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80 minutes of ads for a kids movie?

Cy Guy Cy Guy writes  |  more than 6 years ago

My wife and I were excited to see that Disney was bringing back 'family movie night' on ABC this Summer. For both of us that brings back memories of youth watching a movie with (our respective) families after Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, or 60 Minutes had ended.

However, apparently families with young kids are not the target audience Disney Corp. has in mind. For Saturday June 7th, they will have Finding Nemo, which runs just 100 minutes if you watch it uninterrupted. But if you don't own the DVD and want to watch it on ABC instead, you'd better give the kids a can of cola with dinner, because the movie will start at 8 PM Eastern Time and run until 11 PM. I can only assume that the additional 80 minutes will include some cast commentaries, as well as a preview of WALL-E, but what is the point if the kids fall asleep while Marlin and Dory are still stuck in the belly of a whale? You're just going to have to try and rent it or add it to your NetFlix queue so the kids can see the rest of it.

I had such great hopes for Disney when Steve Jobs became it's largest shareholder, I guess my trust was misplaced.


Puzzling WebFilter at this car dealer

Cy Guy Cy Guy writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Puzzling webfilter here at the car dealer I'm getting my 30k service at.

Sites that are blocked for having "Web Communications":

Oddly not blocked:
most (all?) of the rest of about.com
www.haloscan.com (the server that ESCHATON "Web Communcations" actually occurs on)
SlashDot.org (obviously)


Google offering $10 bonus to new users of CheckOut

Cy Guy Cy Guy writes  |  about 8 years ago

The pros:


The cons:

  1. the $10 has to be used between now and March 31, 2007 and can't be used with other Checkout promotions.
  2. You have to provide a valid credit card number just to sign up.

The link:


Fender Bender (not mine)

Cy Guy Cy Guy writes  |  more than 8 years ago

I witnessed a fender bender yesterday
I left my name and number for the two drivers - no one else stopped out of the 30 or so cars in the vicinity, including one within 4 feet of the accident
no one was injured, but I'm surprised the driver at aparent fault didn't have a heart attack - he was like 85
this couple were literally "Sunday drivers" aparently coming home from church
the guy said he hadn't had an accident in 20 years
he complained that drivers don't brake to let other drivers make turns anymore
they were hit making a left hand turn through a long line of stopped traffic when they crossed throught the right-turn only lane than wasn't stopped

Here's what I recall in case I need to refresh my memory later:

At about 12:25 PM Sunday December 10th, 2006 I was driving my family Eastbound on MD 410 approaching the onramp for the Baltimore Washington Parkway (satellite view). The traffic on 410 going straight was backed up because of a red light at the 410 overpass, but the right turn only lane was clear. I was in the right most of the straight lanes. From what I could tell the traffic in the straight lanes had left a gap for traffic entering/leaving Eastpine Dr. which was two car lengths in front of me. A red car approaching westbound on 410 saw this gap and made a left hand turn across the eastbound lanes. Just as it was crossing the Right Turn only lane, a black car drove past me and hit head on into the right rear door of the red car. The light at BWP/295 changed and the other cars in the area all proceeded on their way. The two cars directly involved both drove a short way onto Eastpine and parked, as did I.

After ensuring that both drivers and the passenger in the red car were not injured, I offered use of my cell phone which was declined, then I provided my name and phone number to the drivers and noted the time, location, and license plates of the cars involved.



The wrong kind of swinging at the playground

Cy Guy Cy Guy writes  |  more than 8 years ago

We had an interesting experience today taking my kids, wife, and 72 year old mother to the new playground where my youngest daughter and I planted a tree last weekend. A man in the driver seat of a fairly new LARGE SUV, (the real working kind, not a family type one) was aparently receiving oral favors from a woman standing outside the truck, this was going on in clear view of the playground. Well, somewhat clear view, you couldn't see what the woman was doing with her face in the man's lap, only that her face was in his lap, and that he seemed very happy. My wife noticed first and pointed the situation out to me so we could try get the rest of the family to the playground and absorbed so they wouldn't notice.

I found a corner of the playground away from my mother and kids and called the local police tip line, but as the park which has recently been annexed by the city I live in, hasn't officially been become part of the city yet, they transferred me to the county police. After being on hold for at least 5 minutes, they finally took my report. About 10 minutes later the county cop cars started rolling in, no lights or sirens or anything, and at an appropriate casual parking lot speed, eventually totalling at least six cars. At this we walked past the scene toward the duck pond. I couldn't follow everything that happened from there, but I think they got off (no pun intended) with just a stern warning, as the aparent activity had ended at some point between me hanging up and the police arriving. By the time we went back to our car, the SUV was gone, and there were only two cop cars left,

Later my mother wondered outloud what all yhe cops were there for. So I'm pretty sure she never picked up on the original activity.


Pure Nerd

Cy Guy Cy Guy writes  |  more than 8 years ago

            Pure Nerd

            82 % Nerd, 47% Geek, 43% Dork

            For The Record:

A Nerd is someone who is passionate about learning/being smart/academia.

A Geek is someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or difficult one.

A Dork is someone who has difficulty with common social expectations/interactions.

You scored better than half in Nerd, earning you the title of: Pure Nerd.

The times, they are a-changing. It used to be that being exceptionally smart led to being unpopular, which would ultimately lead to picking up all of the traits and tendences associated with the "dork." No-longer. Being smart isn't as socially crippling as it once was, and even more so as you get older: eventually being a Pure Nerd will likely be replaced with the following label: Purely Successful.


Thanks Again! -- THE NERD? GEEK? OR DORK? TEST

      My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 99% on nerdiness You scored higher than 99% on geekosity You scored higher than 99% on dork points

Link: The Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test written by donathos on OkCupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test


Once Upon A Time

Cy Guy Cy Guy writes  |  more than 8 years ago

My now 5.25 yr old daughter used to think that Fairy Tales began with the words "On A 'Possum Time" which was a source of never-ending heart-melting cuteness to my wife and I.

Today my now 2.6 yr old daughter picked up a book and told me it was a "What About A Dime" story.

Please send over a box of paper towels to wipe up my melted heart from the floor.


Your Tax Dollars Being Thrown in the Garbage

Cy Guy Cy Guy writes  |  more than 8 years ago

This slipped under the radar of the media that at least I follow, tho aparently at least one diarist at DailyKos picked up on it. Gee, I don't know why it's not getting more coverage in the MSM.


Plastic.com is back up

Cy Guy Cy Guy writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Also, desperate for story submissions - so post some if you've got any ideas.

To my aparent heavily Libertarian-skewed readership here on SlashDot - now is your chance to build the "New" Plastic as a Libertarian haven. It already has a former Libertarian politician as a prominant contributor, so their is at least a core audince audience on which to build.


Partial Info on DELL Battery Recall

Cy Guy Cy Guy writes  |  more than 8 years ago Because the wire services aren't reporting any details on this - here is what is available from one subscription based news site accessible (at least currently) via bugmenot -

The recalled batteries were sold with the following Dell notebook computers: Dell Latitude(TM) D410, D500, D505, D510, D520, D600, D610, D620, D800, D810; Inspiron(TM) 6000, 8500, 8600, 9100, 9200, 9300, 500m, 510m, 600m, 6400, E1505, 700m, 710m, 9400, E1705; and Dell Precision(TM) M20, M60, M70 and M90 mobile workstations; and XPS(TM), XPS Gen2, XPS M170 and XPS M1710. The batteries were also sold separately, including in response to service calls. "Dell" and one of the following are printed on the batteries: "Made in Japan" or "Made in China" or "Battery Cell Made in Japan Assembled in China." The identification number for each battery appears on a white sticker. Customers should have this number available when they contact Dell to determine if their battery is part of the recall. Dell sold or provided these batteries with the notebook computers, as part of a service replacement, and as individual units from April 1, 2004, through July 18, 2006. The computers with these batteries sold for between $500 and $2,850 (US) and individual batteries sold for between $60 and $180 (US). Customers should contact Dell to determine if their notebook computer battery is part of this recall. Please visit the firm's Web site at www.dellbatteryprogram.com beginning at 1 a.m. Central Daylight Time Aug. 15 or call toll-free at 1-866-342-0011, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time. Customers may continue to use the notebook computers safely by turning the system off, ejecting the battery, and using the AC adapter and power cord to power the system until the replacement battery is received. Customers can also write to: Dell Inc., Attn: Battery Recall, 9701 Metric Blvd., Austin, Texas 78758.


