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Microsoft Ends Mainstream Support For Windows 7

Cyfun Upgrading? (633 comments)

You know your new OS is awful when people "upgrade" to the previous version.

about two weeks ago

Should Video Games Be In the Olympics?

Cyfun Re:One word (232 comments)

Considering table tennis is already an olympic sport, perhaps we should start with Pong.

about a month ago

UK Man Arrested Over "Offensive" Tweet

Cyfun Re:Tree of liberty (360 comments)

>Besides that, top gear's Stephen Fry

He was a guest on Top Gear once. Is that what you mean?

about a month ago

I'm most interested in robots that will...

Cyfun Sex bots (307 comments)

What category does "have sex with me" fall under?

about 2 months ago

Suspected Ebola carriers in the U.S. ...

Cyfun Re:Should be sent.... (349 comments)

...and people who talk at the theater.

about 3 months ago

TechCentral Scams Call Center Scammers

Cyfun Re:Unimpressed (251 comments)

Wait, this happened? Source?

about 5 months ago

Chromium 37 Launches With Major Security Fixes, 64-bit Windows Support

Cyfun Dev and beta builds (113 comments)

Just curious, but how many regular Slashdaughters aren't already using the beta or dev builds? I would imagine this crowd would be on the bleeding edge, especially since they got native Linux Netflix support working in one of the recent builds.

about 5 months ago

UK Police Warn Sharing James Foley Killing Video Is a Crime

Cyfun Perfect! (391 comments)

Step 1: Send video link to all political officials, claiming it to be cute kitties

Step 2: Have them arrested for clicking on the video

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Profit!

about 5 months ago

Big Bang Actors To Earn $1M Per Episode

Cyfun The Big Friends Theory (442 comments)

Leonard = Ross

Penny = Rachel

Howard = Chandler

Bernadette = Monica

Sheldon = Joey

Amy = Phoebe

Raj = Smellycat

about 5 months ago

California Man Sues Sony Because Killzone: Shadowfall Isn't Really 1080p

Cyfun It's 2014, where's our HD? (286 comments)

The original Xbox even had marginal support for 720p. When the 360 came out, I was so excited to finally have a device that could make use of my extremely expensive 1080p screen... but alas, the majority of games were only 720p. They did look very pretty in their own right... but on a nine-foot wide screen, the jaggies are pretty noticeable. The only games that got 1080p were kids games that required minimal processing power... and pretty sure most kids couldn't give a flying fuck that they were actually getting the full 1080p.

So then the PS4 and Xbox One come along. Surely, with the average three year old gaming PC being easily able to play games in 1080p with moderate graphical quality, these snazzy next gen consoles will FINALLY support the HD standard that came out A DECADE AGO, right?

Noop. And now the PC MASTERRACE fanboys have that much more to gloat over.

about 5 months ago

Add a TV Tuner To Your Xbox (In Europe)

Cyfun Re:I must be missing something (81 comments)

I'm guessing this will allow people who aren't using a TV, but using a computer monitor or projector that doesn't have a tuner to do so.

However, the biggest benefit will probably be using your Xbox as a DVR to record shows, then organize them and play them in the Xbox's media player.

about 5 months ago

FCC Mandates Text-to-911 From All US Wireless Carriers

Cyfun This is all well and good... (80 comments)

...but it's going to take forever to text a message on my rotary-dial phone!

about 5 months ago

Connected Collar Lets Your Cat Do the War-Driving

Cyfun This seems pointless (110 comments)

Why not just throw your laptop in your car and do a few laps around your neighborhood? You could cover the same amount of area in half an hour that took the cat a week. It's not like the cat can get closer to networks than your car can, as most WAPs broadcast far enough to reach the road, not to mention the wifi adapter is more powerful and antenna is bigger on a laptop than on a cat collar contraption.

I understand that this is more of a proof-of-concept and a cool gadget to rig up, however if this gentleman is already into wardriving, then he's probably already mapped most of his neighborhood, and the information his cat obtained is nothing new.

about 5 months ago

Connected Collar Lets Your Cat Do the War-Driving

Cyfun Re:Easily-broken WEP security (110 comments)

No shit, Sherklock. Wardriving isn't about hacking networks, it's about mapping them passively and gathering real-world statistics about how many networks are properly secured and how many aren't.

Besides, if a cat can hack your WEP, good luck taking him to court.

about 5 months ago

A Credit Card-Sized, Arduino-Based Game Device (Video)

Cyfun Neat idea, but overpriced for what you get (33 comments)

For $50, you get a tiny monochrome screen, a D-pad and TWO WHOLE BUTTONS, and a non-rechargeable 9 hour battery.

A coin cell battery? This is 2014, and it doesn't have a rechargeable battery? He did mention you can get rechargeable coin cells, but they only last an hour. So with moderate use, you're gonna be spending a few bucks a week on coin cell batteries, not to mention having to carry around spares with you.

Yes, it's nice and thin, but nobody is gonna stick this in their wallet unless he invents a flexible PCB.

Or, for $30, you can get a brand new LG smartphone from Walmart, running Android 4.4, with a 3.5" color touchscreen, a dual core 1.2ghz processor, camera, wifi, bluetooth, GPS, accelerometers, speakers and a microphone, several gigs of storage space, and a RECHARGEABLE battery that will last 10 hours heavily used and over a week in standby. I guess the only downside is that touchscreens aren't as good as D-pads and physical buttons for games, but you could always buy a USB controller and get a lot more buttons. And while it IS about the size of a credit card, but half an inch thick. And instead of shelling out a few bucks a week on coin cell batteries, you could spend that money on a straight talk cellular plan and get UNLIMITED INTERNET ACCESS!

about 6 months ago

What percentage of your media consumption is streamed?

Cyfun Re:Even my DVDs are streamed (152 comments)

A friend of mine is a single mom and is routinely broke, but was still shelling out $60/mo for cable TV. I was giving her shit about it one day, and she said she only does it just for the kids channels. For her it was worth $2 a day just to plop her lil bastard in front of it so she could get shit done around the house.

So I took one of my old modded Xboxes, downloaded all the damn kids shows I could find (even those from 20 years ago), showed her how to rip DVDs to it, and set up XBMC so that she can just fire up a playlist and it will run all day with no user interaction

She was able to drop the cable, and I get free meals for life. :D

In a year or two, I'll introduce the kid into the wonderful world of SNES emulators.

about 6 months ago

Google Fiber Is Officially Making Its Way To Portland

Cyfun Re:$300 = free? (153 comments)

Except Comcast already greedily scoops up your data, but then they insert ads and throttle traffic. With Comcast's approx $60 a month for service, Google's would pay for itself within half a year. Call me crazy, but for some reason I'd prefer my data being treated fairly + not paying out the ass.

about 7 months ago

General Anesthesia Exposure In Infancy Causes Long-Term Memory Deficits

Cyfun Re:What Type (90 comments)

Fairly confident most babies don't have plastic surgery done, so there's no cause for concern.

about 7 months ago



Google Talk/Google Voice outage

Cyfun Cyfun writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Cyfun writes "Went to use my Groove IP on my Droid 2 this morning, calls would not go through. Turns out both Google Talk and Google Voice have been down for several hours. Unfortunately, Google has not posted any obvious official outage notifications, but they have confirmed it through other channels. "We’re aware of a problem with Google Talk affecting a majority of users. The affected users are able to access Google Talk, but are seeing error messages and/or other unexpected behavior. We will provide an update by 7/26/12 7:50 AM detailing when we expect to resolve the problem. Please note that this resolution time is an estimate and may change.""
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