to Opera. My goal was to pit FOSS operatives on Firefox against Corporate closed source software Opera. And I was able to successfully engage the conversation so that I had flaming on both sides equally fighting vehemently over their own "Right" viewpoint.

And I still ended out with a positive moderation score after people realised that I literally took over the whole conversation upwards of 200 posts to refute me and later other posters. The whole article was only around 380 posts total.

more than 3 years ago

Meth Dealer Faces Loss of His Comic Book Collection

Creepy Crawler Re:War on drugs (317 comments)

That would be correct. It was that Ted Kaczynski.

However, you are guilty of committing an ad hominem attack. His sending mail bombs and possibly being a crazy person does not make his other writings true or false.

You should take what he claims on its own merits and judge if they are correct or not by the evidence given. And from his commentary regarding the USA turning into a bunch of pill munchers to placate their boring lives, I would say he is correct.

more than 3 years ago

Posting AC - a Thing of the Past?

Creepy Crawler Re:Post Anonymously (390 comments)

That is somewhat incorrect.

I have a VPN on Amazon AWS. I wanted to see if I could upvote one of my anonymous comments.

1. Post, via my account, an 'anonymous' comment.
2. Cannot moderate in discussion.
3. Log in to my VPN.
4. Log in, and now I can moderate all, even my anonymous comment.

So, it does record IP origination of comments, INCLUDING ANONYMOUS. But it does not seem to trip when 2 different IP's use the same username.

more than 3 years ago

New Mexico Bill To Protect Anti-Science Education

Creepy Crawler Re:Why not? (726 comments)

Unfortunately, there is no science done in public education k-12. It's all rote and basics combined with a babysitting service.

And anyways, It's the Theory of Evolution. It is not a fact, but prior evidence shows highly that is probably true. Or other theories for that matter, should either be discussed minimally or not at all. Duking out theories should be for the higher educations where that comes into play. Else we, get the usual argumentative speech in HS speech class of "Why abortions teh Evul" or other flamebait topics that have no real evidence to support or refute claims made.

Instead, classes on teaching of business matters would be so much more effective. Most HS graduates dont even know how to handle finances or balancing books, or taxes. Teach useful things that can save and restore financial security.

more than 3 years ago

Saudi Arabia Requiring License For Online Media

Creepy Crawler Re:Licensing and Freedom (175 comments)

Which the Zero Tolerance Alcohol Carding always surprised me...

I can go into a grocery and buy fleishmann yeast, distilled water, cane sugar, grape juice, a big jug to put it all in in, and a balloon for a fermentation lock. And out comes wine. Really bad wine, but it is alcoholic.

Or I can, legally, buy all proper beer supplies, starting from speciality yeasts, upper tier hops, malt (either in grain or syrup form), and all the equipment required for amateur beer making. And I can do this at any age... BUT HOW DARE I CONSUME IT IF IM UNDER 21!

Damn those precursors! They need to ban SUGAR!

more than 3 years ago


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