Save NPR and PBS (again)

Cy Guy Cy Guy writes  |  more than 8 years ago

The following was sent out by MoveOn.org:


Everyone expected House Republicans to give up efforts to kill NPR and PBS after a massive public outcry stopped them last year. But they've just voted to eliminate funding for NPR and PBS--unbelievably, starting with programs like "Sesame Street."

Public broadcasting would lose nearly a quarter of its federal funding this year. Even worse, all funding would be eliminated in two years--threatening one of the last remaining sources of watchdog journalism.

Sign the petition telling Congress to save NPR and PBS again this year:


Last year, millions of us took action to save NPR and PBS, and Congress listened. We can do it again if enough of us sign the petition in time.

This would be the most severe cut in the history of public broadcasting. The Boston Globe reports the cuts "could force the elimination of some popular PBS and NPR programs." NPR's president expects rural public radio stations may be forced to shut down.

The House and Senate are deciding if public broadcasting will survive, and they need to hear from viewers like you. Sign the petition at:



P.S. Read the Boston Globe story on the threat to NPR and PBS at:



How messed up will my back be next week?

Cy Guy Cy Guy writes  |  more than 7 years ago

So I've been living with a minor sciatica condition for about adecade now with occasional flare-ups when it would slightly worse, but only one time was it really debilitating.

So the other day when i was having a lot of back pain while driving i thought that was what i was dealing with. however, as it got worse and could no longer sit or lay down at all except flat on my back i deicded I needed a "professional" opinion. I got a referral from primary care dr. to see a chiropractor and that went well. They told me the problem is not my sciatica this time but my sacro-illiac joint. they got me started on a course of PT that seemed to be helping, but as i was running out of leftover Vicodin from broken shoulder a year ago, I had to go see my Primary Care Dr. to have him look at it as well. He had the same diagniosis but was concerned about numbness in my foot. So he sent me to get X-ays and an (my first ever) MRI. Those showed that I also have a bulging disc in my lower back.

Despite all these problems, I was making progress in PT and finding it easier to get comfortable to sleep at night. But then something happened this morning, incredible shooting pain from my hip - bad enough that hopped my bed, crunched down a vicodin, and sprwaled out on the bed until it took effect.

So here I am, I don't expect to be going anywhere soon, i can't really walk and taking the vicodin, the psin is somewhat bearable.

updates to follow


Home grown terrorism strikes UNC-CH Campus

Cy Guy Cy Guy writes  |  more than 8 years ago

A 23 year-old 2005 Psychology graduate from UNC Chapel Hill returned to campus earlier today, but not to attend the homecoming dance or basketball game. Local television is reporting that Mohammed Reva Taheriazar rented the largest SUV he could get his hands on then deliberately plowed into a group of UNC students on campus "retribution for the treatment of Muslims around the world."

Ironically, it appears that this guy is the co-author of a paper on cultural sensitivity in educational institutions


        UNDERSTANDING MEDIATING FACTORS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF CULTURALLY SENSITIVE SCHOOL BASED PREVENTIVE INTERVENTIONS FOR LATINO IMMIGRANT STUDENTS.. Elvia Y. Valencia1, Valerie Johnson1, Robert J. Pandina1, Marco Zarate2, Mohammed R. Taheriazar3, 1Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Center of Alcohol Studies, Piscataway, NJ United States; 2North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals, Apex, NC United States; 3University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC United States
              Latino immigrant adolescents face unique challenges in adapting to a new country, culture, language and educational system. These unique challenges might impact each child differently depending upon their gender, country of orignin, length of tenure in the United States, degree of parental involvement and perceived parental support, as well as other mediating factors. It is important to better understand the risk and protective factors associated with these adolescents school-engagement and how these protections might affect their academic aspirations. In order to develop more culturally sensitive programs that meet the unique needs of this population, it is desirable to enhance not only their levels of academic achievement but their levels of psychological functioning and school engagement.
                As part of this research study, 275 students participating in the North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals (NCSHP) 2004 Education Summit completed an open ended questionnaire addressing questions of their school engagement, perceived parental involvement, academic goals, and perceptions about why students might drop out of school. Open ended measures were categorized using Grounded Theory and Constant Comparisons methods (Strauss and Corbin 1990) from the data obtained in the 2003 NCSHP Educational Summit. These categories were used to create a coding template for quantitative analysis of the 2004 Summit measures.
              Subjects were 53% female and 43% male, junior high and high school students, the highest proportion (68%) being of Mexican decent. Analyses revealed that 69% have been in the US for fewer than 5 years.
              Questions addressed in this study include: How does acculturation level, country of origin, age, and gender influence perceptions including educational needs, reasons for school drop out, and perceived parental support. How do age, gender, acculturation level, and perceived parental involvement affect school engagement and academic aspirations? The associations among these factors are explored and discussed. In adition, implications these findings hold for planning prevention activities for Latino junior high and high school students will be discussed.
                Strauss, A. and J. Corbin (1990). Basics of qualitative research: Grounded theory procedures and techniques. Newbury Park, CA, Sage Publications.


Schaefer Needs to Resign for the Good of MD and His Party

Cy Guy Cy Guy writes  |  more than 8 years ago

MD is cursed with an extremely powerful former Democratic Governor who on a whim decided he wanted to keep working, so he ran and easily won (based on his strong performance as Governor) the job of State Comptroller. Ever since he has run the office as his own personal fiefdom - making life miserable for subsequent Governors of both parties.

Well, aparently being the second most powerful politician in MD state government is not enough for this guys ego, and he needs to have it 'stroked' some more by having buxom female staffers cater to his sexual whims. This manifested itself yesterday when he commanded a junior female member of Governor Ehrlich's staff shake her booty for him while at meeting in Annapolis.

When asked to explain his request to have the staffer return to the table then rewalk to the door so he could again 'observe her walk' he was not only unapologetic, but confrontational - saying he was the one who should be offended for even being questioned about his actions he said "She's a pretty little girl." She "ought to be damn happy that I observed her going out the door."

Look, as a male, I understand every healthy male leers at least occasionally, that whole industries if not societies and cultures are built on this. But when it's a man in a position of authority and the object of the leering is a subordinate, the man must restrain himself, and if caught be ashamed and apologetic.

This guy should never have returned to politics as his retirement career, and it's clear now that he is past his expiration date. I hope that every Democrat in the state - especially those currently holding political office, and those seeking political office - calls this guy's office and asks for his immediate resignation. He was given a chance to apologize and used it only to further sexually harrass the staffer - so now it's time to go.


Pamela Pitzer Willeford Bio

Cy Guy Cy Guy writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Just using this as a holding area to piece together what's available on the web about Willeford, I'll probably try to work it into a Wiki page if this story has any kids of legs at all. That said - only constructive comments or suggestions for additions please.


