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How Can Nintendo Recover?

Cyberglich my ideas (559 comments)

Short term #1 slash the price of the WII-U down to $149 with a AAA pack-in game. #2 Launch a monthly sub service as a sort of virtual Netflix/game fly You get X game credits depending on price of sub running from 5.99 to 29.99 a month. The credits can be used to rent games from everything that can get licences form and emulate nes all the way to current WII-U titles. nes games being low # creidts and WII-U games being so many that a user needs to be on one of the higher tier plans to get even one. Once you "Rent" the game its your till you release it that unlocks the credits to be used again with say a 1 week min timeframe to keep people from constant cycling and to make the higher tiers worth wild. Nintendo pays the publishers a % of the sub fees depending on how many rentals are active at a time. Nintendo will louse money on hardware but will make it up in sub fees in theory and people will buy disks of WII-U games the want to keep long term (or just buy like current e-store works) Long Term Accelerate work on the next gen. aim for a 4-5 years for now for the next Home console. Work with EA, and other game devs to make a machine they want to work on. The next Xbox PS are 6-7 years away most likely So in 4-5 years would be a great time to keep a jump on the cycle. Aim for 60+FPS and 4k. 4k is showing promise now we already are looking at sub 1 grand 4k tvs now in 4-5 years they should be generally adorable and will make 720p/1080 Xboxone and PS4 look like dog food by then.

1 year,9 days

Surge In Online Orders Overwhelms UPS Christmas Deliveries

Cyberglich Well that explains the monster credit. (378 comments)

I had a prime package (xmas gift) get delayed by USPS screw up for the upteeeth time i opened a ticket to ask them to please stop trying to use post office or smart post its gets delayed an extra day or 2 50% of time lately. Amazon credited me the entire $28 buck order amount (luckily still got it on xmans eve.)

about a year ago

First California AMBER Alert Shows AT&T's Emergency Alerts Are a Mess

Cyberglich Re:This is AT&T's fault how? (380 comments)

I have been getting them on Tmoble for months. (since i switched to them ) I think this is about att finnaly joining the party and screwing up.

about a year and a half ago

George Zimmerman Acquitted In Death of Trayvon Martin

Cyberglich if hes smart (1737 comments)

he will move far away and change his name.. and he just may be able to avoid a life of hell. Honestly the media was such a mess in this case i have no idea if this was a justifiable or not. A lot of the reporting on both sides did't pass the smell test..

about a year and a half ago

Microsoft Confirms Xbox One's Phone Home Requirement, Game Resale Rules

Cyberglich Well that seals it (581 comments)

Well thats one less console to buy. #1 time i get to play my consoles is when my internet is dead.

about a year and a half ago

Soldiers Can't Blog Without Approval

Cyberglich This is needed (358 comments)

Its just like a NDA for a major corporation. But the stakes are life and death. If the censorships is being abused is one thing but that fact that it exists is to be expected.

more than 7 years ago


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