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Brendan Eich Steps Down As Mozilla CEO

Cryptnotic Firefox was Google anyway. (1746 comments)

Google basically was/is the sole supporter of Mozilla anyway.

about 10 months ago

Steve Jobs Hints At Theora Lawsuit

Cryptnotic Other way around. (686 comments)

Other way around. Theora was apparently released in 2004. H.264 (according to Wikipedia), was formally approved in March 2003, but it had already been worked on since at least 2000.

more than 4 years ago

Court Rules Photo of Memorial Violates Copyright

Cryptnotic Re:isn't the memorial already in the public domain (426 comments)

I don't get it. A post is marked "Interesting" for asking a question that is already covered IN DETAIL in TFA!

You must be new here.

more than 4 years ago

Will the Serial Console Ever Die?

Cryptnotic Re:It should have been phased out... (460 comments)

For the motherboard controllers, they keep the same controller chip. Removing the support from the chip would require designing, verifying, validating, debugging new silicon which has no value. To save cost, they'll remove the connectors and change the BIOS so that the devices don't show up.

Higher end motherboards and workstation class PC's seem to support more legacy hardware interfaces than mainstream ones. My Dell Precision Workstation (2 dual core xeon's) has 2 serial ports, a parallel port, PS/2 mouse and keyboard, something like 8 USB 2.0's and Firewire 800.

For software, there are better alternatives:

Real-mode DOS or Full-screen DOS: FreeDOS or MS-DOS in a VirtualPC. Or DOSBox is great for a lot of stuff.
Qbasic: Visual Studio Express Edition

more than 4 years ago

Adventure Game Interfaces and Puzzle Theory

Cryptnotic MUDs are text-based MMOG's (149 comments)

Most MUDs are also CRPG's with levels, equipment, quests/missions, et cetera. Little to no puzzle solving necessary. Thus they share more in common with World of Warcraft than they do with adventure games.

Survival horror games (e.g., Resident Evil, Silent Hill, et cetera) even though they have a lot of first person or third person shooter characteristics actually have more in common with adventure games because of the perpetual "find key to open door and advance storyline" situation.

more than 6 years ago

Deus Ex 3 Announced

Cryptnotic Nice UID. (138 comments)


more than 7 years ago


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