Hometown: Breckenridge, TX

Family: Husband - George ("Guests who stayed overnight at the White House between June 2002 and December 2003....George and Pam Willeford"* ; "is married to Austin physician Dr. George Willeford, III." * ; "her husband, Dr. George Willeford, III, a gastroenterologist in Austin." *)
Daughter: Emily Ann (class of 1995 St. Stephen's Episcopal School; class of 1999 Davidson College) (July 2005 - Present: FCC's Whitehouse Office tasked with intergovernmental relations. For one month last summer she held the title "Special Advisor for International Issues and Deputy Chief of Staff for FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, previously she worked Martin as Special Assistant for Legislative and Public Affairs from November 2001 until June 2005; and she worked at the National Economic Council in the White House Office before joining Martin's staff in November of 2001. Before that, she worked as a paid Legal Assistant on the Bush Cheney 2000 election campaign.
Daughter: Nancy Kathryn (Kate) (class of 1998 St. Stephen's Episcopal School; class of 2002 Vanderbilt University); Walter C. Wattles Fellow at Lloyd's of London 2002-2003. (She definately is the hottie of the two daughters. Good pic of her with her mother here, no other professional information on her though, a few Google hits for a Kathryn Willeford turned out to be someone else)

Fall 2003 - Present: U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland ("nominated by President George W. Bush on July 30, 2003," *; "Appointment: Oct 7, 2003; Presentation of Credentials: Nov 25, 2003" *)
2002 - January? 2003: Chair of TX Gov. Rick Perry's 2003 Innauguration ("The 2003 Texas Inaugural Committee, in a self-proclaimed spirit of openness, released a list of contributors with their pledge amounts before the June 30 disclosure deadline. Pam Willeford, inaugural committee chairwoman, said Perry and Dewhurst requested that no state funds be used to pay for the inauguration. The move was little more than a gesture, however, because the state sets aside only $100,000 -- less than 10 percent of the actual bill for the inauguration -- to help pay for the swearing-in ceremony." She previously Co-Chaired Bush's 1999 Gubernatorial Innauguration* & **)
"served for eight years on the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board" *

Campaign Contributions:
"Willeford and her immediate family contributed a total of $23,200 to Republicans during the 2000, 2002 and 2004 election cycles, including $7,000 to the Bush campaigns and an additional $500 to the Bush-Cheney recount fund established after the 2000 election." * - Center for Responsive Politics

Prior connections with Cheney:
She hosted a reception in Cheney's honor during the 2004 Davos conference.

UPDATE 1:25 AM: After working on this for about two hours, I see that the Dallas Morning News story says her husband was hunting on the same ranch that day, just a mile away. Presumably this means it would have been kind of dificult for tricky Dicky to practice a little bed-hopping over the weekend. So, I'm suspending this until further developments arise.


Bush Literally Stealing From Orphans & Widows

Cy Guy Cy Guy writes  |  more than 8 years ago

I had already heard on Air America that Bush's latest budget proposed eliminating the vestigial $255 "death benefit" from Social Security(one commentator noted the irony of cutting this while at the same time wanting to make the elimination of the Inheritance Tax (which the GOP incorrectly call the "Death Tax" - a levy that soley effects the estates of multimillionaires). Well today I see that is not the only cut he has planned for Social Security, he also plans to eliminate survivor benefits for teenagers that drop out of school.

Long-time readers of this journal might be aware that we have close friends who lost the father/husband in their family about two years ago. Such a loss has long-term emotional effects on kids, emotional effects that may contribute to problems in school. The thirteen-year-old daughter in this family is currently having some academic problems, and I don't know if she will be able to stay in school through graduation. So this change could have a direct effect on them.

I also find it yet another ironic proposal from the President that brought us "No Child Left Behind" because it seems directly targetted to leave behind some of the most vulnerable children in our society.


My call got through to the Stephanie Miller Show

Cy Guy Cy Guy writes  |  more than 8 years ago

I had an idea this morning regarding "human-animal hybrids" so I called it into the Stephanie Miller Show.

Here was my question/comment:

I'm wondering if the Human-Animal Hybrid thing is a backdoor way to kill stem-cell research as the only approved stem-cells are grown with mouse cells and therefor could be considered "human-animal hybrids."

Stephanie's response was something about Bush's record on anything science related, then a question about the noise on the phone which I said was my kids watching Barney - possibly a dinosaur-animal hybrid. (I meant to say human-dinosaur hybrid, but oh well.

I forgot to set my computer to record the live stream, but I may be able to get it tonight when it is re-broadcast on an Arizona station, but it's possible that station has dropped its Progressive Talk Radio format.


