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This 1981 BYTE Magazine Cover Explains Why We're So Bad At Tech Predictions

Cruciform Re:"it's also a smart visual explanation of why... (275 comments)

I had a watch with a full scientific calculator on it when I was a kid. My fingers were small enough to press the buttons, but an adult likely would have needed a pencil lead to push the buttons.
It died when we were having squirtgun fights and I dunked my arm in a bucket and forgot I was wearing the watch :(
I loved that watch.

3 days ago

Five-Year-Old Uncovers Xbox One Login Flaw

Cruciform Re:Attach video in kid's 2026 college application (196 comments)

I lucked out guessing a wifi password once. The neighbor's had put up a network and called it "harunyahya". I googled for it and came up with some wacky creationist conspiracy nut. One of the most common words on the site was 'truth'. So I used that as the password and got in on my first attempt.

A little bit research and a lot of luck. Pretty satisfying either way :)

about two weeks ago

Brendan Eich Steps Down As Mozilla CEO

Cruciform Re:I think this is bullshit (1746 comments)

All boycotting does is remove a portion of the revenue stream, accompanied by statements as to why.
It was up to them to decide if his value as a CEO was greater than the lost revenue.

Companies are realizing that it's not in their best interest to affiliate with those people who are against equality for citizens.

about two weeks ago

OKCupid Warns Off Mozilla Firefox Users Over Gay Rights

Cruciform Re:Not necessarily hate (1482 comments)

That argument holds no water in the real world. How many Christians do you see objecting to homosexuality, then going out to tell people not to eat at Red Lobster, not to wear mixed fabrics, and advising farmers not to plant multiple crops in a field.

They're just using cherry picked content to defend bigotry. Not doing it for "love".

about two weeks ago

Dorian Nakamoto Officially Denies That He Created Bitcoin

Cruciform Re:MegaCoin (102 comments)

There is a megacoin, supposedly unaffiliated.

about a month ago

OKCoin Raises $10 Million To Become China's Largest Bitcoin Exchange

Cruciform Re:The point of an exchange (48 comments)

A fraction of every transaction goes to the exchange, which can add up to significant profit.

about a month ago

US Court Freezes Assets of Mt. Gox CEO

Cruciform Re:Interesting parallel (132 comments)

As you can see from the Wikipedia article it was only used for MtG for a short time, then the domain name was repurposed.
It's been Mt. Gox for a few years.

about a month ago

Massachusetts Court Says 'Upskirt' Photos Are Legal

Cruciform Re:A new law in not what is needed (519 comments)

The second amendment only says that you have the right to bear arms.
Not which ones you are allowed to bear. There is no enshrined constitutional right for you to own to own a gun or a missile.

Under the constitution the government is within their rights to limit you to owning a sword and prohibiting your ownership of other weapons.

about a month and a half ago

MtGox Files For Bankruptcy Protection

Cruciform Re: "...and the bitcoins have disappeared." (465 comments)

You created a scenario to justify your own thievery when you "in the real world" wouldn't be able know who those bitcoins belong to.
So you're a thief who makes excuses for their behavior.

about a month and a half ago

Quebec Language Police Target Store Owner's Facebook Page

Cruciform In French... (506 comments)

Fuck le police.

about 2 months ago

Mt. Gox Shuts Down: Collapse Should Come As No Surprise

Cruciform Re:Can someone explain this theft? (232 comments)

When you set up a bitcoin wallet it creates a wallet.dat file which contains your private key. This is what you never want anyone else to have.
The clients present you with an option to encrypt the wallet so transactions can not be made without entering a password, but not everyone does it. So if someone gets their hands on your wallet.dat file they can put it in their own wallet and use it to send your coins to another address.

about 2 months ago

Riecoin: A Cryptocurrency With a Scientific Proof of Work

Cruciform Re:Time for an ecologically sound cryptocurrency (156 comments)

Gridcoin. You can mine normally with cgminer, but you also earn coins from your BOINC work. They're currently implementing a feature called scrypt-sleep which will rest your transaction mining so that BOINC apps which utilize GPU will earn work credits that way.
The dev has been working hard on it, and releases updates every day or two for the mining client.

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Manage Your Passwords?

Cruciform Keepass (445 comments)

I use KeePass as well. I store the database in a Truecrypt volume which then is propagated across my OSes via one of the cloud backup services.

about 2 months ago

Facebook Debuts New Gender Options, Pronoun Choices

Cruciform Re:the difference? (462 comments)

It's too bad you wrote this anonymous so you can't actually see that there's a follow up post.
Within OUR transgender community it's considered downright offensive to have transvestites / drag queens included under the term. People tend to bicker over the specificity of the terminology, but applying that as an umbrella term would likely get you chased out of any forums or discussions in the places I've frequented.

about 2 months ago

Report: Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) Scans Your DNS History

Cruciform Re:So (373 comments)

Gabe stated a few years ago that if Steam has to shut down there is a method of releasing all content on an account to the user. A master key or something. And they would give advance notice.
If they were unable to give advance notice, it's likely that whatever caused it would be impacting your life as well. Alien attack, Godzilla, Roseanne Barr clones...

about 2 months ago

Facebook Debuts New Gender Options, Pronoun Choices

Cruciform the difference? (462 comments)

Transgender vs. Transsexual generally refer to someone who hasn't had surgery, and someone who has, respectively.
An androgynous person doesn't present as one gender or another.
Gender questioning is pretty obvious, with the individual in the process of working out inner feelings and unsure how they're presenting.
Bigender, I'm not sure of. Maybe someone who is comfortable switching gender roles in a culture with 2 or more genders. (Some cultures have several)
Pangender sounds like a lot of work.

about 2 months ago

German Court Forbids Resale of Valve Games

Cruciform Re:Steam Rentals (261 comments)

The first amendment refers to government censorship. Valve closing your account because you shared your password would not fall under its purview in the slightest.

about 2 months ago

Mac OS X Bitcoin Stealing Trojan Horse Called OSX/CoinThief Discovered

Cruciform Two Step (108 comments)

Any of the big exchanges (and most of the medium sized ones) offer two step authentication. If someone is storing coins online, whether at an exchange or in an online wallet, then two step auth is mandatory.
Seeing how sites can vanish overnight I wouldn't advise using an online wallet anyway. Keep a personal encrypted wallet, and only move coins on to exchanges long enough to do transactions.

about 2 months ago



Cruciform Cruciform writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Cruciform (42896) writes "My seven year old niece has developed an interest in robotics, and I was wondering what books and projects are recommended for a child that age. I don't want to hold her back, but I also don't want to overwhelm her with overcomplicated projects and douse her enthusiasm. What would you put under the tree this Xmas?"


Cruciform has no journal entries.

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