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US Senate & House Create YouTube Channels

Cros13 Clearly Fiction (199 comments)

"Ideally this will bring transparency to citizens and inform them of their senators' & representatives' positions and ideas."

This is clearly fabricated. In what crazy mixed-up world do elected officials have ideas?

about 6 years ago

Nominations Open For "Most Likely to be Shut Down By Government"

Cros13 Re:Truecrypt (629 comments)

Remember mate...

Ireland is a Republic today due to the "Republic of Ireland Act".
A peice of legislation brought in by one of the "minor" parties in a coalition.
Our system is far superior to the US.
Americans have no idea what freedom means.
As Irish citizens we still have control over our
political system.

We've mostly had fianna fail government because
we've voted fianna fail into power.
And our PR system enables us to indicate clearly with our vote the path we want fianna fail policy
to take when in government rather than the first-past-the-port endorsement of all their policies (e.g. why we put the greens in coalition and rendered the PDs impotent)

more than 6 years ago



What to do with Paper MCSEs

Cros13 Cros13 writes  |  about 6 years ago

Cros13 writes "I'm a senior engineer at a Microsoft gold partner. I recently discovered that a colleague new to my company has built up his MCSE through NDA-violating brain dumps. I reported this to management at my company and the response has essentially been support of this practice. The individual in question has now purchased further NDA-violating material on the company training budget and is planning to take another Microsoft certification.

Has anyone out there found themselves in a similar situation?
Can action be taken against this individual?"


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