SOTU - Quick Transcript

Cy Guy Cy Guy writes  |  more than 8 years ago

9:11 Thank You All.
9:11 Mr. Speaker, Vice President
9:11 Cheney, Members of Congress and
9:11 Members of the Supreme Court
9:11 And Diplomatic Corps,
9:12 Distinguished Guests and Fellow
9:12 Citizens, Today Our Nation Lost
9:12 A Graceful, Courageous Woman
9:12 Hole Called America to Its
9:12 Founding Ideals and Carried on
9:12 A Noble Dream.
9:12 Tonight, We Are Comforted by
9:12 The Hope of a Glad Reunion with
9:12 The Husband Who Was Taken So
9:12 Long Ago and We're Grateful for
9:12 The Good Life of Cor Etta Scott
9:12 King.
9:12 [Applause]
9:12 Every Time I'm Invited to
9:13 This Rostrum, I'm Mindful of
9:13 The History We Have Seen
9:13 Together.
9:13 We Have Gathered under This
9:13 Capitol Dome under Moments of
9:13 National Achievement.
9:13 We Have Served America through
9:13 One of the Most Consequential
9:13 Periods of Our History, and It
9:13 Has Been My Honor to Serve with
9:13 You.
9:13 In a System of Two Parties, Two
9:13 Chambers and Two Elect
9:13 Branches, There Will Always Be
9:13 Differences and Debate.
9:13 But Even Tough Debates Can Be
9:13 Conducted in a Civil Tone and
9:13 Our Differences Cannot Be
9:13 Allowed to Harden into Anger.
9:13 To Confront the Great Issues
9:13 Before Us, We Must Act in a
9:13 Spirit of Goodwill and Respect
9:13 For One Another and I Will Do
9:13 My Part.
9:13 Tonight, the State of Our Union
9:13 Is Strong, and Together, We
9:13 Will Make It Stronger.
9:13 [Applause]
9:14 In This Decisive Year, You
9:14 And I Will Make Choices That
9:14 Will Determine the Future and
9:14 The Character of Our Country.
9:14 We Will Choose to Act
9:14 Confidently in Pursuing the
9:14 Enemies of Freedom or Retreat
9:15 From Our Duties in the Hope of
9:15 An Easier Life.
9:15 We Will Choose to Build Our
9:15 Prosperity by Leading the World
9:15 Economy, or Shut Ourselves off
9:15 From Trade and Opportunity.
9:15 In a Complex and Challenging
9:15 Time, the Road of Isolationism
9:15 And Protectionism May Seem
9:15 Broad and Inviting, Yet It Ends
9:15 In Danger and Decline.
9:15 The Only Way to Protect Our
9:15 People, the Only Way to Secure
9:15 The Peace, the Only Way to
9:15 Control Our Destiny Is by Our
9:15 Leadership So the United States
9:15 Of America Will Continue to
9:15 Lead.
9:15 [Applause]
9:15 Abroad Our Nation Is Committed
9:15 To an Historic Long-Term Goal.
9:15 We Seek the End of Tyranny in
9:15 Our World.
9:15 Some Dismiss That Goal as
9:15 Misguided I'dism.
9:15 Until Reality, the Future
9:15 Security of America Depends on
9:15 It.
9:15 On September 11, 2001, We Found
9:15 That Problems Originating in a
9:15 Failed and Oppressive State.
9:15 7,000 Miles Away Could Bring
9:15 Murder and Destruction to Our
9:15 Country.
9:15 Dictatorships Feature
9:15 Terrorists and Seek Weaments.
9:15 Deem Deems Replace Resentment
9:15 With Hope, Respect the Rights
9:15 Of Their Sit Severance and
9:15 Their Neighbors and Join the
9:15 Fight against Terror.
9:15 Ery Step toward Freedom in
9:15 The World Makes Our Country
9:16 Safer So We Will Act Boldly in
9:16 Freedom's Cause.
9:16 [Applause]
9:16 Far from Being a Hopeless
9:16 Dream, the Advance of Freedom
9:16 Is the Great Story of Our Time.
9:16 In 1945, There Were about Two
9:16 Dozen Lonely Democracies in the
9:16 World.
9:16 Today, There Are 122.
9:16 And We Are Writing a New
9:16 Chapter in the Story of the
9:16 Self Government, with Women
9:16 Lining up to Vote in
9:16 Afghanistan and Millions of
9:16 Iraqis Marking Their Liberty
9:16 And Women Frmeom Lebanon and
9:16 Egypt Debating Rights of
9:16 Individuals and the Necessity
9:16 Of Freedom.
9:16 At the Start of 2006, More than
9:16 Half the People of Our World
9:16 Live in Democratic Nations.
9:16 And We Do Not Forget the Other
9:16 Half.
9:16 In Places Like Syria and Burma
9:17 And Zimbabwe, North Korea and
9:17 Iran, Because the Demands of
9:17 Justice and the Peace of This
9:17 World Require Their Freedom as
9:17 Well.
9:17 [Applause]
9:17 No One Can Deny the Success
9:17 Of Freedom, but Some Men Rage
9:17 And Fight against It.
9:17 And One of the Main Sources of
9:17 Reaction and Opposition Is
9:17 Radical Islam, the per Version
9:17 By a Few of a Noble Faith into
9:17 An Ideology of Terror and
9:17 Death.
9:17 Terrorists Like Osama Bin Laden
9:17 Are Serious about Mass Murder
9:17 And All of Us Must Take Their
9:17 Declared Intentions Seriously.
9:17 They Seek to Impose a Heartless
9:17 System of Totalitarian Control
9:17 Throughout the Middle East and
9:17 Arm Themselves with Weapons of
9:18 Mass Murder.
9:18 Their Aim Is to Seize Power in
9:18 Iraq and Use It as a Safe Haven
9:18 To Launch Attacks against
9:18 America and the World.
9:18 Lacking the Military Strength
9:18 To Challenge Us Directly, the
9:18 Terrorists Have Chosen the
9:18 Weapon of Fear.
9:18 When They Murder Children in a
9:18 School or Blow up Commuters in
9:18 London or Be Head a Captive.
9:18 The Terrorists Hope These
9:18 Horrors Will Break Our Will,
9:18 Allowing the Violent to Inhert
9:18 The Earth, but They Have
9:18 Miscalculated.
9:18 We Love Our Freedom and We Will
9:18 Fight to Keep It.
9:18 [Applause]
9:19 In a Time of Testingc1
9:19 In a Time of Testing, We
9:19 Cannot Find Security by
9:19 Abandoning Our Commitments and
9:19 Retreating within Our Borders.
9:19 If We Were to Leave These
9:19 Vicious Attackers Lean, They
9:19 Would Not Leave Us Lean.
9:19 They Would Move the Battle Tee
9:19 Field to Our Own Shores.
9:19 There Is No Peace in Retreat
9:19 And No Honor in Retreat.
9:19 By Allowing Radical Islam to
9:19 Work Its Will, by Leaving an
9:19 Assaulted World to Fend for
9:19 Itself, We Would Signal to All
9:19 That We Know Longer Believe in
9:19 Our Yone I'd Eels or Our Own
9:19 Courage.
9:19 But Our Enemies and Our Friends
9:19 Can Be Certain.
9:19 The United States Will Not
9:19 Retreat from the World and We
9:19 Will Never Surrender to Evil.
9:19 [Applause]
9:20 America Rejects the False
9:20 Comfort of Isolationism.
9:20 We Are the Nation That Saved
9:20 Liberty in Europe and Liberated
9:20 Death Cam Ches and Faced down
9:20 An Evil Empire.
9:20 Once Again, We Accept the Call
9:20 Of History to Deliver the Op
9:20 Pressed and Move This World
9:20 Toward Peace.
9:20 We Remain on the Offensive
9:20 Against Terror Networks.
9:20 We Have Killed or Captured Many
9:20 Of Their Leaders.
9:20 And for the Others, Their Day
9:20 Will Come.
9:20 We Remain on the Offensive in
9:20 Afghanistan, Where a Fine
9:20 President and a National
9:20 Assembly Are Fighting Terror
9:20 While Buildings the
9:20 Institutions of Of a New
9:20 Democracy.
9:20 We Are on the Offensive in Iraq
9:20 With a Clear Plan for Victory.
9:21 We Are Helping Iraqis Build an
9:21 Inclusive Government So Old
9:21 Resentments Will Be Eased and
9:21 The Insurgency Will Be
9:21 Marginalized.
9:21 We Are Helping the Iraqi
9:21 Government to Fight Corruption
9:21 And Build a Modern Economy So
9:21 All Iraqis Can Experience the
9:21 Benefits of Freedom.
9:21 And Third, We Are Striking
9:21 Terrorist Targets While We
9:21 Train Iraqi Forces That Are
9:21 Increasingly Capable of
9:21 Defeating the Enemy.
9:21 Iraqis Are Showing Their
9:21 Courage Every Day and We Are
9:21 Proud to Be Their Allies in the
9:21 Cause of Freedom.
9:21 [Applause]
9:21 Our Work in Iraq Is
9:21 Difficult, Because Our Enemy Is
9:21 Brutal.
9:21 But That Brutality Has Not
9:21 Stopped the Progress of a New
9:21 Democracy.
9:21 In Less than Three Years, the
9:21 Nation Has Gone from
9:22 Dictatorship to Liberation, to
9:22 Sofrpblt to a Constitution to
9:22 National Elections.
9:22 At the Same Time Our Coalition
9:22 Has Been Relentless in Shutting
9:22 Off Terrorist Infiltration and
9:22 Turning over Territory to Iraqi
9:22 Security Forces.
9:22 I'm Confident in Our Plan for
9:22 Victory and Confident in the
