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William Binney: NSA Records and Stores 80% of All US Audio Calls

CurryCamel Re:Why 80% (278 comments)

American companies and companies in 5 eyes countries build most of the worlds telephone and internet systems.

At least Ericsson, Huawei, NSN and Alcatel-Lucent beg to differ...

So long as the NSA pays for the fiber, why would anyone object?

Let's route all our traffic once around the globe, just to get increase the lag?

No, does not compute.

about two weeks ago

William Binney: NSA Records and Stores 80% of All US Audio Calls

CurryCamel Re:Why 80% (278 comments)

He says that 80% of the fiber in the world runs through the US, 80% of the calls in the world are recorded.

That has to be complete and utter bullshit. Why would a domestic call be routed through a country on the other side of the world, just because there happens to be fiber optic cables there? And all domestic calls outside of the USA account for just 20% of the total? I doubt it.

about two weeks ago

Radar Changing the Face of Cycling

CurryCamel Re:Do flashing turn signals annoy you too? (235 comments)

Are you mad when car turn signals blink? Even brake lights turn on and off in an attempted to get people's attention.

This is the crux of my point. Blinking lights mean something exceptional is happening, like someone stopping, turning or overtaking. A cyclist going their way is not exceptional, and having the tail (or front!) light blink is "crying wolf".
Interesting link, thanks. Seems I am not alone in my opininon:

A flashing beacon on a bicycle yielded a greater detection but not
recognition distance when compared with reflectors (588m versus
444m and 59m versus 71m respectively).

about three weeks ago

Maldives Denies Russian Claims That Secret Service Kidnapped a Politician's Son

CurryCamel Re:Consipricy nuts, go! (100 comments)

How is it the fault of the US Government when news agencies are going at each other neck-and-neck, to have the latest, sensationalist story (to drive up ad revenue)?

By having such laws that allow these unscrupulous news agenices to do what they do?
See: everything can always be blamed on the government.

But I'd sure like to know how someone arrived from "arrested in the Maledives" to "arrested by US Secret Service". One heck of an interpolation.

about three weeks ago

On 4th of July:

CurryCamel Re:Hello Americans (340 comments)

This. How should we know where it is hosted? Or care? This is the internet - I am demonstrably "not in the USA" right now, and it doesn't matter in the least where the other end is.

Or did you mean your comment to be sarcastic?

about three weeks ago

Radar Changing the Face of Cycling

CurryCamel Re:Flash? (235 comments)

In all these years, nobody has rear-ended me in the dark. Even if the back lights of my car doesn't blink.
The battery argument I understand, but to that I say "Luxury!". We used to have dynamos on our bikes, and we could not even dream about rear lights.

about three weeks ago

Radar Changing the Face of Cycling

CurryCamel Flash? (235 comments)

Why should a rear light flash in the first place? I don't think it adds at all to a rear lights functionality, and does cause - at least for me - a rise in adrenaline: flashing usually means something is out of order, or exceptional (e.g. emergency vehicles or someone hitting the breaks).

about three weeks ago

The Revolutionary American Weapons of War That Never Happened

CurryCamel Re:Revolutionary American weapons... (133 comments)

Parent is modded +5 insightful ??
I was thinking +5 funny, or even a -1 off topic. Insightful is just wrong

about 1 month ago

Red Hat Assistant General Counsel Analyses Supreme Court's Patent Ruling

CurryCamel Re:This is NOT a land breaking ruling (43 comments)

IMHO, all patents patent an abstract idea to some extent. There is always an element of "we can do X to achieve Y" in any invention, and that is in my definition an "abstract idea". If there is no abstract idea behind a patent, then the invention most likely is "obvious", and not patentable.

Even if they started demand a working prototype/demo at the patent office would concrete implementations of "abstract ideas" be patented.

The problem is that the entire system is a quagmire, and it doesn't get any better by people yelling that "software patents are evil" - that's just missing the point.

