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FTDI Removes Driver From Windows Update That Bricked Cloned Chips

Curate Re:Computer Missues Act 1990 (572 comments)

To use a car analogy, it is considered broken in the same way that a car without gas is considered broken.

Disclaimer: This analogy excludes electric cars.

about 3 months ago

Research Shows RISC vs. CISC Doesn't Matter

Curate Re:Final nail in the Itanium coffin (161 comments)

All of which paints a bleak picture for Itanium.

Wow, that is a rather bold prediction to be making in 2014. If Itanium does eventually start to falter in the marketplace, then you sir are a visionary.

about 5 months ago

Microsoft Fixing Windows 8 Flaws, But Leaving Them In Windows 7

Curate Re:Dear Microsoft.... (218 comments)

The problem I have for Windows 8 is that the keyboard DOES pop up when hitting a textbox... when I have a hardware keyboard attached.

Define "hitting a textbox". Do you mean touch it (assuming you have a touch screen), click it with the mouse, tab to it using the keyboard, ...? In a set-up with both a touch screen and a physical keyboard attached, which is common in a lot of new laptops, if you "touched" a textbox then I think it's reasonable for Windows to assume you want to continue touching rather than switch to keyboard input. But if your set-up has no touch capability at all, then yeah, it's dumb to ever see an on-screen keyboard.

about 8 months ago

Orca Identified As 103 Years Old

Curate Re:Fuck seaworld (194 comments)

The obvious solution is to use a Bag of Holding. However, good luck finding one that's waterproof. :(

about 8 months ago

Microsoft Promises Not To Snoop Through Email

Curate Using Company A's service to steal from Company A (144 comments)

Who's the braintrust that decided to use a Hotmail account to coordinate the stealing of Windows source code? Ignoring the expectation of privacy for a moment, that was just plain dumb.

about 10 months ago

It's True: Some People Just Don't Like Music

Curate Jazz (268 comments)

I know a few people who can't stand music of any kind. They prefer jazz.

about a year ago

Tim Cook: If You Don't Like Our Energy Policies, Don't Buy Apple Stock

Curate Good for you Tim Cook (348 comments)

I have some new-found respect for you. A small amount, but it's something.

about a year ago

Nokia Turns To Android To Regain Share In Emerging Markets

Curate Re:And another pointless phone (146 comments)

Go re-read the GP's post again. I understood it just fine. Nokia had hired them to write apps, and had asked for apps for the J2ME, Symbian, Android, iOS, and BADA platforms; but not for the QT platform. So naturally they didn't spend any time developing for the QT platform. You quoted the first half of a sentence, but the second half of that sentence is important too.

about a year ago

Google Removes "Search Nearby" Function From Updated Google Maps

Curate Re:Just a guess (255 comments)

With so much focus lately on the anticompetitive and environmentally dangerous practices of Big Oil, we've let Big Broth go completely unchecked. If we aren't careful we'll end up in hot water. Albeit, hot tasty water.

1 year,12 days

Judge: NSA Phone Program Likely Unconstitutional

Curate Re:Follow up Headline (345 comments)

They were just eggs. But you ate them anyway.

about a year ago

Newly Discovered Greenhouse Gas Is 7,000 Times More Powerful Than CO2

Curate Re:Orders of magnitude (216 comments)

200000000 Powerpoint presentations

Just so I can understand the scope, what's that in Library of Congresses?

about a year ago

Snowden Document Shows Canada Set Up Spy Posts For NSA

Curate Re:Old News (177 comments)

Covert Operation Collecting Knowledge, or COCK for short? Which clearly would not be the same as spying.

The eye of justice is always watching.

about a year ago

Washington Post: Assange 'Unlikely To Be Prosecuted In US'

Curate Re:Prosecuted? Maybe not. (236 comments)

If the USA says they won't prosecute him, I believe it. Note that the USA did not bother to prosecute Osama Bin Laden.

about a year ago

US Working To Kill UN Privacy Resolutions

Curate Re:Dear NSA: (197 comments)

Using laser printers would be fine as long as you don't use the Arial font, as that would invoke too much suspicion.

about a year ago

Ubuntu Wants To Enable SSD TRIM By Default

Curate Re:Already part of my Ubuntu setup routine. (135 comments)

Windows 8 still includes the TRIM operation on deletes. It also includes the TRIM in the new 'defrag' tool.

The defrag tool isn't sending TRIMs, the file system is. The file system sends TRIMs for clusters that get freed for any reason. One reason a cluster would get freed is of course the file gets deleted. But another reason is that the file gets defragged. Say there's a request from the defrag tool to move a particular file VCN from LCN1 to LCN2. Then in the same transaction LCN2 gets allocated by the file system and LCN1 gets freed, and so LCN1 can now be TRIM'd. All of this is being performed inside the file system completely transparent to the application. The only application that explicitly sends a TRIM is format, which sends a TRIM for the entire volume.

about a year ago

Google Makes Latest Chrome Build Open PDFs By Default

Curate Re:Data usage & Battery life (202 comments)

Google is not the entire government, but they are certainly a branch.

about a year ago

Mac OS 10.9's Mail App — Infinity Times Your Spam

Curate Re: Apple Build Quality (158 comments)

You can't call it a bug unless you know what the design intends. What if this program is supposed to continually print "Hello world" over and over forever? Then it is working as intended, by design.

about a year ago

US Nuclear Commander Suspended Over Gambling

Curate Did he bet on war? (149 comments)

Look, I don't see a problem with him gambling. *Unless* he bet on war. That would be just a no-no and would go against all established tradition. If this scumbag bet on war, then he deserves a lifetime ban on war and any war-affiliated events. He should also be permanently barred from induction to the War Hall of Fame.

about a year ago

Bill Gates Acknowledges Ctrl+Alt+Del Was a Mistake

Curate Re:So why continue it... (665 comments)

Apparently in Ubuntu it's now RALT-SYSRQ-K which I haven't tried. But ALT+SYSRQ+R-E-I-S-U-B works wonders during a hard lockup where CTRL+ALT+F2 doesn't function.

Another useful one is ALT+SYSRQ+R-E-I-S-E-R which kills the current process.

about a year ago


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