9:22 Will of the Iraqi People, I'm
9:22 Confident in the Skill and
9:22 Spirit of Our Military.
9:22 Fellow Citizens, We Are in This
9:22 Fight to Win, and We Are
9:22 Winning.
9:22 [Applause]
9:22 The Road of Victory Is the
9:22 Road That Will Take Our Troops
9:22 Home.
9:22 As We Make Progress on the
9:22 Ground and Iraqi Forces Take
9:22 The Lead, We Should Be Able to
9:23 Further Decrease Our Troop
9:23 Levels, but Those Decisions
9:23 Will Be Made by Our Military
9:23 Commanders, Not by Politicians
9:23 In Washington, D.C.
9:23 [Applause]
9:23 Our Coalition Has Learned
9:23 From Our Experience in Iraq.
9:23 We Have Adjusted Our Military
9:23 Tactics and Changed Our
9:23 Approach to Reconstruction.
9:23 Along the Way, We Have
9:23 Benefited from Responsible
9:24 Criticism and Council, Offered
9:24 By Members of Congress of Both
9:24 Parties.
9:24 In the Coming Year, I Wili
9:24 Continue to Reach out and Seek
9:24 Your Good Advice, Yet There Is
9:24 A Difference between
9:24 Responsible Criticism That Aims
9:24 For Success and Defeatism That
9:24 Refuses to Acknowledge Anything
9:24 But Failure.
9:24 Hindsight Lean Is Not Wisdom
9:24 And Second Guessing Is Not a
9:24 Strategy.
9:24 [Applause]
9:24 With So Much in the Balance,
9:24 Those of Us in Public Office
9:24 Have a Duty to Speak with
9:24 Candidateor, a Sudden
9:24 Withdrawal from Our Forces
9:24 Would Abandoned Our Allies.
9:24 We Put Men Like Osama Bin Laden
9:24 And Zarqawi in Charge of AR
9:24 Country and Shows That a Pledge
9:24 From America Means Little.
9:24 Members of Congress, However We
9:24 Feel about the Decisions and
9:24 Debates of the past, Our Nation
9:24 Has Only One Option, We Must
9:24 Keep Our Word, Defeat Our
9:24 Enemies and Stand behind the
9:24 American Military in This Vital
9:24 Mission.
9:24 [Applause]
9:25 Our Men and Women in Uniform
9:25 Are Making Sacrifices and
9:25 Showing a Sense of Duty
9:25 Stronger than All Fear.
9:25 They Know What It's Like to
9:25 Fight House to House, to Wear
9:25 Heavy Gear in the Desert Heat,
9:25 To See a Comrade Killed by a
9:25 Roadside Bomb.
9:25 And Those Who Know the Costs
9:25 Also Know the Stakes.
9:25 Marine Staff Sergeant Dan Clay
9:25 Was Killed Last Month Fighting
9:25 In Fallujah.
9:25 He Left behind a Letter to His
9:25 Family, but His Words Could
9:25 Just as Well Be Addressed to
9:25 Every American.
9:25 Here's What Dan Wrote.
9:26 I Know What Honor Is.
9:26 It Has Been an Honor to Protect
9:26 And Serve All of You.
9:26 I Faced Death with the Secure
9:26 Knowledge That You Would Not
9:26 Have to.
9:26 Never Facilitier.
9:26 Don't Hesitate to Honor and
9:26 Support Those of Us Who Have
9:26 The Honor of Protecting That
9:26 Which Is Worth Protecting.
9:26 Staff Sergeant Dan Clay's Wife
9:26 Lisa and His Mom and Dad Are
9:26 Withis Evening.
9:26 Welcome.
9:26 [Applause]
9:27 Our Nation Is Grateful to
9:27 The Fallen Who Live in the
9:27 Memory of Our Country.
9:27 We Are Greatful to All Who Wear
9:27 Our Nation's Uniform.
9:27 Let Us Never Forget the
9:27 Sacrifices of America's
9:27 Military Families.
9:27 [Applause]
9:28 Our Offensive against Terror
9:28 Involves More than Military
9:28 Action.
9:28 Ultimately, the Only Way to
9:28 Defeat the Terrorists Is to
9:28 Defeat Their Dark Vision of
9:28 Hatred and Fear by Offering the
9:28 Hopeful Alternative of
9:28 Political Freedom and Peaceful
9:28 Change.
9:28 So the United States of America
9:28 Supports Democratic Reform
9:28 Across the Broader Middle East.
9:28 Elections Are Vital, but They
9:28 Are Only the Beginning.
9:28 Raising up a Democracy Requires
9:28 The Rule of Law and Protection
9:28 Of Minorities and Strong
9:28 Accountable Institutions That
9:28 Last Longer than a Single Vote.
9:28 The Great People of Egypt Voted
9:28 In a Multiparty Presidential
9:28 Election and Now the Government
9:28 Should Open Paths of Peaceful
9:28 Opposition That Will Reduce the
9:28 Appeal of Radicalism Sm the
9:28 Palestinian People Have Voted
9:28 In Elections and Now the
9:29 Leaders of Hamas Must Recognize
9:29 Israel, Disarm, Reject
9:29 Terrorism and Work for Lasting
9:29 Peace.
9:29 [Applause]
9:29 Saudi Arabia Has Taken the
9:29 First Steps to Reform.
9:29 Now Itthe
9:29 First Steps to Reform.
9:29 Now It Can Offer Its People a
9:29 Better Future by Pressing
9:29 Forward with Those Efforts.
9:29 Democracies in the Middle East
9:29 Will Not Look Like Our Own,
9:29 Because They Will Reflect the
9:29 Traditions of Their Own
9:29 Citizens, Yet Liberty Is the
9:29 Future of Every Nation in the
9:29 Middle East, Because Liberty Is
9:29 The Right and Hope of All
9:29 Humidity.
9:30 [Applause]
9:30 Humanitarian
9:30 The Same Is True of Iran, a
9:30 Nation Now Held Hostage by a
9:30 Small Clerical Alight That Is
9:30 Isolating and Op Pressinging
9:30 Its People.
9:30 And That Must Come to an End.
9:30 [Applause]
9:30 The Iranian Government Has
9:30 Defined the World with Its
9:30 Nuclear Ambitions and the
9:30 Nation of the World Must Not
9:30 Permit the Iranian Regime to
9:30 Gain Nuclear Weapons.
9:30 [Applause]
9:30 America Will Continue to Rally
9:30 The World to Confront These
9:30 Threats.
9:30 Tonight, Lets Me Speak Directly
9:30 To the Citizens of Iran.
9:30 America Respects You and We
9:31 Respect Your Country.
9:31 We Respect Your Right to Choose
9:31 Your Own Future and Win Your
9:31 Own Freedom.
9:31 And Our Nation Hopes One Day to
9:31 Be the Closest of Friends with
9:31 The Free and Democratic Iran.
9:31 [Applause]
9:31 To Overcome Dangers in Our
9:31 World We Must Take the
9:31 Offensive by Encouraging
9:31 Economic Progress in Fighting
9:31 Disease and Spreading Hope in
9:31 Hopeless Lands.
9:31 Isolationism Would Not Only Tie
9:31 Our Hands in Fighting Enemies,
9:31 It Would Keep Us from Helping
9:31 Our Friends in Desperate Need.
9:31 We Show Compassion Abroad
9:31 Because Americans Believe in
9:31 The God Given Worth of a
9:31 Villager with AIDs or a Refugee
9:32 Fleeing Genocide or a Young
9:32 Girl Sold into Slavery.
9:32 We Show Compassion Abroad
9:32 Because of Poverty, Corruption
9:32 And Despair Are Sources of
9:32 Terrorism, Organized Crime and
9:32 Human Trafficking in the Drug
9:32 Trade.
9:32 In Recent Years, You and I Have
9:32 Taken Unprecedented Action to
9:32 Fight AIDs and Malaria, Expand
9:32 The Education of Girls and
9:32 Reward Developing Nations That
9:32 Are Moving Forward with
9:32 Economic and Political Reform.
9:32 For People Everywhere, the
9:32 United States Is a Partner for
9:32 A Better Life.
9:32 Short Changing These Efforts
9:32 Would Increase the Suffering
9:32 And Chaos of Our World,
9:32 Undercut Our Long-Term Security
9:32 And Dole the Conscience of Our
9:32 Country.
9:32 I Urge Members of Congress to
9:32 Serve the Interests of America
9:32 By Showing the Compassion of
9:32 America.
9:32 Our Country Must Also Remain on
9:32 The Offensive against Trirm
9:32 Here at Home.
9:32 The Enemy Has Not Lost the
9:32 Desire or Capability to Attack
9:33 Us.
9:33 Fortunately, This Nation Has
9:33 Superb Profession in Law
9:33 Enforcement, Intelligence, the
9:33 Military and Homeland Security.
9:33 These Men and Women Are
9:33 Dedicating Their Lives
9:33 Protecting Us All and They
9:33 Deserve Our Support and Our
9:33 Thanks.
9:33 [Applause]
9:33 They Also Deserve the Same
9:33 Toolts They Already Use to
9:33 Fight Drug Trafficking and
9:33 Organized Crime, So I Ask You
9:33 To Reauthorize the Patriot Act.
9:34 [Applause]
9:34 It Is Said That Prior to the
9:34 Attacks of September 11, Our
9:34 Government Failed to Connect
9:34 The Dots of the Conspiracy.
9:34 We Now Know That Two of the
9:34 Hijackers in the United States
9:34 Placed Telephone Calls to AL
9:34 Qaeda Operativesoverseas.
9:34 But We Did Not Know about Their
9:34 Plans until It Was Too Late.
9:34 So to Prevent Another Attack,
9:34 Based on Authority Given to Me
9:34 By the Constitution and by