This entire debate is a red herring.

about a month ago

WikiLeaks Publishes Secret International Trade Agreement

CurryCamel The EU is a country? (222 comments)

Fifty countries around the globe have already signed [...] including [...] the European Union.

Who cares about a secret trade agreement? Of course there are secret agreements... But that the EU finally shows its true colours - this is the news!

about a month ago

MIT Researchers Can Take Your Pulse, Right Through the Walls

CurryCamel Re:Tracking heartbeats through walls is not new... (125 comments)

Perhaps this was never done at MIT before, and that is the news?
Speaking seriously, I feel sorry for MIT with all the nonsense headlines like this one, ridiculing the school over the past few years. It almost feels like someone is on a vendetta against MIT.
Sure, the team might have done something new (didn't read TFP), all kudos to them for that. But was this truly the best thing since sliced bread?

about a month and a half ago

Open-Source Hardware For Neuroscience

CurryCamel Re:medical devices directive (41 comments)

These are not doctors and patients, but researchers. And the device in question is a passive recorder of brain activity (AFAIK).
Also, I don't think that many people want to record the brain activity of mice, so the biggest cost here is that the equipment is pretty custom made causing big non-recurring expenses.
Furthermore, an IC subcontractor had made a miniturized four dedicated custom ICs into one, and from the article it sounds this device was the first to use the new chip. Expect all other manufacturers to jump to this new chip too, probably shaving off big % of the total price.
This is news only for the intersection of the sets "neuroscientists" and "nerd". The rest of us are happily unafected.

about a month and a half ago

EU's Top Court May Define Obesity As a Disability

CurryCamel Parking space & comfortable office furniture? (625 comments)

I don't have a parking space at work, reserved or othervise. And the office furniture is uncomfortable as-is. Might just take up obesity for its benefits, if this law passes.

about a month and a half ago

Geothermal Heat Contributing To West Antarctic Ice Sheet Melting

CurryCamel Re:Queue the deniers (387 comments)

Well, at least our children (we?) are not fucked, as the previous generation managed to thwart the nuclear apocalypse.
Should we do any less with the threat of the apocalypse we are facing now?

about a month and a half ago

ISS-Above Tells You When the International Space Station is Overhead (Video)

CurryCamel Re:Inventing the wheel next? (59 comments)

Write the word "never" (in your local language) on a piece of paper, and that mechanical device tells pretty accurately (n most parts of the world) when the ISS is overhead.

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Where's the Most Unusual Place You've Written a Program From?

CurryCamel written a program? (310 comments)

Doesn't these polls usually go:
"Where's the Most Unusual Place You've had sex?"

/. indeed...

about 2 months ago

Author Charles Stross: Is Amazon a Malignant Monopoly, Or Just Plain Evil?

CurryCamel Re:Analogy cut short? (405 comments)

Agreed, on all points.

Don't you just hate it too, when a good argument ends up in the realization that it was only an argument about semantics :(
Sorry for my bad English :)

about 2 months ago
top Domain Name Suspended

CurryCamel Re:Criminal scum (226 comments)

I'm sure there were quite a bit of legit stuff on, too. I don't see how you can extrapolate from one legit video to them all.
Also, I don't believe you actually went trhough all those 23M hits this quickly.

about 2 months ago


CurryCamel hasn't submitted any stories.



Score:5, Troll

CurryCamel CurryCamel writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Just meta-modded a entry scored 0, Troll.

It commented on sensitive issues (religion), but was clearly not a troll. But it wasn't especially interesting, insightful or funny. Just underrated (at 0 points). Definetly worth 1 or perhaps even 2 points. So I meta-modded up, for 'underrated'.

This made me think - has anyone seen a "Score:5, Troll"?


Context in /.'s meta-moderation

CurryCamel CurryCamel writes  |  more than 2 years ago

So Slashdot wanted me to meta-moderate. But all the entries are completely void of context. This means funny or insightful replies are easily lost as incomprehensible mumbo-jumbo.

Perhaps this is what is sought after? If not - please, slashdot, add a possibility to see the parent of a comment in meta-moderation.

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