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Sophistication and Command Line Devlopment Tools?

CrimsonHat GUI tools help debugging (501 comments)

To a good extent, it probably is a matter of personal preference if you like to do most of your development at the command line or not. However, I love IDEs for their ability to debug in the same environment that I'm writing code in. I also prefer an IDE so I don't have to type so damn much at the command line. As if my coding doesn't kill my hands enough as it is.

The main part of my job is writing device drivers, so I really can't use the IDE to debug with anyway. In this case, it's just a matter of convenience that I use the same environment for all of my development.

Additionally, there are some very good tools for creating GUI apps which are included in CodeWarrior and MSVC. I personally suck at creating GUIs, so I can use all the help that the tools give me.

more than 13 years ago


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