9:34 Statute, I Have Authorized a
9:34 Terrorist Surveillance Program
9:34 To Aggressively Pursue the
9:34 International Communications of
9:34 Suspected AL Qaeda Operatives
9:34 And Affiliates to and from
9:34 America.
9:34 Previous Presidents Have Used
9:34 The Same Constitutional
9:34 Authority I Have and Federal
9:34 Courts Have Approved the Use of
9:34 That Authority.
9:34 Appropriate Members of Congress
9:34 Have Been Kept Informed.
9:34 The Terrorist Surveillance
9:35 Program Has Helped Prevent
9:35 Terrorist Attacks.
9:35 It Remains Essential to the
9:35 Security of America.
9:35 If There Are People Inside Our
9:35 Country Who Are Talking with AL
9:35 Qaeda, We Want to Know about
9:35 It, Because We Will Not Sit
9:35 Back and Wait to Be Hit Again.
9:35 [Applause]
9:35 In All These Areas, from the
9:35 Disruption of Terror Networks
9:35 To Victory in Iraq, to the
9:35 Spread of Freedom and Hope in
9:35 Troubled Regions, We Need the
9:35 Support of Our Friends and
9:35 Allies.
9:35 To Draw That Support, We Must
9:35 Always Be Clear in Our
9:35 Principals and Willing to Act.
9:35 The Only Alternative to
9:35 American Leadership Is a
9:36 Dramatic Ale More Dangerous
9:36 World.
9:36 Yet We Choose to Lead Because
9:36 It Is a Privilege to Serve the
9:36 Values That Gave Us Birth.
9:36 American Leaders from Roosevelt
9:36 To Truman to Kennedy to Reagan
9:36 Rejected Isolation and Retreat,
9:36 Because They Knew That America
9:36 Is Always More Secure When
9:36 Freedom Is on the March.
9:36 Our Own Generation Is in a Long
9:36 War against a Determined Enemy,
9:36 A War That Will Be Fought by
9:36 Presidents of Both Parties Who
9:36 Will Need Sted Bipartisan
9:36 Support from the Congress.
9:36 And Tonight, I Ask for Yours.
9:36 Together Let Us Protect Our
9:36 Country, Support the Men and
9:36 Women Who Defend Us, and Lead
9:36 This World toward Freedom.
9:36 [Applause]
9:37 Here at Home, America Also
9:37 Has a Great Opportunity, We
9:37 Will Build the Prosperity of
9:37 Our Country, by Strength Then
9:37 Our Economic Leadership in the
9:37 World.
9:37 Our Economy Is Healthy and
9:37 Vigorous and Growing Faster
9:37 Than Other Major Strilized
9:37 Nations.
9:37 In the Last Two and a Half
9:37 Years, America Has Created 4.6
9:37 Million New Jobs More than
9:37 Japan and the European Union
9:37 Combined.
9:37 [Applause]
9:37 Even in the Face of Higher
9:37 Energy Prices and Natural
9:37 Disasters, the American People
9:37 Have Turned in an Economic
9:37 Performance That Is the Envy of
9:37 The World.
9:37 The American Economy Is
9:37 Preeminent Btwe Cannot Afford
9:37 To Be Complacent.
9:37 In a Dynamic World Economy, We
9:38 Are Seeing New Competitors Like
9:38 India and China and This
9:38 Creates Uncertainty Which Makes
9:38 It Easy to Feed People's
9:38 Fierce.
9:38 We Are Seeing Some
9:38 Temptations Return,
9:38 Protectionists Want to Escape
9:38 Competition Pretending We Can
9:38 Keep Our High Standard of
9:38 Living.
9:38 Others Say the Government Needs
9:38 To Take a Larger Role in
9:38 Directing the Economy,
9:38 Centralizing More Power in
9:38 Washington and Increasing
9:38 Taxes.
9:38 We Hear Claims That Immigrants
9:38 Are Somehow Bad for the
9:38 Economy, Even Though This
9:38 Economy Could Not Function
9:38 Without Them.
9:38 [Applause]
9:38 All These Are Forms of
9:38 Economic Retreat.
9:38 And They Lead in the Same
9:39 Direction towards a Stagnant
9:39 And Second-Rate Economy.
9:39 Tonight, I Will Set out a
9:39 Better Path, a Generation That
9:39 Competes with Confidence, an
9:39 Agenda That Will Raise
9:39 Standards of Living and
9:39 Generate New Jobs.
9:39 Americans Should Not Fear Our
9:39 Economic Future, Because We
9:39 Intend to Shape It.
9:39 Keeping Ric Competitive
9:39 Begins with Keeping Our Economy
9:39 Growing.
9:39 And Our Economy Grows When
9:39 Americans Have More Money to
9:39 Spend, Save and Invest.
9:39 In the Last Five Years, the Tax
9:39 Relief You Passed Left $880
9:39 Billion in the Hands of
9:39 American Workers, Investors,
9:39 Small Businesses and Families,
9:39 And They Have Used It to Help
9:39 Produce More than Four Years of
9:39 Uninterrupted Economic Growth.
9:39 [Applause]
9:39 Yet the Tax Relief Is Set to
9:39 Expire in the Next Few Years.
9:40 If We Do Nothing, American
9:40 Families Will Face a Massive
9:40 Tax Increase They Do Not Expect
9:40 And Will Not Welcome, Because
9:40 America Needs More than a
9:40 Temporary Expansion, We Need
9:40 More than Temporary Tax Relief.
9:40 I Urge the Congress to Act
9:40 Responsibly and Make the Tax
9:40 Cuts Permanent.
9:40 [Applause]
9:40 Keeping America Competitive
9:40 Requires Us to Be Good Stewards
9:40 Of Tax Dollars.
9:40 Of Tax Dollars.
9:40 Every Year of My Presidency, We
9:40 Reduced the Growth of Nondiss
9:40 Discretionary Spending and Last
9:40 Year, You Passed Bills That Cut
9:40 The Spending.
9:40 My Budget Will Cut It Again and
9:40 Eliminate More than 140
9:40 Programs That Are Performing
9:41 Poorly or Not Fulfilling
9:41 Essential Priorities.
9:41 Bypassing These Reforms, We
9:41 Will Save the American Taxpayer
9:41 Another $14 Billion and Stay on
9:41 Track to Cut the Deficit in
9:41 Half by 2009 [Applause]
9:41 I'm Pleased That Members of
9:41 Congress Are Working on Earmark
9:41 Reform, Because the Federal
9:41 Budget Has Too Many Special
9:41 Interest Projects and We Can
9:41 Tackle This Problem Together If
9:41 You past Line Item Veto.
9:41 [Applause]
9:42 We Must Confront the Larger
9:42 Challenge of Mandatory Spending
9:42 Or Entitlements.
9:42 This Year, the First of about
9:42 78 Million Babe Boomers
9:42 Including Two of My Dad's
9:42 Favorite People, Me and
9:42 President Clinton.
9:42 This Milestone Is More than a
9:42 Personal Crisis, It Is a
9:42 National Challenge.
9:42 The Retirement of the Babe Boom
9:42 Generation Will Put
9:42 Unprecedented Strains.
9:43 By 2030, Spending for Social
9:43 Security, Medicare and Medicaid
9:43 Will Be Almost 60% Of the
9:43 Entire Federal Budget and That
9:43 Will Present Future Congresses
9:43 With Impossible Choices,
9:43 Staggering Price Increases,
9:43 Deep Cuts in Every Category of
9:43 Spending.
9:43 Congress Did Not Act Last Year
9:43 On My Proposal to Save Scial
9:43 Security.
9:43 [Applause]
9:43 Yet the Rising Costs of
9:43 Entitlements Is a Problem That
9:43 Is Not Going Away.
9:43 [Applause]
9:43 And Every Year, We Fail to
9:43 Act, the Situation Gets Worse,
9:43 So Tonight I Ask You to Join Me
9:43 In Creating a Commission to
9:43 Examine the Full Impact of Baby
9:43 Boom Retirements on Social
9:43 Security, Medicare and
9:43 Medicaid.
9:43 This Commission Should Include
9:43 Members of Congress of Both
9:43 Parties and over Bipartisan
9:43 Solutions.
9:44 We Need to Put Aside Partisan
9:44 Politics and Work Together and
9:44 Get This Problem Solved.
9:44 [Applause]
9:44 Keeping America Competitive
9:44 Requires Us to Open More
9:44 Markets for All That Americans
