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India Brings Back Orbiting Satellite to Earth

Crilen007 Re:Serves that satellite right (210 comments)

We've all seen the picture of the Camel and the Hammer.

more than 7 years ago



Crilen007 Crilen007 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Crilen007 writes "Revolutionary seamless color generation technology integrated circuit. This IC is the equivalent to a prism or 3 sided light deferential extractor providing the spectrum as light separated by water or glass but in a true electronic analog technology with a unlimited resolve as seen in refracted light. This process provides the spectrum at the outputs using the 3 primary colors RED, GREEN & BLUE as in current technology and is combined in any mix variations based on a single analog level applied to the single input. This allows for a single wire full color generation technology with NO clocks or digital process required to resolve any full color number or drive technology used today to regenerate any RGB type application. The outputs can be used to drive any known technology with a simple process reducing energy & time by a minimum of 24 times & can provide a full resolve 4 times in any given cycle which is not possible in any known technology today!"

Crilen007 Crilen007 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Crilen007 writes "This is an 8-pin integrated circuit designed to offer full-spectrum analogue color mixing to any three-color light loads, such as RGB LEDs, three NEON tubes (red, green and blue), three light bulbs and more. This circuit has a dial-a-color option as well as a color cycle function built in. This 8-pin chip will drive any size of light load."


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