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Creationists Demand Equal Airtime With 'Cosmos'

James Ruiz Re: Fundamental Physics Law (667 comments)

I hope this is a joke, otherwise I'm very sad.

about 10 months ago

The Myth of the Science and Engineering Shortage

James Ruiz Shortage of people or people with degrees? (392 comments)

I often found myself wondering the same thing for those in the field of software engineering. When I was straight out of high school, I tried applying for many software developer jobs (being that I had picked up coding as a hobby in school) but I couldn't even get an interview without a college degree. Now, a few years later, I'll be graduating in a month with a bachelor's degree in the subject. Now tons of people are extending interviews and phone interviews for me. The job offers seem to be at a decent starting wage, around three times what I made in traditional jobs before college. However is the money decent because companies are competing for a scarce resource of developers? Or is it because companies dismiss most applicants that don't possess a degree thereby limiting the available pool of potential developers even more?

about 10 months ago

Time Dilation Drug Could Let Heinous Criminals Serve 1,000 Year Sentences

James Ruiz Bleach? (914 comments)

Am I the only one of thinking about the manga Bleach and the Espada battle?

about 10 months ago

Why Buy Microsoft Milk When the Google Cow Is Free?

James Ruiz Don't be mean (409 comments)

Why would you call him an idiot? It's a legitimate question. Apple's software isn't free, they offer the same bulk license educational style-discount that Microsoft does. Not to mention that elementary students (K-12) are more likely to use document editing software and unlike Google Docs/Microsoft World, Apple doesn't have a viable competitor in this space, unless you consider TextEdit an alternative...

about 10 months ago

Ice Age Fossils Found During Los Angeles Subway Exploration

James Ruiz Re: Hipster Fossils.. (64 comments)

They lived in LA before it was LA!

about a year ago


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