9:44 Make and Grow.
9:44 One out of Every Five Factory
9:44 Jobs in America Is Related to
9:44 Global Trade and We Want People
9:44 Everywhere to Buy American.
9:44 With Open Markets and a Level
9:44 Playing Field, No One Can
9:44 Outproduce or Outcompete the
9:44 American Worker.
9:44 [Applause]
9:45 Keeping America Competitive
9:45 Requires an Immigration System
9:45 That Upholds Our Laws, Reflects
9:45 Our Values and Serves the
9:45 Interests of Our Economy.
9:45 Our Nation Needs Orderly and
9:45 Secure Borders.
9:45 [Applause]
9:45 To Meet This Goal, We This Goal, We Must
9:45 Have Str
9:45 To Meet This Goal, We Must
9:45 Have Stronger Immigration
9:45 Enforcement and Border
9:45 Protection.
9:45 [Applause]
9:45 And We Must Have a Rational,
9:45 Humane Guest Worker Program
9:45 That Rejects Amnesty, Allows
9:45 Temporary Jobs for People Who
9:45 Seek Them Legally and Reduces
9:45 Smuggling and Crime at the
9:45 Border.
9:45 [Applause]
9:46 Keeping America Competitive Irffrdablehealth
9:46 CARE.
9:46 [Applause]
9:46 Our Government Has a
9:46 Responsibility to Provide
9:46 Health CARe for the Poor and
9:46 The Elderly and We Are Meeting
9:46 That Responsibility.
9:46 For All Americans, for All
9:46 Americans, We Must Confront the
9:46 Rising Cost of CARE, Strengthen
9:46 The Doctor-Patient Relationship
9:46 And Help People Afford the
9:46 Insurance Coverage They Need.
9:46 We Will Make Wider Use of
9:46 Electronic Records and Other
9:46 Health Information Technology
9:46 To Help Control Costs and
9:46 Reduce Dangerous Medical Roars.
9:46 We Will Strengthen Health
9:46 Saving Accounts Making Sure
9:46 Employees Can Buy Insurance
9:46 With the Same Employees Working
9:46 For Big Businesses Get.
9:46 [Applause]
9:47 We Will Do More to Make This
9:47 Coverage Portable So Workers
9:47 Can Switch Jobs without Having
9:47 To Worry about Losing Their
9:47 Health Insurance.
9:47 [Applause]
9:47 .
9:47 And Because Lawsuits Are
9:47 Driving Many Good Doctors out
9:47 Of Practice, Leaving Women and
9:47 Nearly 1,500 American Counties
9:47 Without a Single Ob-Gyn, I Ask
9:47 Congress TPS Medical Reform
9:47 This Year.
9:47 [Applause]
9:47 Keeping America Competitive
9:47 Requires Affordable Energy, and
9:47 Here We Have a Serious Problem.
9:47 America Is Addicted to Oil,
9:47 Which Is Often Imported from
9:47 Unstable Parts of the World.
9:47 The Best Way to Break This
9:47 Addition Is through Technology.
9:47 Since 2001, We Have Sfent
9:47 Nearly $10 Billion to Develop
9:48 Cleaner, Cheaper and Morality
9:48 Knife Reliable Energy Sources
9:48 And We Are on the Threshold of
9:48 Incredible Advances.
9:48 So Tonight, I Announce the
9:48 Advanced Initiative, a 22%
9:48 Increase in Clean Energy
9:48 Research at the Department of
9:48 Energy to Push for Break Thruse
9:48 In Two Vital Areas, to Change
9:48 How We Power Our Homes and
9:48 Offices, Revolutionary Solar
9:48 And Wind Technologies and
9:48 Clean, Safe, Nuclear Energy.
9:48 [Applause]
9:48 We Must Also Change How We
9:48 Power Our Automobiles.
9:48 We Will Increase Our Research
9:48 In Better Batteries for Hybrid
9:48 And Pollution Free Cars That
9:48 Run on Lie Drow Again.
9:49 And Cutting Edge Methods in
9:49 Producing Eggetnol from Wood
9:49 Chips and Stalks and Switch
9:49 Grass.
9:49 Our Goal Is to Make This New
9:49 Eggetnol Competitive within Six
9:49 Years.
9:49 [Applause]
9:49 Breakthroughs on This and
9:49 Other New Technologies Will
9:49 Help Us Reac
9:49 Other New Technologies Will
9:49 Help Us Reach Another Great
9:49 Goal, to Replace 75% Of Our Oil
9:49 Imports from the Middle East by
9:49 2025.
9:49 [Applause]
9:49 By Applying the Talent and
9:49 Technology of America, This
9:49 Country Can Improve Our
9:49 Environment, Move beyond a
9:49 Petroleum-Based Economy and
9:49 Make Our Dependens on Middle
9:49 East Oil a Thing of the past.
9:50 [Applause]
9:50 And to Keep America
9:50 Competitive, One Commitment Is
9:50 Necessary above All.
9:50 We Must Continue to Lead the
9:50 World in Human Talent and
9:50 Creatist.
9:50 Our Greatest Advantage in the
9:50 World Has Always Been Our
9:50 Educated, Hard Working and
9:50 Ambitious People and We Are
9:50 Going to Keep That Edge.
9:50 Tonight I Announce the American
9:50 Competitiveness Initiative to
9:50 Encourage Our Economy and Give
9:50 Our Nation's Children a Firm
9:50 Grounding in Math and Science.
9:50 [Applause]
9:50 First, I Propose to Double
9:51 The Federal Commitment to the
9:51 Most Critical Basic Research
9:51 Programs in the Physical
9:51 Sciences over the Next 10
9:51 Years.
9:51 This Funding Will Support the
9:51 Work of America's Most Creative
9:51 Minds Such as They Explore
9:51 Supercomputing and Alternative
9:51 Energy Sources.
9:51 I Propose to Make Permanent the
9:51 Research and Development Tax
9:51 Credit to Encourage Bolder,
9:51 Private Sector Initiative and
9:51 Technology.
9:51 With More Research in Both the
9:51 Public and Private Sectors, We
9:51 Will Improve Our Quality of
9:51 Life and Ensure That America
9:51 Will Lead the World in
9:51 Opportunity and Inovation for
9:51 Decades to Come.
9:51 [Applause]
9:51 Third, We Need to Encourage
9:51 Children to Take More Math and
9:51 Science and to Make Sure Those ND
9:51 Science and to Make Sure Those
9:51 Courses Are Rigorous Enough to
9:51 Compete with Other Nations.
9:51 We Made a Good Start in the
9:52 Early Grades with the No Child
9:52 Left behind Act, Which Is
9:52 Raising Standards and Lifting
9:52 Test Scores across Our Country.
9:52 Tonight I Propose to Train
9:52 Teachers to Lead a and Science.
9:52 Hers to Lead Advance
9:52 Courses in Math and Science.
9:52 Bring 30,000 Math and Science
9:52 Professionals to Teach in
9:52 Classrooms and Give Early Help
9:52 To Students Who Struggle with
9:52 Math So They Have a Chance at
9:52 Good Jobs.
9:52 If We Ensure That America's
9:52 Children Succeed in Life, They
9:52 Will Ensure That America
9:52 Succeeds in the World.
9:52 [Applause]
9:52 Preparing Our Nation to
9:52 Compete in the World Is a Goal
9:52 That All of Us Can Share.
9:52 I Urge You to Support the
9:53 American Competitiveness
9:53 Initiative and Together, We
9:53 Will Show the World What the
9:53 American People Can Achieve.
9:53 America Is a Great Force for
9:53 Freedom and Prosperity.
9:53 Yet, Our Greatness Is Not
9:53 Measured in Power or Lucks You
9:53 Are Yees, but by Who We Are and
9:53 How We Treat One Another.
9:53 So We Strive to Be a
9:53 Compassionate, Decent, Hopeful
9:53 Society.
9:53 In Recent Years, America Has
9:53 Become a More Hopeful Nation.
9:53 Violent Crime Rates Have Fallen
9:53 To Their Lowest Levels.
9:53 Welfare Cases Have Dropped by
9:53 More than Half over the past
9:53 Decade.
9:53 Drug Use among Youth Is down
9:53 19% Since 2001.
9:53 There Are Fewer Abortions in
9:53 America than at Any Point in
9:53 The Last Three Decades and the
9:53 Number of Children Born to
9:53 Teenage Mothers Has Been
9:53 Falling for a Dozen Years in a
9:53 Row.
9:53 [Applause]
9:53 [Applause]
9:53 Snoor
9:53 These Gains Are Evidence of
9:53 A Quiet Transformation, a
9:54 Revolution of Conscience in
9:54 Which a Rising Generation Is
9:54 Finding That a Life of Personal
9:54 Responsibility Is a Life of
9:54 Fulfillment.
9:54 Government Has Played a Role.
9:54 Wise Policies Such as Welfare
9:54 And and Stinens and Adoption
9:54 Have Made a Difference.
9:54 And Everyone Here Tonight,
9:54 Democrat and Republican Has a
9:54 Right to Be Proud of This
9:54 Record.
9:54 [Applause]
9:54 Yet Many Americans, Especially
9:54 Parents Have Deep Concerns
9:55 About the Direction of Our
9:55 Culture and the Health of Our
9:55 Most Basic Institutions.
9:55 They Are Concerned about
9:55 Unethical Conduct by Public
9:55 Officials and Discouraged by
9:55 Activist Courts.
9:55 They Worry about Children in
9:55 Our Society Who Need Direction
9:55 And Love.
9:55 And about Fellow Citizens Still
9:55 Displaced by Natural Disaster
9:55 And Suffering Caused by
9:55 Treatable Diseases.
9:55 As We Look at These Challenges,
9:55 We Must Never Give into the
9:55 Belief That America Is in
9:55 Decline or That Our Culture Is
9:55 Doomed to Unravel.
9:55 The American People Know Better
9:55 Than That.
9:55 We Have Proven the Pest Midst
9:55 Wrong before and We Will Do It
9:55 Again.
9:55 [Applause]
9:55 Society Depends on Course
9:55 That Equal Justice under the
9:55 Law.
9:55 The Supreme Court Has Two New
9:55 Members, Chief Justice John 6 C1
9:55 Members, Chief Justice John
9:55 Roberts and Justice Sam Alito.
9:55 [Applause]
9:56 I Thank the Senate for Coven
9:56 Firming Both of Them.
9:56 I Will Continue to Nominate Men
9:56 And Women That Judges Must Be
9:56 Servants of the Law and Not
9:56 Legislation from the Bench.
9:56 [Applause]
9:56 Today Marks the Official
9:56 Retirement of a Very Special
9:56 American.
9:56 For 24 Years Her Faithful
9:56 Service to the Nation.
9:56 The United States Is Grateful
9:56 To Justice Sandra Day O'connor.
9:56 [Applause]
9:56 Hopeful Society Has
9:56 Institutions of Science and
9:56 Medicine That Do Not Cut
9:57 Ethical Corners and Recognize
9:57 The Matchless Value of Every
9:57 Life.
9:57 I Ask You to Pass Legislation
9:57 To Prohibit the Most Agriegeous
9:57 Abuses, Human Cloning, Creating
9:57 Or Implanting Embring Oost for
9:57 Experiments, Creating Animal
9:57 Hybrids in Buying, Selling or
9:57 Patenting Human Embring Oost.
9:57 Human Life Is a Gift from Our
9:57 Creator and That Should Never
9:57 Be Devalued or Put up for Sale.
9:57 [Applause]
9:57 Hopeful Society Expects
9:57 Elected Officials to Uphold the
9:57 Public Trust.
9:57 Honorable People in Both
9:57 Parties Are Working on Reforms
9:57 To Strengthen the Ethical
9:57 To Strengthen the Ethical
9:57 Standards of Washington.
9:58 I Support Your Efforts.
9:58 Each of Us Has Made a Pledge to
9:58 Be Worth of Public
9:58 Responsibility and That Is a
9:58 Pledge We Must Never Forgets,
9:58 Never Dismiss and Never Betray.
9:58 [Applause]
9:58 As We Renew the Promise of
9:58 Our Institutions, Let Us Also
9:58 Show the Character of America
9:58 In Our Compassion and CARe for
9:58 One Another.
9:58 A Hopeful Society Gives Special
9:58 Attention to Children Who Lack
9:58 Direction and Love.
9:58 Through the Helping America's
9:58 Youth Initiative, We Are
9:58 Encouraging Adults to Get
9:58 Involved in the Life of a Child
9:58 And That Work Is Being Led by
9:58 Our First Lady, Laura Bush.
9:59 [Applause]
9:59 This Dwreer, We Will Add
9:59 Resources to Encourage Young
9:59 People to Stay in School, So
9:59 More of America's Youth Can
9:59 Raise Their Sights.
9:59 A Hopeful Society Comes to the
9:59 Aid of Fellow Citizens and
9:59 Stays at It until They Are Back
9:59 On Their Feet.
9:59 So Far, the Federal Government
9:59 Has Committed $85 Billion to
9:59 The People of the Gulf Coast of
9:59 New Orleans.
9:59 We Are Removing Debris and
9:59 Repairing Highways and Building
9:59 Stronger Levees and Providing
9:59 Business Loans and Housing
9:59 Assistance, Yet as They Meet
9:59 These Immediate Needs We Must
9:59 Address Deeper Challenges than
9:59 Before the Storm Arrived.
9:59 New Orleans and Other Places,
9:59 Many of Our Fellow Citizens
9:59 Have Felt Excluded from the
9:59 Promise of Our Country.
9:59 The Answer Is Not Only
9:59 Temporary Relief but Schools
10:00 That Teach Every Child and Job
10:00 Skills That Bring Upward
10:00 Mobility and More Opportunities
10:00 To Own a Home and Start a
10:00 Business.
10:00 As We Recover from a Disaster,
10:00 Let Us Also Work for the Day
10:00 When All Americans Are
10:00 Protected by Justice, Equal and
10:00 Hope and Rich in Opportunity.
10:00 [Applause]
10:00 A Hopeful Society Acts
10:00 Boldly to Fight Diseases Like
10:00 Himplet I.V. AIDS.
10:00 More than a Million Americans
10:00 Live with AIDS Cases and More
10:00 Than Half Occur in African
10:00 Americans.
10:00 I Congress to Reform the Ryan
10:00 White Act and End the Waiting
10:00 10:00 List for AIDS Medicines in
10:00 America.
10:01 [Applause]
10:01 We Will Lead a Nationwide
10:01 Effort, Working Closely with
10:01 African American Churches and
10:01 Faith-Based Groups to Develop
10:01 AIDS Test to Millions and End
10:01 The Stigma of AIDs and Come
10:01 Closer to the Day When There
10:01 Are No New Infections in
10:01 America.
10:01 [Applause]
10:01 Fellow Citizens, We Have
10:01 Been Called the Leadership in a
10:01 Period of Consequence.
10:01 We Have Entered a Great
10:01 Ideological Conflict We Did
10:01 Nothing to Invite.
10:01 We See Great Changes in Science
10:01 And Commerce That Will
10:01 Influence All of Our Lives.
10:01 Sometimes, It Can Seem That
10:01 History Is Turning in a Wide
10:01 Arc toward an Unknown Shore,
10:01 Yet the History of Human Action
10:01 Is Every Great Movement of
10:01 History Comes to a Point of
10:01 Choosing.
10:02 Lincoln Could Have Accepted
10:02 Peace at the Cost of Disunity
10:02 And Continued Slavery.
10:02 Martin Luther King Could Have
10:02 Achieved Half a Victory over
10:02 Segregation.
10:02 The United States Could Have
10:02 Accepted the Permanent Division
10:02 Of Europe and Been Complicit in
10:02 The Oppression of Others.
10:02 Today, Having Come Far in Our
10:02 Own Journey, We Must Decide,
10:02 Will We Turn Back or Finish
10:02 Well?
10:02 Before History Is Written down
10:02 In Books, It Is Written in
10:02 Courage.
10:02 Like Americans before Us, We
10:02 Will Show That Courage and We
10:02 Will Tinish Well.
10:02 We Will Lead Freedom's Advance.
10:02 We Will Compete and Compel in
10:02 The Global Economy.
10:02 We Will Define the Moral
10:02 Commitments of This Land.
10:02 And So We Move Forward,
10:02 Optimistic about Our Country,
10:02 Faithful to Its Cause and
10:02 Confident of the Victories to
10:02 Come.
10:03 May God Bless America.
10:03 [Applause]

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